Manmarziyan- Did My Brothers Forget My Birthay?! (OS)

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OS OS OS!! It’s better writing these than maintaining ffs.. uuffff… Hahahahaha.. birthdays coming up and you have to keep thinking of unique plots.. Ada Krishnane!!

Birthday baby Sree!! Kutty ponne!! Happy birthday to you!! May God bless you and Help you finish engineering in one solid piece.. Lol.. Hahahahaha.. enjoy with the programming.. I know the pain.. it’s k you can do it.. Salem Vanda unna kuluki edutuduren.. my native is only an hour away from there.. so… be prepared.. You’ve always been a constant support… both personally and through my journey in writing too.. Thank you so much for it… the way you call me akka reminds me of my baby little cousins… en tangachiya tavara ellarum ennaya akka nu kupduvanga.. hahahaha… enjoy your day and this little OS is a little gift and a piece of my love… love you so much my crazy doll!! Stay the way you are.. Always ??

Here we go…

Taratatata.. Paramparamparam… Ok.. I know something’s not right with me.. Do bear with me

As usual.. please do bear with my typos and grammatical errors…

Happy reading ??

Sleep was not in cards for her. She had to finish her assignment. A student of BITs Pilani, studying third semester, computer science. She was used to burning the midnight oil. Assignments, projects, presentations, seminars.

Uuffff… What not?!

A topper from the roots. A kind hearted cute girl. She had to finish soon and WhatsApp all the answers to her roommates who were as lazy as a bone. She was more worried on finishing the assignment as time was passing it on to her friends as her phone kept buzzing with flooding messages for answers.

(Personal experience.. ??.. but not a topper)

“Sreemati enough. Go to sleep” came a voice.

“Haan I’m going. Just let me finish this assignment” she replied as she huffed.

“You’re getting dark circles. I brought you home do that you can rest. Not burn the midnight like this” the voice was filled with annoyance.

“Ask Radhika bhabi to give you a head massage right now. Stop getting on my nerves and go sleep Arjun” she snapped as she threw her pen to the wall.

“Sree…” he sighed.

“What can I do if they give me assignments on a long weekend holiday” she sighed.

“Sree first ask your brother to give me a head massage. He’s been eating my head.. All about you and your lifestyle. Please go to sleep before he starts worrying. I don’t want him to get a blood pressure” Radhika said as she came in and placed a glass of milk on her table.

“It’s a long assignment” she said.

“Which subject?” Radhika asked.

“DAA” she replied.

“What?!” Radhika asked.

“Design and Analysis of Algorithms” she said.

“A subject with algorithms and programs” she said again.

“Good that I didn’t take up engineering. It’s too much to handle” Radhika let out a breath.

“Yeah. I still have microcontrollers and math left. But I’ll finish them off tomorrow” she smiled.

“Ghosh. I’m going to sue that college. So much pressure” Neil pouted.

“My sweet big brother, this is the way it is. Stop being a baby” she smiled.

“This is why I told you not to take engineering. Look at you. You’ve lost so much weight” Arjun sighed as he came in and ruffled her hair.

“Omg!! Seriously?! So much drama” she shook her head vigorously.

“Sree it’s ok. Let me know if you want help. I too am an engineer” Sam smiled all proud.

“Computers?” she asked.

“Yep” Sam nodded.

“Ok. Help me with merge sort” she said.

“You want the algorithm or program?” Sam asked.

“Both” she sighed.

“Let’s just leave the engineers alone. As it’s Greek and Latin to me” Neil threw his hands in the air as he walked out.

Arjun and Radhika too followed Neil wishing them a good night.

“It’s easy babe. See for the algorithm it’s just writing the steps on how you’ll be constructing the program. You have if and for statements. See textbooks” Sam said.

“Program?” she asked.

“Do you want me to write it down from scratch.. Like from #include?” Sam asked.

“Yes please. I’m too lazy to think now. Bhabhi please” she pleaded.

“Ok. Now see…

void merge(int [], int, int [], int, int []);
int main()
int a[100], b[100], m, n, c, sorted[200];
printf(“Input number of elements in first array\n”);
scanf(“%d”, &m);
printf(“Input %d integers\n”, m);
for (c = 0; c < m; c++)
scanf("%d", &a[c]);
printf("Input number of elements in second array\n");
scanf("%d", &n);
printf("Input %d integers\n", n);
for (c = 0; c < n; c++)
scanf("%d", &b[c]);
merge(a, m, b, n, sorted);
printf("Sorted array:\n");
for (c = 0; c < m + n; c++)
printf("%d\n", sorted[c]);
return 0;
void merge(int a[], int m, int b[], int n, int sorted[])
int i, j, k;
j = k = 0;
for (i = 0; i < m + n;)
if (j < m && k < n)
if (a[j] < b[k])
sorted[i] = a[j];
sorted[i] = b[k];
else if (j == m)
for (; i < m + n;)
sorted[i] = b[k];
for (; i < m + n;)
sorted[i] = a[j];

Here you go” Sam said.

“Are you sure this is correct?” she asked.

“200% positive” Sam replied.

(This is the only program I know well.. please don't kill me.. the others were big… so I brought in a small and simple one.. ??)

“Thank you so much Sammy!!” she squealed as she hugged her.

“You're welcome. Now finish up soon and go to bed. Your brothers are worried about you” Sam sighed.

“I know. I'm no kid. Yes ma'am, I'll finish, send these pictures and go to bed soon” she saluted and Sam left after wishing her goodnight.

Sree finished the work and was off to sleep. She was excited as it was her birthday two days later. Neil and Arjun never failed to surprise her. She’d always evesdrop on their plannnings and act like a good girl like she knew nothing. Though she knew of what she was going to get, they way they presented her always surprised her. She was even more excited as now Sam and Radhik too were there to help and make it even more special. The two stupid brothers of hers claimed to love their ladies but had no courage to confess. When she threatened to not return home for semester holidays, the two dumbos ran to get their ladies in their lives forever. Married happily three months ago. Totally insane the couples were. Typical kids.


“Sree wake up” she heard Sam.

“Hash include stdio dot h. Hash include stdlib dot h” Sree started to recite like a mantra in a startled voice in her sleep.

‘Oh my god!!” Sam gasped.

“Sree wake up. It’s me Sam” she shook her up.

“Hey Sammy bhabi!! Good morning!!” Sree gave a sleepy smile.

“My dear nerdy nanad get up. Breakfast’s ready” she said.

“I no nerd” Sree retorted.

“Oh really? I just heard someone recite hash include stdio dot h. Hash include stdlib dot h” she looked up the ceiling.

“Dayum” Sree pursed her lips.

“Come on now” she pulled her down “no books for the rest of the time you’re here. No wonder your brothers are worried about you” she sighed.

“I will. Twenty minutes please” Sree smiled.

She came out and found Arjun helping Radhika in the kitchen and Neil was confused over pulses. He kept looking t the yellow and orange colour pulses in his hand. Srees’s jw dropped to the floor.

Her brothers?!

In the kitchen?!


That was a treat to watch. Arjun struggling to cut tomatoes and Radhika screaming asking him to get it done soon.

“Ummm.. Saamy.. Which is toor daal and which is masoor daal?” Neil asked scratching his head.

“Yellow is toor daal and the orange one is masoor daal” Sam replied with her back to him kneading the dough.

“Right. Orange is toor daal and yellow is masoor daal” Neil grinned.

“I think cutting tomatoes are easier” Arjun frowned.

“Oh I can see that” Radhika scoffed to which Arjun gave a .

“Dumbo it’s the opposite. Yellow be toor and orange be masoor. Why can’t you remember?” Sam scowled.

All the heads snapped to the dining table to hear roaring laughter. Sree was laughing hard holding her tummy and then taking support of the table too. Arjun and Neil stood rooted flushing red in embarrassment. Lunch was ready and Sree had both breakfast and lunch together. A brunch. Not to forget, being a big foodie.

Neil and Arjun with Sam and Radhika had gone out to buy groceries while Sree preferred to stay at home. Sree started to look around the house. Like always. All the years that she used to do. Looking for what her brothers have planned for her. All years she would find streamers, fresh balloons to be blown, party poppers, sprays, gifts that were wrapped, the big cake for her and much more.

But this time…….

She found nothing. Not even a single thing. She was so upset. The feeling of her brothers forgetting her birthday got into her. She fell on the sofa with a thud and kept staring aimlessly at what was in front of her.

“Did my brothers forget my birthday?” she whispered to herself.

“No no.. it can never happen” she argued back.

“What if it really happened? Like how people say, men of the family tend to forget everything after their wives enter their life. Is it the same case with my brothers too? Did they forget my birthday? Have Sam and Radhika become such an integral part of my life that I’m forgotten? That my birthday has been forgotten?” she asked herself wide eyed.

“No no Sree. They love you too much. No one can ever replace you” she tried convincing herself.

“What if it’s the other way around too?” the thought crossed her mind again.

She was so worked up with the thoughts that she fell fast asleep on the sofa with few tears rolling down. After a while, Arjun, Radhika, Sam and Neil entered with a lot of bags.. All laughing and smiling. Arjun found Sree on the sofa sleeping, belly down with her face in between the cushions. He smiled her impossible nature and went to pick her up. She always slept belly down and her face buried in the pillows, which both Arjun and Neil hatted. They feared that her breath would get hitched. He turned her around and froze. Dried tear stains. His blood boiled. He didn’t want to upset her now. He thought of asking it after her birthday celebrations. He lifted his baby sister effortlessly and she snuggled closer.

“I promise you, this will be your best birthday ever” he whispered as he placed her on the bed and pecked her forehead.

She woke up for dinner and had it quietly and went to bed. She didn’t talk to the four of them. It hurt them. They didn’t know why. They let it be. Maybe exam stress, they thought. Sree woke up to find none of the four in the house and was even more upset. She ran to the kitchen and checked the fridge. It was unlocked. It opened. No cake. The fridge would always be locked so that the cake could be there. Arjun and Neil always did that. She would ask silly questions, though she knew and they’d reply back. She sighed as she walked to the dining table and found breakfast.

She made a call..

“I want a chocolate truffle cake. I swear, i need it by 4.. Else I’ll sue you” she hissed angrily.

The cake was delivered and she took it to her room and placed it in the mini fridge in her room. The four of them arrived and she avoided them even more. Kept herself busy. Didn’t even go down for dinner.

By midnight, she took the cake from her fridge and sat on her bed looking at it. She lit the candle and blew them once it was exactly 12.

“Happy birthday to me.. Happy birthday to me.. Happy birthday to Sreemathi.. Happy birthday to me” she sang to herself as tears rolled down as she cut the cake.

“Looks like everyone forgot you this year” she laughed through her tears and fed herself.

Neil and Arjun looked hurt. She took it wrong. They could never in life forget her birthday. She was their doll. Their tiny princess. They had come to wake her up to celebrate. They watched her eat the whole cake and go back to sleep, looking at the door expecting them for one last time. They let her be as she looked too upset. Arjun came back down with a sad face to see an excited Sam and Radhika who were making last minute changes and verifying things.

“Where is she?” asked Sam.

“She thought we forgot her birthday. She cut a cake all by herself and went to sleep” Neil replied.

“WHAT?! Sam and Radhika in unison.

Arjun took the cake and placed it in the fridge.

“We’ll celebrate tomorrow. I don’t want her sick” Arjun said ann walked off. The others too left.

Sree woke up the next morning and got ready. She found a blue off shoulder dress on her bed. She looked suspicious. She remembered she had asked Neil for it and he refused. She had borrowed the same one from her friend.But had returned it. Now she was confused. A thought crossed.

What if she had not returned it?

Still, she opted to wear it and went down. It was dark. She turned on the lights and found her brothers along with her sisters in law smiling, waiting for her. She looked around her eyes widened. Decorations.. Gifts.. Cake!!

All for her!!

She ran to both of her brothers and leapt on them.

“I thought you forget my birthday” she whispered.

“Do you think we can ever?” Neil asked as he pulled away.

“We came yesterday. But left when we saw you cutting the cake all by yourself” Arjun said.

“I’m not apologising. Now I’m hungry. Want cake” Sree said as she walked to the dining table.

“Happy birthday dear nanad!!” two voices acme and two pairs of arms binding her waist.

“Thank you bhabis!!” she smiled.

“Happy birthday to my nerd sister” Neil smirked.

“YOU….” she hissed.

“Me what?” he smirked back.

“Neil shut up. Happy birthday baby!!” Arjun cooed as he pulled her in a big hug, kissing the top of her head.

“Thank you!! So much!!” she whispered in his chest.

“Let’s cut the cake” Radhika clapped.

“Yes” Sree smiled.

Sree cut the cake and went around eating four pieces for herself before feeding them all. Everyone just looked at her smiling.

“My gifts” Sree commanded.

All of them gave her, except for Arjun. She cocked her eyebrow and he nodded at her indicating her to be patient. Sam had gifted her an iPhone7. Radhika got her a big Pikachu soft toy and an antique ring. Neil got her an iPad and a Macbook Pro.. latest edition.

“Thank you so much!! OMG!! You guys are amazing!! Especially the Pikachu!! Thank you!!” Sree squealed.

“Thank you!!” Sam, Radhika and Neil in unison.

“Arjun bhai, your turn” she said.

Arjun gave her a set of keys. Looked more like car keys. Her eyes widened and let out a gasp.

“Go see for yourself princess” Arjun chuckled as he ruffled her hair and the others laughed.

She ran out to see a brand new black colour Audi Q8. She almost stumbled and hit the floor. Before she could, Arjun caught her.

“Like what you see?” he whispered.

“Like? I love it bhai!! Thank you so much!! This is the best birthday ever!!” she squealed as she hugged him tight.

“Anytime and anything for you. As promised.. I made it the best birthday” he said back.

The day went on all happy happy. Sree got to drive her brand new car all by herself with the others travelling along with her.

OK.. done done done.. Sree kutty hope you liked it.. Wish i could do more.. Titradu hangouts la titiko.. I hope the others liked it too.. Tata for now.. Will be irregular in updating from now on.. Maybe next in december.. Then it’ll be jan or feb.. tata babaye.. Love you all.. Tc.. keep smiling.. Bear hugs to all of you

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  1. Fanficoholic

    So u r dissappearing again bad sissy bt i am nt gonna scold u mre as i am also gng to do the same thung. And whose bday is it by the way? In which college do u study by the way. The os was amazing. I lovd it. Bros love fr the sister aaaaaahhhh hw much i loved it i nly knw. Amazingggg. U r brain. I want to steal it di. Hw it comes up wth so many ideas? And i cant believe if u r satpying u r nt a topper. My lovely di u r lkng so gooooood in ur dp. Even i want bros like arjun and neil. My bris r waste. Always pulling my legs idiots. Bt still they love me so much. Jst that they dnt express it.

    Whn is ur bday. Mine is cmng up. On 23 dec.

    Love u loadssss

    1. Jewel

      vyshnavi, where were u?? plz post ur ff…. waiting for that…

      1. Fanficoholic

        Hey jewel srry fr nt posting. I have submitted my article. It wll posted anytime soon?

    2. Fanficoholic

      Yayyyyy i am the frst one to comment. Yipppee

      1. Shree

        hehe.. u r

    3. Shree

      aww… my baby dont worry.. u study.. it was sree’s birthay.. our pikachu’s birthday.. im in reva.. ayeee.. i no topper.. awwiee.. thank you so much fr liking the update hehe thanks fr liking my dp..

      all brothers love their sisters.. pulling is way of expressing love.. ,y birthday is on june 3.. 23 dec.. haha.. ill do something fr you..

      love you too

  2. Jessie

    Super ya….she thought they forget….!! And cried ..poor baby…but the dialog as they say men change after marriage…heehee…it goes around na….but tell me shreee….y that program here…lol…I was did she really write a prg….??
    Printf and scanf….rofl…sree wakes up saying hash include studio.h…lol…high
    light yaar…..if else and int argh…. sree chellam indha D a ena Panalam….

    Arjun cutting tomatoes…masoor dal confusion rofl…..she cuts cake for full cake…!! I will put sree in diet for that….Audi Q8!!! Ah….adhirstakara sree..!! I jus loved the brothers banter for her eng course….sree chellam….Happiest birthday da….enjoy the fullest..!! Brothers cooking for their sister…sweetest moment I would say….my cousin bros does it for me….awww…!! Thanks Shreee ..this is took good…I completely loved this story….Annan na Arjun pola irukanum…hehe…Q8 ellam kudukran….lol…..

    Now why are u giving a advance leave application…its rejected…we want you here….lol….

    1. Shree

      lol jess.. ik that line never fades.. progrm chumma.. fr nerds like sree.. lol ik.. i was in that state when i was learning c… aiyo D ya onnum panna vanam.. naa pavam.. kutty kulandai..

      haha confusion.. tomatoes.. no no no.. no dieting.. haha q8.. well my brothers promised that for me.. but i did reject bentley n jaguar.. lol every sibling knows the pain of an engineer.. we fall into the pit.. cooking.. im stuffed by them.. ik.. arjun pola yaarum illai

      ennadu leave application rejected aah? ada poma.. naanga ellam appove apdi.. nee solradu laam kepoma enna? nee sonalum solatiyum im on vacation.. hehe.. ill be back.. im not running away permanently

      love you

  3. S.v

    woooo hooo super for pikachu pika pika wow super and awesome gifts ponney super super…. LOvely muhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    1. Shree

      hehe ponne… mikha nandri.. haha pika pika..

      love you too

  4. Myra

    oh my god! that was really brilliant…..and I cant agree more to the fact that these one shots are far easier than ffs… know, when you mentioned the gifts my jaw hit the floor…..I am all like why cant my brothers give me gifts like these? lol!

    Happy birthday Sree!!! the one person missing from tu since forever….though Pikachu is active on wattpad…..I swear, I am gonna twist your ears the second I locate you!

    take care….and shree update new story soon….waiting…..maybe…with extra ardhika scenes? *gives a sheepish smile*
    chalo bye!

    1. Shree

      haha myra!! thanks babe!! lol the gifts are trailor to me.. im showered with more.. i pout every time i get them.. lol shall we trade brothers?! i can use gift bros fr now.. lol.. pikachu is active there.. no .. no pulling my kuttys ears.. baby she is..

      lol more ardhika.. thats coming fr sure in the next update..
      *gives a wide toothy smile*

      love you

  5. Brin

    Outstanding shot, love it to the core, Sree will also love it, you nail it, well done. 🙂

    1. Shree

      thank you so much!

      love you

  6. Meen

    Seriously I was laughing throughout d update…..gosh printf….scanf…..hash….brothers cooking for their sister…..lovely….I personally loved this one….will read it again

    1. Shree

      awww.. thank you so much!!

      love you

  7. Jewel

    Shree, this is superb. I remembered my 4th sem c class. I had program only for one sem. That was big torture for me. Sister brother bond in this story is really nice. Wow she got a lot of gifts…. Nice one shree waiting for more stories

    1. Shree

      hehe.. i had programs from beginning.. not only 4 sem.. 4 sem had more.. thank you so much!!

      love you

  8. arti viswanathan

    Many many happy returns of the day shree…. I loved ur episode. U are a excellent and marvellous writter…. And about epusode i said that i loved it… I liked all the scenes dear…

    1. Shree

      thank you so much!!

      love you

  9. Superb…. Tc…

    1. Shree

      thank you so much!!

      love you

  10. shree semma semma kalakal update ……..anna irrikuravarkal gifted people ……poo en alla vaithuvitai ennaku anna illa …..un update really mindblowing …..”mate” ff update pannu pa eagerly waiting …….love uuuuuuuuuu tc ….unmaiya sree ku periya gift vendam ithu poothum ava happy irrupa …….thank u……

    1. Shree

      nandri ponne!! aww subha.. its k.. anna illa na enna… thank you so much!! ill try updating mate soon

      love you

  11. Sangee

    Hey shree superb one yar… Love u ???
    Iam able to connect more to this as I have done my masters in computer science… Working as a programmer.. ? poor me… Only cs students know abt this… Same pinch sree same here my mom used to tell me that I was talking some alien languages in my sleep.. After so many days I came to know I was blubbering some mnemonics and algorithms ??? I too don’t have big brothers I always long for that relationship u made me long more…Arjun and Neil 100 marks as brothers and sam and Rads 200 marks for excellent bhabis ???Totally super one dear…

    1. Shree

      hehe sangee.. hi5.. masters? uuff.. im struggling with btech.. lol i too was same.. mumbling in sleep.. my brother recorded video n showed to me.. i swear i hate algorithms.. haha.. 100 n 200.. lol

      thank you so much for liking it.. love you

  12. Dipika

    Shree darling what story yarrrr.. Now m jealous sree getting tgis much pretty gifts . Lol..tht program.. U made me remember my engineering days.. Assignment, algos, program, c, c++, java.. God.. Exhausted only by remembering.. U nailed it.. Just outstanding… Love u lots ? ? ?

    1. Shree

      lol di.. pikachu is baby.. dont be jealous.. will gift you something big on your birthday.. haha memories flooding.. ik assignments.. projects.. etc etc.. lol so tired.. hehe… then ill keep reminding you

      thank you so much for liking it.. love you too

  13. Shreeeeeee. darling sissyyyy. …what a mind blowing shot.…it was so natural nasty it’s happening with me in reality. ..the computer program. ..ufff…u wrote the whole thing here….wowwww…reminded me my programming…lol….I was also dreaming about it. ….lol….ardhika n nesam were amazing. …neil confused about pulses colors n names n arjun struggling in cutting tomatoes. …hehehe…..loved the scene. …she thought her bro’s forgot her birthday. …but they didn’t. …wowwww loved the celebration n all gifts were awesoooooome. ….specially Pikachu….lovedit to the coreeeee. ..keep it up honeyyy. . Love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug my sweeeeeetheart ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ 😉

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