Manmarziyan-ARRADHU’S love story EPISODE 8

hi guys i am soooooo sorry for not updating my story. actually i am struck in tour ns my xams sooo. i am soo sorry i missed all of u now i only i got all comments.thank u so much for ur support nd i am so sorry for not updating it. i missed my manmarziyan family so much.

THe story starts ,
Arjun tastes the food.
ARjun:radhika the food is good yaar and its tastes different nd i have not tasted like this. and i luved really tastes so good nd different.
RAdhika:really sir????
Arjun:oeii radhu i am telling truly,really it is so gd,u can taste it but i am going to eat it fully,i will just give little.
ARjun and radhika smiles.
RAdhika :ok sir
RAdhika tastes
RAdhika changes her face reaction
RAdhika:sir is this really tastes gd
ARjun:oh course i radhu i loved it
RAdhika:sir but i dont
Arjun:u dont have any taste

RAdhika:sir is this tastes like food no just smthing,dont lie to me sir u dont want to eat it i wil order something in hotel
ARjun takes the plate
Arjun:radhika u want means order in hotelk i need this food.
ARjun eats it.
RAdhika thinks god really the food is not gd then why he says good.
Radhika thinks this idiot aishu nd karthi forgot me and not even texted me. god i will not spare them.aishu nd karthi come here i will give u some punishment.

Someone knocks the door.
RAdhika thinks who will be.
RAdhika opens the door and sees nobody.
She thinks i think its just dreaming,
She closes the door.
Again she hears the knock
RAdhika asks who is it,there is no response.AGain she hears the knock.RAdhika takes a flower vase and goes near the door.She opens the door nd sees a big gift nd it is taller than her.
RAdhika:wats it ,
Arjun comes ,
Arjun:it is a gift
RAdhika:ahh sir i know its a gift i too have eyes,dont think u alone have eyes
Arjun:radhu wat did i say i said this is a gift,for that u r talking too much
RAdhika:ahh u said so only
ARjun:go i am going i am getting late to my duty
RAdhika:ahh big duty nothing u r doing just getting pain only gain
ARjun:radhika y r u talking like . dont spoil my mood mrng.i am in a good mood
RAdhika:go go just go. i am in a bad mood.If my mood become worse then i will…….
ARjun:u will…
ARjun raises his eyebrows.
RAdhika:i will make ur condition worse.
ARjun comes near her,
RAdhika goes back.
ARjun :if ur mood get worse u will make my condition worse rit,then
RADhika :sir no
ARjun:y ,u said na
Arjun comes closer.

THEy hears a cough.
Both says:whos it
RAdhika:the sound came from the gift box.
RAdhika:i will open the gift.
Arjun nd radhika goes near the gift.
Radhika:sir dont touch it,i only will open the gift,u dont
RAdhika:no i love opening gifts so.
SHe smiles nd unwraps the gift.
ARjun sees nd smiles.
Aishu and karthi shouts aaaa radhu we are back.They give a surprise visit.
RAdhika gets shocked seeing them coming from the gift box.
THe trio hugs each other.
Arjun sees them smiles and goes.

Aishu:arjun sir we will be dies if u both not opened the gift. and y u both fought,i got afraid if i dies in it bcoz there is no oxygen in it.
Karthi:sss just think abt us.
ARjun:guys all this is bcoz of ur radhika she only started
RAdhika:oeii sir wat me u only. and dont use ur power here to blame me.
ARjun:wat power i used.radhika something happened to u . u r just behaving weirdly from morning.and guys please check her nd consult abt her to good doctor,
RAdhika:hey Mr.Acp sir wat r u telling me mad,that is u not me.
Aishu:sir this is only radhika
Karthi:ssss this is the original version of the great radhu


guys i think this episode is good. and once again sorry for this late update,from now i will update it regularly ,if any delay i will inform u early guys. sorry nd plz leave ur reviews and comments………………thank u sooo much for ur support guys.i misss u alll

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    Sushmita darling superb, excellent, nice, awesome, mind-blowing, fabulous, outstanding, good, fantastic episode. ….. I loved it to the core…. I liked all the scenes…. i liked the way arjun and radhika argue with each other and she opens the parcel and gets suprised with her friends….. I think ram might be radhika’s brother…. tc lots of love to u from me and teddy hugs to you….. will be waiting for next episode. ….

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