Manmarziyan-ARRADHU’S love story. EPISODE 13

Hello guys,how are u all,and thank u sooo much for ur suport and keep supporting me always and sorry for all the errors…,

The story starts…,
RAdhika:arjun sir i brought broom
ARjun:ahh radhu come here,
Aishu:radhika i and karthi have to get some things,we will go out so u manage okay
RAdhika smiles and says oh ok aishu i will manage.
Karthi:ok bye

ARjun:ok guys bye
THey goes..,
RAdhika thinks god thank u soooo much for this wonderful moment,and plz help me to make use of it.
ARjun:radhu listen
Radhika:ahh ss sir
ARjun:radhu plz dont call me sir,i am not that much elder so plz call me arjun

Arjun stares at her
RAdhika:hmm actually nothing,
Arjun:hm wat say me
Radhika:i like calling u sir because it feels different
ARjun:hmm watever okay but plzz dont often call me sir,i feel irritated
Radhika:ok ji
RAdhika smiles and says ok ok i wil call arjun,okay

Arjun:fine,ok come help me.
RAdhu helps him in arranging things…,
Snegha comes there.
Snegha:radhu where is aishu nd karthi
ARjun:mom they went outside for getting some stuffs
Snegha:oh ok arjun,

Radhika:aunty wat u have brought,what is in ur hand,any snacks
ARjun:radhu always in eating
Radhika:ahhhh all gets hungry and all eat y do u scold me for this,even u will eat daily and from food we will get energy and
Arjun cuts in middle and says aiyoo saamy enna aala vidu(god leave me for his sake),sorry for saying like this.
Snegha:radhu u r right person to stop my arjun from talking.

Snegha:ok ok actualy i came here for giving saree to radhika and aishu and dhoti for karthi
Arjun:mom any festivel
Snegha:ahh beta,actually tomorrow in our house there is a puja and this is more important for girls who didnt marry so i came here to invite radhika and aishu and arjun tomorrow u have to put leave for station because tomorrow is more important
Arjun:mom no i have and important meeting,i cant
Snegha:no its final,u have to be here

RAdhika:yeah police,u have to be here.because there will be useless meetings like how to capture criminals,sitting in chair and eating snacks and some useful talks,better u can be here and be useful for ur mother
Arjun:hello wat is going on,all are against okay i too will get a day,i will see at that time,ok but tomorrow is the final,hereafter u should not force me to put leave
RAdhika and snegha says “no” at the same time.they see each and laughs.
RAdhika:but aunty,me and aishu dont know to wear saree
Arjun says teasingly i will help u radhu

RAdhika and snegha sees him.
ARjun:ladies just said for fun okay,dont glare me like this,i said simply,okay leave me i am going
RAdhika:aunty see him leaving me alone and escaping from work,please ask him to be here
ARjun sees radhu and says ok mom,i am here
Snegha:ok u guys carry on and and radhika morning come to my house u and aishu,i will leave now
RAdhika:ok aunty bye
ARjun sees whether snegha went or not.After snegha goes.
ARjun:rakshasi(devil)y do always say abt me to mom

RAdhika:police kaar,i will be always on the truth side
ARjun:then i am in a wrong side
RAdhika:may be sir
ARjun:y do u keep calling me in different sir,my name is A R J U N thats it,not sir or ji or police or police kaar
Radhika:Amitabh bachan dont blabber help me
ARjun :radhu i will not leave u

RAdhika runs and arjun runs behind her to catch her.RAdhika runs inside the bathroom,arjun also comes inside and close the door(actually he didnt lock but the door gets locked automatically).
RAdhika:Shahud kapoor leave me
RAdhika laughs,
ARjun:radhu wait i will come.

ARjun catches radhika and stops her.RAdhika tries to move but he pins her to the wall and locks her with his hands.
Arjun:radhika call me arjun

RAdhika:no hrithik
Arjun comes close to her
RAdhika:oei y r u coming close
ARjun comes tooo close with her,there is in 1 inch gap between them,
RAdhika:sir plz
Arjun:call me arjun
RAdhika sees his eyes,they have a eyelock.Arjun thinks wat a magnetic eyes,god she just attracts me,i need u radhika,RAdhika closes her eyes.ARjun wraps his hand around her hip and pulls her closer.
Arjun keeps his hand in her cheeks,
RAdhika thinks god he is going to kiss me,no no no but okay no problem but nooo radhu leave it he will not kiss u.
ARjun:radhika see me

RADhika sees him.
ARjun comes to say something,but they hear a knock from the door.
RAdhika:ahh aishu
Aishu:what r u doing there

ARjun :radhu tell to her u r only inside
Radhika:aishu,what will people will do inside bathroom,i will come.
Aishu:ok come fast.
RAdhika goes to open the door,
ARjun catches her wrist nd says be here
RAdhika smiles and says no ways,aishu wil kill me.

ARjun makes a pout face
RAdhika:ok ok dont keep ur face like that,another day
ARjun smiles.
RAdhika tries to open the door but cant.
ARjun:wait i will open

ARjun tries but the door is locked outside.
RAdhika:what can we do
ARjun smiles and says even god wants us to keep us joined for some more time.
RAdhika:no sir
ARjun:god y do u call me often sir

Karthi shouts radhu

RAdhika smiles and shout karthi the door is not opening
Karthi and Aishu comes there..,
Aishu:radhika what happened
RAdhika:actually the door is locked,i cant open
Karthi:wait i will try to open

Karthi tries but cant..,
Aishu:if arjun had here,he will open it.
RAdhika laughs and says aishu arjun is with me only
Aishu and karthi asks wat

ARjun:yes guys even i am struck with ur idiot.
ARjun sees radhika and stares at her
Radhika:haha u all guys powerless,i will open it,aishu and Karthi move away from the way,the strongest human going to break the door.
ARjun:karthi and aishu,we have to laugh this joke for tomorrow

KArthi:well said arjun
Aishu:shut u all guys,my friend will brake it.
RAdhika:yeah thats my girl,
Karthi:lets see
RAdhika:ok i am coming,move away…,
ARjun comes near the door the door and says MR.Door be carefull,the buldozer going to hit u.
RADhika:after i will deal u monkey
ARjun:wat i am monkey,u look like panda

RAdhika:what u r a monkey,waste monkey
Aishu:can u guys stop and open the door
RAdhika says i will.
RAdhika says to herself 1 2 3 and runs and hit the door,she fallls down and shout maaa
ARjun:i said na,what happned
RAdhika thinks so much concer,hmm great
ARjun goes near her but ask to door if anything happened to you,oh no,u haev a crack,is it hurts
RAdhika sees angrily at arjun.
ARjun sees radhika and laughs.

Karthi:arjun if any damage to door
ARjun:little crack karthi
KArthi:oh no,it will hurt more

Aishu:guys radhika is hurt why do u tease her like this.
RAdhika:yes yes

hi guys,hows it,i hope its good and plzz comment ur reviews and tell me about this episode,i know there is not much romance,i will try to give it in next episode,miss u all.

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