Manmarziyan-ARRADHU’S love story. EPISODE 12

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THe story starts,

Aishu:karthi help me yaar to pack these things
KArthi:aishu no i am feeling lazy see this idiot radhu sleeping peacefuly
Aishu:u know about her na then y???
Karthi:u know about me na

Aishu:karthi……ok i am not in a mood to argue with u ,i am goin
Karthi catches her wrist
Karthi:where?????to me heart???
Aishu smiles and says idiot nothing like that leave me
KArthi says no say me then i will leave.Aishu says karthi i have more work. karthi says aishu…
Aishu leave the hand and goes.
THEy both packs all the things,
Karthi:radhu wake

Aishu:ok u sleep here we r going to new house
Radhu:go,i dont like that new house,near that
RAdhu:nothing,ok i woke up,are u happy
Aishu:yess fres up we are going
KArthi raises his eyebrows and sees radhu
RAdhika:ok ok ok i am going,happy…….

Radhu fresh up and comes.
THey shift their house very near to arjun’s house.
Snegha:welcome dear to my lovely home
RAdhu hugs snegha and says yess aunty misssed u soo much
Snegha says mee too radhu
Karthi:ok ok aunty we are getting late bcoz have arrange the things in house.
Snegha:karthi arjun wil join u
RAdhika:sssss i mean ok

Aishu:aunty no problem ,we will manage
Snegha:no guys,i will send him because u cant manage,and he is superb in arranging
Karthi:okm aunty ur wish.
The trio goes…..,
Radhika thinks god arjun going to come here for helping me i mean us,,hm going to enjoy this day with my darling,radhu no no no already said no connection with arjun because he are comitted,radhu no i think u can ask him if he is comitted or not bcoz it will clear ur confusion,ok this is good idea.

ARjun makes and entry
Arjun:hi guys how r u all
Aishu:always fine,u
RAdhika:no not fine

They three sees her with weird faces
RAdhika:i mean not fine with simply talking,u came here for helping so do that work
Karthi:arjun sorry for this yaar
Arjun:karthi i know about just leave it to me,i will handle..,
ARjun takes the flower vase and goes to a room.
RAdhika follows him to that room.
ARjun knows that radhika follows her and smiles,
RAdhika gpes secretly,she thinks today i need to ask him
ARjun wantedly tries to put the flower vase down,
rAdhika shouts careful,
ARjun turns to sees her

RAdhika thinks oh shit caught!!!!
Arjun:radhika wat r u doing here
Radhika:actually came here for seeing the room
Arjun:oh ok come with me i will show u
RAdhika:hmm done.
RAdhika goes behind arjun.

RAdhika:sir,one doubt
ARjun:hm ask me
RAdhika:r u married
Arjun surprisingly sees her and says wat do u mean,u think i am married,see me i am not that much old yaar,i am still single
RAdhika smiles happily and says oh ok sir
Arjun:hm can u help with this table

RAdhika:ahhh of course.
Radhu and arjun lifts the table and shifts to someplace,radhika sees arjun and smiles.
ARjun:radhu y smiles,am i that funny????
RAdhika:no sir
Arjun:okay we have to clean this room,so bring me broom and water to clean
RAdhika:ok sir
RAdhika goes to bring them
ARjun thinks thank god,now radhika will be infront of my eyes and he remebers talking to radhika’s house owner that ask them to vaccate and asking snegha to give this house to radhika,hm now i will save her…..


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  1. Aana

    Hey . it’s super cool. I mean I loved it.
    So…when u r going yo post the nxt..
    Plzz do it asap

  2. Rads

    It’s amazing yaar, radhu cleared her doubt ?? actually it’s superb. Arjun intentionally make radhika near to him? precap is quite interesting ? please post the next one as soon as possible, love you lots

  3. Arti viswanathan

    Sushmita darling superb, excellent, outstanding, fantastic, good, awesome, mind-blowing, fabulous, amazing episode. … I loved it to the core…. i liked all the scenes. …. i liked the way radhika cleared her doubt about arjun whether he is married…… radhika heart is feeling as butterflies fly….. tc lots of love to u from me and teddy hugs to you. . . . . Will be waiting for next episode. ….

  4. Nice episode.update soon

  5. Hey sush missed you a lot.the story is damn interesting now.ardhika became neighbours.arjun ‘s plan was super.waiting for next.come soon

  6. Wow.. .so this was all arjun’s plan to keep radhu infront of his eyes. Lovely
    Waiting for Ardhika’s romance as mentioned in the precap :p

  7. awesome update…….

  8. Kavina

    Loved it

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