Manmarziyan Always with me Chp1

Chapter-1 Rekindle
Radhika POV
It was totally a good day today!I felt it was my best day.Why wouldn’t it be ,after all I am going to get promotion.I will be getting a better salary.
I arrive at my house.My mom looked worried with some of the papers or perhaps some bills.Dad looked totally gloom.Normally he greeted me at my arrival with a broad smile.I was excited to break out the news but seeing their face,I stopped and asked the matter.Just when no one was willing to say,I looked at my sister,Sam.She gave me a worried look. She took me to our room.I asked her the matter.
Sam replied after some time,”Dear,we are bankrupt.The dad’s business is totally off.That financial advisor ran off.Thanks to Neil,we got to know about nearly bankruptcy.”I asked her,”Are we done or nearby?”She replied,”Totally nearby.”I didn’t know what we might do if my promotion was not there.At least I could earn some decent amount.
But then Sam told,”Dear we have to payback but.”Those words gave me a horrid feel.I thought it must be in lakhs.I could take a loan and payback,that’s easy.I ask her the amount.Sam told,”fifty.”I asked ,”Lakhs?”She smiled sarcastically and gave me a reply which astonished me.She told,”50 crores.”What the hell!How on earth I could payback that much amount.Even I couldn’t earn so much amount in my lifetime,even if Sam starts a job,it might not fetch the amount.I stumbled on nearby chair,Sam herself had her study left for final year,I couldn’t expect Sam to give off her education.
I suddenly stood and told,”I need time!I will have a walk and come after some time.”Sam nodded.
I am walking in the random lane without even knowing what kind of environment Am I roaming about.With a magazine in hand which has suggestive new job at least part time job which has enough salary.I am still wondering what to do.Just then,I crashed into someone a flesh wall,I guess.I looked up.It was dark night.I couldn’t see anything when the man dragged me to the light.He looked familiar,I couldn’t remember.He calmly spoke,”Miss,You shouldn’t be roaming this late at this type of street.”My mood was already so bad and when he spoke this,my ego totally awaken,I shouted back,”How dare you say that!You are the one due to whom we girls are questioned,here my problem is already big and you say,I can’t even roam about.”I wanted to shout more and already frustrated,I decide to move away from this stranger.I was walking back home,when a few gang of thugs were shouting bad about me.I felt like punching back when suddenly they were beaten by someone.They called me sister and ran away saying sorry.Radhika gleamed.I looked at the man who saved me.When I saw it was the same man.I said,”Oh you again”.
The man smiled and asked if i would say thank you and then I replied to him,”I didn’t ask for your help.”He said,”I am sure that your company doesn’t allow you to do part time as according to company it would mean betraying.” I came back where I was left.How on earth will I bring and pay back the amount.Without saying much,I left the place in tears.
I went back home thinking when the man offered to drop me.I declined it.He nodded and went.I noticed my earring was missing,I wonder where it might be.I slowly reached home and sat to think when my mom,Strong,caring and loving Mala Mathur came and told me not to worry and sleep.And no wonder I Slept.
The Next Day,
I woke up and dragged hurridly to office,now I might be the secretary of CEO.Its great feeling,mom made me eat dahi sam wished me luck and Dad and Dadaji blessed me.I was still worried about the loan but I had to start afresh.In the office when I reached,Mr Hemant Singh,the manager who was just like brother congratulated me.He told me that suddenly the company was bought by The MEhras.Maybe the company had some debts to it.I had heard about the Mehras.It had its presence in 290 countries and many feared of its CEO,it was said he was rude,arrogant,cold and no wonder had many enemies.I had not seen his face but knew he was famous for his work and for changing women frequently.I asked him if my promotion will still work or shall I seek new job.Hemant Sir told me nothing changed and directed me to go.I entered the cabin I saw it was the same person I meet last night.He was wearing a grey armani suit,his black eyes and so much to say.I greeted him and tried to shake hand as mannerism when he just spoke up and said,”AM ARJUN MEHRA”.He didn’t look up and was seeing his files.He told me to go receive a man named Dilip Mathur.His name was exactly like my Dad’s name.
Next chapter: The Deal
How was it?I wanted to write another Story too so I wrote it.Please comment and give suggestion.Love you all and missed you.

Credit to: Tanya

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