Manmarziyan Always with Me Chp 3 The Trip Part 3

With all uneasiness removed,Radhika walked up in front with Arjun.It was little hard to believe that the cold man she thought was not visible,here right now he was kind and warmest person she met.Arjun moved on and talked with many guest CEOs present there.There then he saw the man who was continuosly seeing his PA,Radhika.The man was Saral Joshi,the shrewd businessman who picked women randomly,used them like tissue and then threw them.He was also engaged in illegal work but no one could gather proof.Radhika sat at the bar and was drinking orange juice.Many women came and complemented her.Now came,Miss Matthew who was root cause of their nearly failure work.She came near Radhika and spoke,”Well well Radhika Mishra.I couldn’t think that you could be so smart but please don’t take it personal its just….Too personal.”Radhika now hated her high shrill voice and could have slapped her but controlled her and said,”Oh Miss Matthews,Of course this is too personal you have taken,else you if had trust on your own project you need not had to steal ours and ….you know what I have proofs,you or your Mr Johnson company could be sued or insulted for plagarism.”To this Miss Matthew made a big disgust face and went away.Radhika smiled broadly.
Arjun watched this from behind.He had come to give ans to Miss Matthew but Radhika had smartly answered.He took his drink and went back.Saral suddenly appeared and said,”Mr Arjun Mehra,how about if we talk about a deal? That too now?”Arjun said go ahead.Saral smiled a devil one and said,”Remember you wanted that Singh & Singh deal which is worth whopping 98 million.”Arjun nodded,if the company gets this deal it would be biggest and profitable merger for a company in world.Saral said,”I just want one thing which interests both of us.That girl,perhaps your PA.Afterall, Arjun Mehra’s choice of girls have been delectable to me.”Arjun held his collar and said,”I would not even give to anyone if he offers 1000 millions.She is not the girl to be flirted,used and thrown off.She is girl only made for a true loving man.And you are definitely not one of them.”Saral said,”Are you that man?”He asked with a smirked face.He said,”You see I will have her on my Bed and you will not be able to do anything.”Arjun wanted to grab him and kill him but he thought to better protect Radhika.
Radhika was bored.When Arjun came,she said,”How boring your parties are,only deal and show off.In our family,get togethers are so much fun.You know when Ankush bhaiya before going to foreign…”Arjun covered her mouth and said,”How do you get so much energy?”Radhika looked angry.Arjun now asked,”Hows your hand?”She said,”Much better.”Now Mr Singhania announced there would be dance.
Song plays And we twist.
Arjun asks if Radhika would dance,she declines as she is not in mood.
Arjun then asks lady beside to her,it was Miss Matthew,Radhika felt disgusted.
They danced.

Rang De Chak Man
Rang De Chak
Rang De Chak
No Mater Let Them Say

Rang De Chak Man
Rang De Chak Aye
Rang De Chak
No Mater Lets Spark

Let’s Start Some Ronauk Shounak
Let’s Have Some Party Now
Let’s Have Some Raala Rappaa

Rang De Chak A
No Matter Let Them Say
Matthew swayed and tried that her step may be helping her seduce Arjun.Arjun now felt uneasiness.She continued her steps.
Let’s Have Some Dhol Dhamaka
Let’s Call The Dholi Now
Let’s Have Some Matti Tappa

Chalo Chalo Ji Lak Lak Gao Lo
Chalo Chalo Ji Mauj Bana Lo
Chalo Chalo Ji Nach Lo Gao Lo
Pakad Kisi Ki Wrist

And We Twist
We Twist
We Twist
We Twist
And We Twist
We Twist
We Twist
We Twist
Arjun pleaded to Radhika to save him.She laughed and continuosly said No.But when Miss Matthew suddenly started coming too close,Radhika suddenly felt a jealous feeling.She got up and grabbed Arjun’s hands.She kept his one hand on her waist and one on her shoulder.They started their dance.Miss Matthew grabbed Saral to dance.Radhika saw them and said to Arjun and said,”They look perfect right?”Arjun replied yes they are made for each other I guess.They laughed.Now song changed.
Song played Main Waari Jaava from Tere Naal love ho gaya.
Main Wari Jawan
Main Wari Jawan
Saathon Ki Hoya Ek kasoor re
Main Wari Jawan
Main Wari Jawan
Dil To Hoya Majboor
Main Wari Jawan..
Main Wari Jawan

Chuliya Tune Lab Se Ankho Ko
Mannate Puri Tumse Hi
Main Wari Jawan
Arjun and Radhika danced Romantically and were looking only to each other.
Tu Mile Jahan Mera Jahan Hai Waha
Rounake Sari Tumse Hi

Ho..Chuliya Tune Lab Se Ankho Ko
Mannate Puri Tumse Hi
Tumile Jahan Mera Jahan Hai Waha
Rounake Sari Tumse Hi.
Piya O Re Piya…
Piya Re Piya Re Piya..
Piya O Re Piya…
Piya Re Piya Re Piya..
She circled he held her,they matched each other steps.
In Duriyo Ne Nazdiki Yose
Sauda Koi Kar Liya
Chupke Nigahone Dil Se Ishk Ka
Wada Koi Kar Liya.
Main Wari Jawan
Main wari Jawan
Saatho Ki Hoya Ek kasoor Re
Sau Sau Tarose Bhar Ke Ye Daman
Le Chal Mujhe Kahi Dur..

Piya O Re Piya…
Piya Re Piya Re Piya..
Piya O Re Piya…
They completed each other with their imperfection but they did not know it.But Arjun thought these lines are really like speaking his heart words..
Koi Kami si Thi Jeene Mein
Jana Yeh Humne Kahan
Aise Mile ho Jaise Humpe
Ho Mehereban Yeh khuda

ho..Main Wari Jawan
Main Wari Jawan
Saathon Ki Hoya Ek Soor Re

Rab Di Marzi hai Apna yeh Milna
Barsa hai Hum pe Uska Noor

Piya O Re Piya…
Piya Re Piya Re Piya..

Piya O Re Piya…
Piya Re Piya Re Piya..
They again twirled,did salsa,he held her high,he made her feel special,Radhika wondered if she was falling for him.They held each other tight and realised they were too close.The audience applaused.Arjun looked at Saral direction and looked at his disgust expression.He became worried for Radhika.People had started going.When Arjun were going to say about Saral,miss matthew spilled a drink at Arjun.Arjun excused himself and said to Radhika not to go anywhere.Miss matthew went away.Suddenly someone from behind,Radhika was grabbed and was made to go in a car where she was dragged to a room.
Radhika was crying.She wanted to escape,she wanted to shout Arjun but her mouth was covered,her eyes were red due to excess crying.Then entered Saral.He removed his glasses and said,”Finally tell me how much do you want from me to be mine?”HE asked opening her.As soon her hands and legs were opened,she slapped him and tried to run but he grabbed her and pushed her to bed.He opened the strings of the blouse and said,”no one can protect you now,now Arjun Mehra you are lost.You told me you will protect Radhika but see I bribed Matthew and won.”Radhika cried and shouted Arjun.She had believe he will come and protect her.
Just then,Arjun banged the door and entered.He hit Saral and saral grabbed a vase and hit it on Arjun head but mean while Radhika grabbed a rod and hit it on Saral.he now was lying on floor.Police came and took him away.Arjun and Radhika reached Hotel.
Just when Radhika reached Hotel and then the room.She hugged Arjun tightly.Arjun groaned.She remembered the injuries which she couldn’t see due to darkness.She took out first aid.She was crying all the way.She bandaged his head and saw his torn shirt.She asked how?He answered When I returned from cleaning my suit,I saw them taking you in the car,I hurried and called police and by the time Saral’s goon had caught me so we had some little fight.She said,”THis is little fight?God forbid if anything would have happened then…”and she cried.He said,”Radhika don’t cry” and he hugged her.Both hugged each other tight.They loved each other warmth.She suddenly saw his stab marks on his back,she asked when did this happen?He replied Long ago.He went inside the room to change.Even she changed into her black nightee.She was going to ask if he needed something when she saw him struggling with applying medicine to his stab marks.She went inside and offered to help.She applied the medicine and asked if it pained.He said never.She asked why can’t you have surgery for this.She had completed applying the medicine with cotton.He asked you did it so fast?She said when you get helping hand you can do it quick.He made her sit.Radhika asked so answer me for that question.Arjun said who will handle the office stuff.She said I will.Arjun carefully looks at her.He then nods and asks sure.She says yes.He says ok tomorrow I will inform in the office.You will be getting 2 days duties of a CEO.She says ok.She smiles and gets up but some cream had fallen on floor so she slipped fell into the arms of Arjun who was standing now.He himself lost balance and fell on the bed.They landed so close that they had a kiss,a light kiss.They looked at each other when they excused themselves.Arjun said to himself what was that shocked himself,before Radhika went away she said,”Sir,lets say this was a kiss that never happened.”He nodded,both went to other room.Though they said to each other,they said they never noticed but it was the most noticable think they had and wanted not to resist this moment.
They were falling for each other……………But they Did not notice it.
Next Chapter: I Quit-Radhika
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