Manmarziyan 9th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Manmarziyan 9th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neil seeing Sam sitting on a compound bench under his apartment, and sleeping. He smiles and holds her head before she falls. She wakes up and says she was waiting for him, and did not wish to wake up aunty by ringing the bell. He asks is she fine. She recalls Arjun. Neil asks is there any tension. Sam wishes to tell him, but does not. Neil asks again. Sam says nothing like that, I m very sleepy. He holds her hand and stops her. She says I m sorry Neil. He holds her face and says no need to say sorry, I m not your BF, just friend. She says so I m saying sorry, I ditched my friend, we will be together all life. He jokes and hugs her.

She says I promise nothing will come between us. Arjun holds the saree and stands at some terrace. Kaka comes. Arjun says the kid should get treatment. Kaka says this goodness will not cover your mistake, you left Sam alone there, this is not good. Arjun says now nothing good will happen, I fell before, now its time to rise up, I have given a story years ago, I will write a story from tomorrow.

Its morning, Radhika tells Dada ji that Sharmila was annoyed, when she gets late at work, what will she do, Sharmila said she will make me leave house, what should I do. Radhika’s mum comes to talk and he does not let her talk. He asks Radhika to focus on work and not worry. He asks her to smile. Radhika smiles. He asks about Sam. Sam comes office and gets Arjun’s sorry message. She deletes the message.

Changu asks about the man, senior who is joining today. Kritika says I think he will be some dude. Sam says mum does not tell me anything. Piyali says this man is very imp for birdsong. Zubin says we should ask Samrat. Piyali says he is giving us biggest client of makeup brand, I don’t need to ask Samrat.

Tejh compliments Bonnie and asks is there any special reason. Bonnie jokes. She says the man is of Samrat’s level and senior than Neil. Tejh says he can be old. Bonnie says we will know when he comes, he is not connected to Sam and Sam can’t do anything. Arjun calls Sam and she rejects it. Sam does makeup in washroom. Neil comes there and asks who is this man, its suspense in office. Sam says I don’t know. He says if its good type guy, I will do your setting. She laughs.

Arjun calls her again. She still refuses it. Neil comes to Radhika and asks is she ready for a big meeting. She asks me. Neil says yes. She says I mean its big meeting. He says you must come, you can learn everything and some mystery man is coming, so maybe anything can happen. Radhika shows her bangle and says nothing such can happen. Neil says oh, fiancé and smiles. Sam gets the red saree and looks around. She sees Arjun there and goes to him.

She asks whats he doing here. He says you end my call and give me reason to meet you, You did not reply my messages, so I thought to apologize for yesterday, I had to go for friend’s medical emergency. She asks him not to come office, she will meet in evening. He asks sure? She says sure, now go, if mum sees you, she will be angry. He says lets see your mum’s anger today and greets Piyali. Sam is stunned.

Arjun walks to Piyali. Piyali introduces Arjun as their new head of operations. She asks Sam to call everyone in conference room. Arjun smiles. Sam gets shocked. Changu and Kritika make Radhika busy in work and does not let her attend big meeting. Arjun talks to everyone in the meeting and looks at Sam. Radhika sits working. He says he wants to take birdsong ahead and you all will become my stairs. Radhika ends work and is allowed in meeting, as it started some time before and Piyali will be angry if she joins late.

Arjun says he was seeing them closely and know their work. Arjun compliments Sam for her talent. Sam says maybe he should meet some other people. Piyali says Sam… Radhika says she wants to go in meeting, but does not get chance to go. Birju asks her to make a chance, no one gets it. She stops him and thinks. She sees coffee cups and takes it. Piyali asks Arjun to start his presentation. Arjun says about Maybelline New York brand and his Maybelline girl is….. Radhika enters there with coffee. Arjun looks at her. Neil says she made good entry. Arjun asks her to come inside and sit, or leave, and it will be better if she decides today. Radhika comes inside.

Arjun says my Maybelline girl, who is alone in crowd, who has everything but does not have anything. The video shows Sam and everyone is stunned. Arjun tells Bonnie that he will bring Sam so close that she will lose everyone. Neil gets annoyed with Sam and leaves.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow wht an episode….finally radhi met arjun

  2. $€£¥(nish)

    Mysterious and this is just what I love Interesting show.

  3. Ardhika journey starts.but won’t stay 4 long.rad has 2 go 2 saral.but arjun is matching 4 rad.

    1. U askd abt new entries na-Garima Jain as Manya Khanna (Samaira’s sister),
      Sadhana Sharma as Priya (Arjun’s sister) to enter in d shw

  4. i want radhika and arjun to be the lead pair . they will look gorgeous as a pair

  5. Always hate ends with love ….I think now choti moti takrar wil take place btwn Arjun and rads aka our lovely ardhika thn it will lead to luv…. Bt I didn’t get y Arjun is discussing with bonnie abt sam….. R thy connectd already & tht too he was soo emotional while talking with bonnie

  6. Finaly radhika arjun met…the way she came ibside is beautiful. them to be paired

  7. Good episode.radhika and arjun both rock.

  8. Ngood episode.finally arjun met radhika. Looking forward for their chemistry.

  9. Am I the nly one thinkng tht arjun may be a frnd of jai(sam’s late bro)….any idea guys…. Share ur views on cmnt

    1. I also think so.otherwise why piyali will give so imp 2 arjun?Arjun has family connection with them.may be that good or bad

      1. Nw u got me!!!

  10. No , Arjun and Sam and Radika and Neil .

  11. Myself and my friends all are in for only arjun and radhika…becos sp promoted radhika while stating this serial and she is the main lead and in intial promos they promoted her and recently also they promote her…and both arjun and radhika gave interviews initially while the show launching.i am just in for arjun and radhika.i don’t think arjun might be friend for jai if it is like that then why he wants to take revenge..something must be there. .maybe something related to his family..becos he lost something and that pain is penetrated in his eyes…lets see..

    1. That’s wht I’m saying if arjun was jai’s frnd he wil take revenge on sam bcause jai’s death ws happnd due to the way the reason behind his death also nt yet reveald nah so there might be sme twist

  12. Most of thm r lukng 4ward for Arjun & rads luv/hate story to unfold bcos thy r the leads…….. As per the launching party info so let’s nt make it a issue.. All cn give their opinions abt the pairing and finally pairing & pairs r already decide kar chuka hota by cvs so no one cn change their thoughts atleast arjuns mystery ko unfold Karne tak fans ok wait karna padhega… In previous written updates ki page mein fans have trashed & bashed each other in cmnts for pair of arjun….. Oh com’on guys y r u f8ng & pls it’s my req don’t ever trash any actors, that’s their job to do whatever directors says… Character ko gaali de par uss actor ko kyun yaar

  13. It may also happen that arjun wants 2 help sam finding her depressed and want revenge from piyali

    1. Yaa eh bhi ho sakta hai par sam confuse ho rahe hai btwn frndship & luv… She shld figure out soon

  14. I agree with ireena

  15. Hey samrat sam me dad nai na?..

  16. I mean samrat sam ke dad hai na

  17. Bonnie ka kya relation ho Sakta hai arjun ke saat???

    1. I too askd the same bt no one knws

  18. Chote Parde Par Di Serial Manmarziyan Ne Dastak!! Manmarziyan 3rd April 2015- in this video it’s clearly said Arjun ki pair radhika

  19. I love this show… fabulous episode .. I like neil radhika pair, he is so cute

  20. I think Arjun lost his parents r his closed ones during that accident thats why he is taking revenge on sam.I dont know whether it is correct r wrong but its my guess.

  21. Dear manasa there is no neil radhika pair…and in yesterday’s episode neil saw the way arjun was looking…so only we are rooting for the arjun and radhika story…

  22. Me and my friends and even my neighbours all are rooting for arjun and radhika story…god they both have expressive eyes..lovely pair. ….

  23. Yes Arjun and Sam and Neil and Radika will be a pair..

  24. Plz update 2day’s episode.

  25. I think neil and sam n rads n arjun..nd that should be happened…bcz neil n sam look so cool

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