Manmarziyan 8th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Manmarziyan 8th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun giving money to his driver. The old man refuses. Arjun asks Sam to give him, and Sam asks the man not to refuse, as its given by his bahu. The man accepts the money and hugs Arjun. Arjun says everything will be fine. Neil asks Radhika to run. She runs and asks why are we running. He asks her to see them, and shows Dada ji and Dilip for the last time. She smiles and waves to them. The guard asks Neil to leave. Neil says she was seeing the last look. The guard says see at home. Neil says she was at hospital, not at home, she is ill, she is mad. The guard looks at Radhika.

Neil says she has some flu, Ullu. Radhika wipes her tears. Neiul scares the guard. Radhika smiles. Neil asks Radhika to come and meet the guard. The guard gets tensed and says he does not want Ullu flu. Neil runs with her. The guard says he made me Ullu. Neil takes her on bike and leaves quickly.

Sam says she likes this song, she has danced many times. Arjun says this song does not look your type. She says you don’t know my type yet. He says fine, then show me your type. She smiles and says you feel I can’t dance on this song. He says no. She says I can go anywhere with a strange man, and can’t dance on a song, really? She says alright and goes to dance on the song Mungda…… She dances with the chawl ladies. Arjun smiles seeing her. She takes Arjun in the dance and he dances with her.

They have an eyelock. Music plays…………….. Radhika asks Neil does he drive like this. Neil says I m helping, you drive. She says no, I mean you ride well, I also know riding. Neil says about Saral’s call and asks her to call him. She says I will talk later. He says he was in tension. She calls Saral and says sorry, I got late to reach airport. Saral asks why did Neil take the call. She says he dropped me, else I would have not met Dada ji and dad. Saral asks whats the big deal, you are not meeting them after 6 years. She says I tried to leave early, but it was my first day. Saral says she is far and alone, how will she manage, he is worried for her, and says I love you.

She says I will talk later and he asks will she not say I love you even now. She says she will call after reaching home. He asks her to call. She ends call and cries. Neil looks on. He asks about Saral. Radhika says he is not my boyfriend, we are engaged and shows the bangles. Neil smiles and says call him after reaching home. They leave. Sam does not see Arjun and asks Kaka. He says I did not see him. Sam calls him and gets his number switched off. The lady asks where is Arjun. Sam says he had to go. They ask will she go alone. Sam says I have some work at office, and leaves alone.

The driver comes and says Arjun sent the car, he had to go somewhere. Sam asks why, without saying, I can go alone, tell him I don’t need him and his car. Madan’s wife Sharmila asks why did Radhika get late. Madan says maybe she went to drop Dilip. Sharmila say she can get after any guy, and if she has any affair, people will taunt me. She ses Radhika coming home with a guy. Radhika thanks Neil and asks what was he doing there. Neil says even I will find it, go and call Saral, see you tomorrow. She smiles and he leaves. Sharmila gets angry. Radhika turns and sees her in the window.

Sharmila says her dad went today and she started roaming with guys. Madan asks what is she saying. Radhika says sorry, Neil works with me in office and he helped me reach airport. Sharmila says I don’t want you to affect badly to my daughters, come home on time, else I will not keep her at home here. Sam tries to take a taxi. She removes her saree and sits in the auto. She recalls Arjun and gets angry. She throws the saree out on the road and leaves. Arjun picks the saree.

Arjun says he was given a written story years ago, and now he will write a new story. Piyali says about someone new joining birdsong. Bonnie says its good he is not connected to Sam. Sam sees Arjun there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. I see many comments in previous episode… People are talking about pairs… Actual story theme is about friendship and trust…. Radika and saral get married sure, bcoz radhu won’t break the trust of their family members…. I think arjun is the competitor for Radhika in story writing… Soon Radhika and samaira will become best friends and Sam will guide her to achieve her dream…

    1. Ya, I agree with u

    2. Waisa nahi nithi.. I agree wit othrthings u said bt rads not gonna marry saral she knows tht she doesn’t hav any feelings abt him…. She made her dad to agree with her in her career plans just Lyk tht she wil surely make thm undrstand wht she needs… Thts the concept gonna happen after 6 months of tme

  3. Hmmm may be….that’s cool

  4. I jst wish Arjuns pair be with rads…..fingers crossed ?

  5. There’s some hidden motives behind arjun’s behaviour

  6. I think radhika,sam,arjun all will be friends

  7. Its obviously abt frnds n dere frndship……. but at end f day its gonna be a love story!!! So its ok if we tlk abt pairs….. n b4 launching its clearly mentioned in reviews dat rad n arjun are main leads…. so lets see…n dis serial will surely hav WEBBED RELATIONS….

    1. Thank god I hav someone in company supporting Arjun & rads as an couple

  8. Guys…. Again new characters are added…… Sam has one sister and even arjun has one sister….. So many twists will be there

    1. I checked lots of sites regardng manmarziyan no new info on it…. Cn u pls send the link of this info

  9. I read garima jain will play a she 4 arjuns sis?

  10. my friends even i thought of that…definitely radhika is never going to be against her family members…and maybe arjun will be competitor for her and waiting for their first meet… in the future episode…waiting for their pairing…

  11. nice episode.waiting for radhika and arjun meet and their pairing…

  12. nice episode.i too wanted arjun and radhika pairing.fingers crossed

  13. Sonamohan, gul, moh luv u guys… It’s nice to hear frm u guys abt the ryt pair(arjrad,radarj,rajun,ardhika) spread the word combo of arjun and rads

    1. I like the name ardhika.whats 4 sam &neil?

      1. Sam & Neil combo wil be lyk ( neiara,sameil,…etc)

  14. i like radhika n neil jodi

  15. i just hope neil paired with radhika superb jodi

  16. I am definitely In for arjun and radhika and ardhika is nice…

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