Manmarziyan 7th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Manmarziyan 7th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sam asking your wife, is he mad. She says I mean he is good guy, but she does not know him, how can she marry. He says who asked you to marry me, I just said to become my wife, I have to go in a kid’s birthday party, I need a wife, if you come along, my problem will get easy. She says she made plan with my friend. He says then change it. he says he is my old driver’s grandson, he is one year old and is ill, he will not take money from me, if my wife gives, he will not refuse, his surgery is important. Neil calls Sam and she says I m sorry. Neil asks now what. Sam says I can’t come. Neil asks what happened. She says I m really sorry, bye.

Radhika tries taking taxi for airport. Dilip asks where is she, they are leaving now, take care. Radhika says she can’t meet him for six months, please wait, I m coming. Dilip tells Dada ji that she is still on the way. Neil comes on his bike and stops seeing her. She says sorry. He removes his helmet and asks what happened. She says my dad and grandpa are going by flight, I can’t meet them, and cries. He asks her to sit fast and takes her to airport.

Sam asks Arjun will he come or just see her. He says he she comes like this, the locality people will stare at her. She asks whats the problem. He says its less salty. She smiles and he says if anyone gifts, its bad habit not to see it. She says if anyone calls, ending call is bad habit. He asks does she expect good habit from him, expectations is root of problems. She asks is he problem. He says not yet, but he will become soon.

He asks her to see his gift. She sees a beautiful saree. He says its not easy to become my wife, will you be able to wear it. She says not here, I have to go office. He looks at Birdsong and smiles. Neil races his bike and says he drives well right. She holds him and moves back. He jokes and asks her to hold him, its better than falling down, else they can’t reach airport. Dilip says Radhika is not answering call.

Dada ji says lets sit for sometime, she will come. Dilip says lets go, she might be stuck in traffic. Radhika comes and stops them. She hugs them and cries. Neil looks on. Sam changes in washroom and wears the saree over her jeans and top. She comes out and its not properly tucked. She tries fixing it and it falls down. Arjun comes and smiles. She says you should have not come inside office. Dhundhle se kardi shaame…………..plays…………….. He tucks the saree and makes the pleats, then wraps around her. He gets close to her. He says come, and leaves. She sees the saree tied and done.

Dilip asks Radhika why did she come by bike. Dada ji says it does not matter, now 6 months will pass soon. Radhika says how could I not meet, I can’t meet for 6 months, I have to become something and show, I came here to become something, not to have fun. She hugs Dada ji and says she will miss him a lot. Dada ji says I will also miss you lot. Dilip asks her to work hard and take care. She says she is feeling scared. Dilip says if she lets her fear win, then trust breaks, it has their love. He kisses her forehead and says we will leave now.

They leave and she cries seeing them. They wave bye to her. She sits there and cries. Neil sits by her side and says Radhika….. Her phone rings…. Neil answers the call and Saral gets angry. Neil asks him not to be shocked, Radhika is emotional as her dad and Dada ji left, I will give her the phone. Saral ends call. Radhika says she could not talk to them well, she can’t meet for 6 months. The guard asks him not to park bike here. Neil says she is crying. The guard says don’t cry here, go there and cry.

Sam applies lipstick. Arjun stops her and says girls can’t understand few things. He applies tilak by her lipstick and asks her to see herself by his eyes, she can’t get her eyes off herself. She smiles. They come to the locality and everyone greet him. Arjun and Sam greet people and are welcomes. Arjun sees his uncle looking at him. Arjun shows the little boy and Sam takes him. Arjun introduces her as his wife Samaira. His driver says Arjun is like Lord for them. Arjun says its fine, and looks at his uncle. He recalls his words and turns.

Arjun and Sam dance there and he disappears. She calls him and does not connect. Samaira is stunned and finds herself alone. Radhika comes home with Neil. Madan’s wife sees her and says her dad went today and she started coming with guys, she will kick her out of home if this goes on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Guys this is just not done cvs r totally started confusing everyone……Arjuns charactr shows various shades bt most of it is grey bt who wil b his pair radhika or sam…. When will radhika meet arjun? After their 1st meeting nly everything can be decided tht he wil b wit radhika or sam bt most of the viewers r expecting Arjun with radhika

  2. Tdz episode osam but precap bekar. Neil n rads bhi look gud. If sam falls wd arjun n let neil n rads be hpy then chalegha juz sam don’t create problem for rads n live n let live

    1. In one of the site recently they have said tht “Arjun will be paird with radhika & it’s confirmed “

  3. i think neil is the hero…he is super cool… 😉

  4. Nice epi any1 knw radika real name if u knw thn pls tel me

    1. Radhika’s real name is Monica sehgal

  5. Hmmmm this arjun is creating lots of suspense…. Who may be that man?? And vo itni jaldi kahaan gayab hogaya

    1. Mujhe bhi Wahi samajh mein nahi aa raha ki Arjun kaun hai, usse Sam aur birdsng mein its dushmani hey? Woh jai ki dost hogi sam se revenge lenekeliye otherwise phir sam ki maa kuch past mein karaya hota othrwise woh radhikA ko jaantha hota toh poori ku poori kahani em naya twist lehngi or sme othr story bhi ho sakta hai…. Hey cvs ki wajhayi mein Ek na ek zaroor Ek director/ writer banjavungi

  6. Thank u sukriti .bye gud nyt t.c ,gud nyt to al

  7. Rite @ sukriti

  8. He mst hve some past revenge I guess. Good night @ 😉

  9. I hope Neil hi hero ho..Neil aur radhika ki jodi & chemistry jyada achhi hai.. 😉 🙂

  10. Waise everybody in school? Any1 frm gujarat????

    1. yes.. i am from gujarat..

  11. Gud nyt al

  12. Anybody frm clg & frm south side?

    1. frm ap

  13. $€£¥ (nish)

    Gud nite…
    Sab studying in school? ?

    1. I am in school

  14. $€£¥ (nish)

    I m in college but frm west

    1. Kk I’m tamilian

      1. I too tamilian sukriti

    2. I am tamilian sukriti

      1. Thts grt gud to hav sme company

  15. $€£¥ (nish)

    Ohh wow my maternal aunt also tamilian. Ur frm chennai?? Dey live dre.

    1. I’m frm Madurai(TN)

  16. Guys I am from Tamil Nadu epdi irukinga ellarume

    1. Fine riya and i too from TN

    2. Feeling too good neraya peru from tamilnadu

  17. Nala iruken riya n neinga

    1. Super unga real name enna

  18. varu eppadi iruka

    1. Fine sis and wat about u ?

  19. Arjun and sam pair awesome.

  20. So lots of Tamil viewers huh thts grt ?

  21. Guys im from kerala working…

    1. im frm kerala 🙂

  22. Ahh lots of Tamils I’m also tamil but from canada (srilankan Tamil )

  23. $€£¥ (nish)

    Wow so we have so many tamilian here. 🙂 :).

  24. Hai guyss gud mrng nan tha andha smiley face my ful name suchitha pa tu la neraya tamilians n malayalis tha irukanga ila great guys flng great 😀

  25. Hai nish r u gal or boy

  26. Who’s radhika’s pair

    1. Most of them think it’s neil bt it cn be decided nly aftr Arjun and radhi’s 1st meetng…. V wish Arjun shld be paird with radhi.thy wil form a get couple

    2. Most of them think it’s neil bt it cn be decided nly aftr Arjun and radhi’s 1st meetng…. V wish Arjun shld be paird with radhi.thy wil form a grt couple

  27. now manmarziyan is shown at late serial is shown at 11.30 except this 1.what’s the need of repeating nach baliye at 10.30.

  28. Ooh…. Neil is damn coooolllll… He must be d hero.. Paired wit rads..

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