Manmarziyan 6th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Manmarziyan 6th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhika and Neil talking. Her ringtone plays and he says he did not expect this from her. He asks her to take the call. She takes Saral’s call. Neil says hi to him. Saral asks her to be away from Neil, and says he wants to come Mumbai. She says he did not ask and changed her ringtone, and he says will he ask her anything. She says she is on work. He asks her to say I love you to him, and she says she is getting late. He says fine, till when will she run, he will wait for her call, he loves her a lot, even if she does not say. She ends the call.

Sam waits for Arjun’s call and calls her. Arjun’s uncle asks him to let Sam free and not trap her in his intentions. Arjun says I m myself trapped, how will I trap her. His uncle asks him to think again. Arjun says he can’t move back now and asks him to make this packet reach Samaira. Sam keeps calling him and gets angry. Neil asks her to calm down, sometimes people can also give her attitude.

She says if she gives importance, people take her for granted. Neil says Radhika has good attitude. Sam says leave me alone. Neil says I don’t have this option. Radhika sits on her desk and Birju gives tea saying sorry. She smiles and takes the tea. He says my name is Birju. She says I m Radhika Mishra, and asks who gives work. He says no work on first day, just see office. Dada ji calls her and says she does not work. Dada ji says its good, come early, we have to go airport. She says fine, I will talk to Sam and come.

She sees Sam going annoyed seeing her phone. She goes to Sam and says she wants to…. Sam asks Changu Mangu to handle her. Radhika says I have to go early, my dad and Dada ji are going home. Kritika says she can’t say family issues on first day. They ask her to go, but do a small work. Radhika smiles and says I will do. Sam gets the parcel from Arjun and smiles.

She keeps it back and says throw it outside. Radhika is given much work to cut beauty product from all magazine and stick it. Radhika says but I have to go early. Kritika says work soon and leave. Radhika gets to work. Neil talks to Sam and sees her upset. Neil asks will she play a scene with him, and jokes. He asks her to come for a movie. She smiles and agrees. He says he will end meeting and meet her in cinema hall, come on time. She says done. He leaves. Radhika cuts pics and pastes them.

She works for hours. Dilip calls her and asks where is she, they have to leave. She says she will meet them at airport, she is busy in work, and asks him not to go without meeting her. He says fine and ends call. Neil calls Sam and says he reached, come soon. She draws Arjun’s name and says I m coming. Dilip and Dada ji are at airport and call Radhika. She says she will come and asks them to wait.

Sam sees her and asks did they give so much work to her. Chandu says her parents are going Rishikesh, she will work till they reach. Sam asks her to go, as she will take one hour to reach airport, office is shut. She says he does not know parents’ value and the pain to be away, else he would have not done this. Radhika looks on. Sam says no need to bring parents in between us. Sam asks her to go. Radhika thanks Sam and forwards hand. Sam says she helped, not did friendship, go. Radhika leaves.

Sam sees Arjun’s gift at reception. Radhika tells Dilip she is on the way. Sam gets call and asks Neil can’t he wait. Arjun says he can’t wait. His gift falls down. He says he spoke to her and has to meet her. She asks now? He says ys. She says I m busy. He asks what is she doing, apart from making his gift fall on ground. She turns and sees him. He smiles.

Radhika asks taxi driver to drive faster. Arjun asks her is she in live with him, that she is making pics. She says I m getting late. He says don’t let m stop you, else you can never reach. She leaves. Radhika gets stuck in traffic and pays the driver. She gets walking and tells Dilip that she will reach in 10mins. Dilip says you go home. She says no, you can’t go without meeting me. She tries to take another taxi. Sam stops and asks why did he end her call. He says if he spoke on phone, he would have not got reason to come and meet.

She asks can’t he talk straight. He says you can’t handle it. She asks what. He asks her to become his wife. She is stunned and says your wife? He smiles.

Radhika meets Dilip and Dada ji and says she will become something. Arjun ties a saree to Sam and asks her to see herself by his eyes, then she can’t take her eyes off herself. He gets close to her.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Y is arjun doing all this??? Yes sam is arrogant n selfish n egoistic but a gud person at heart. She just needs correct guidance. But wat arjun is doing to her os not good….. dey r showing negativity frm starting nly…. now wat will dey show as d serial progresses can b imagined!!!!

  2. Arjun and sam so cute together

  3. Whats arjuns motive?Is he a hero or villain?Is he 4 radhika or sam?No answer

  4. I guess he is hero for sam after all for radhika is engaged and possibility is there that she may pair up with Neil…

  5. I’m excited for tmrw’s episode…

  6. I think neil is 4 radhika n arjun is sam

  7. Arjun is only for radhiga not for Sam hate the sam

  8. Hmmmm but I feel sam is good….her problem is her mom…her mom neglect her so she have turned like this..

  9. BTW I feel sam and arjun looks good together..

  10. It’s soo clear tht Arjun is trapping Sam….. He has sme deadly reasn behind it.arjun doesn’t luv sam.its radhika for arjun

  11. v ho.. I just ♡Neil…& I hope ki..Neil hi Chasni ka hero ho..plzplzzz
    But sam & Arjun ki chemistry v bohat achha hai..i hope..that..baki serials ki Tarah..DYM me v kuch ulat phulat na ho.
    Finger crossed. .:) 😉

  12. the makers have kept us guessing..who is for whom! 😀

  13. radz n neil looks good togethr…neil is soo cuteeee…. 🙂

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