Manmarziyan 27th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Manmarziyan 27th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun and Bonnie planning against Radhika. Sam, Neil and everyone work. Neil takes Sam’s pics and turns seeing her. Sam asks is he so angry that he did not take her call. He says I slept. She asks with whom, sorry, don’t be after Arjun, I will be with him as its new love, you will know this when you fall in love. She sees Arjun and goes. She says you are making many problems in my life. Arjun asks really, I thought there was nothing between us. She says you are still stuck at that thing, till when will you not talk. He says till you tell me yourself, then all plans will be set.

Bonnie follows Radhika and Kritika. Radhika does the survey on makeup. She starts recording her. Bonnie signs a man. Radhika stands alone and the man goes to her. Bonnie sees Sam coming and stops the man. Sam gives the papers to Radhika and says Arjun is not wishing to talk to me. Radhika asks why. Sam says nothing, I can’t say. Radhika smiles. Sam asks if your Dada ji loves someone, how will he say. Radhika says Dada ji says if he has to say any feelings, then there is one way, to speak up, if time passes, then that thing will not be important, and now its time for me to work.

Sam asks what does Dada ji say to speak up. Radhika says he did not say. Sam sees Neil. Radhika talks to more girls and takes their feedback on Maybelline products. The man says its my wife’s birthday tomorrow, if you can help me in gifting any products. Radhika says sure and helps him in choosing the products. Bonnie records them. He gives her a packet and he puts it in his bag. He says I m Chirag. She says I m Radhika Mishra and shakes hand. He pays the bill and takes the bag. The things fall and she helps him in picking it.

He says he got his wife’s call and goes. Radhika picks the things. Sam comes to Neil and says Radhika’s Dada ji asks to speak up but not the words, Arjun wants to know whats between us, what should I tell him. Neil says what do I know Sam. Sam asks why don’t you know. Neil says if anyone loves someone, then how to say, I mean I don’t know, I can’t help. Sam says you have to help me, and hugs him, saying she did not do anything without him, please come along.

Neil says I can’t help. She says she has found always behind him, and still wants to see him when she meets Arjun, else she can’t tell anything to Arjun, come on. Radhika waits for Chirag. Sam takes Neil and goes to Arjun. Manmarziyan……………..plays………….Bonnie says good job Chirag, I m very impressed. Radhika says excuse me, this bag and asks Chirag to stop.
Sam and Neil come to Arjun. Sam leaves Neil’s hand and asks him to stand there. Neil looks on getting sad from within. Sam walks to Arjun. She stops and looks at Neil. Neil shows thumps up. She smiles and goes to Arjun. She says Arjun… Arjun turns and sees her. She says I have to say something. He asks what. She sits on her knees and Neil sadly looks on.

Jaldi na karna yaaran ishq ki raahon me tum……….. mann ke raste na jaane……….. manmarziyan…………..plays……………. Arjun gets Sam up and asks is she finding anything. She says no and turns to see Neil. Neil cries. Sam smiles and says I actually…. Neil leaves. Sam turns and does not see Neil. Arjun sees Radhika coming there and sees Bonnie and Chirag on the other side. He gets tensed.

Sam recalls what she told Neil and says my leg was hurt so I…. Radhika sees Chirag. Arjun goes to stop Radhika. He comes in between and asks where is she going. She says leave my hand. He asks her to move from her way. She asks can’t he get his way. He says I want someone to accompany and moves her to side. She says she won’t come. He says I won’t leave you, I want to buy gift for Sam, tell me will Sam like this, and shows dog’s collars. She says I m not such good friend of Sam to know about this. He says he knows everything about Sam and says wrong choices saying its Sam’s fav.

He loads her with dog products and asks her to buy it for Sam. She says but you had to buy. He asks her to come. The man stops her asking for money. Arjun leaves. Radhika comes out and sees Chirag’s bag in her hand. She keeps it in her purse. Neil comes home and thinks about Sam and Arjun. Ishq saccha wohi jisko milti nahi manzilein……………. He sees Sam and his pics on the wall. Hamari Adhuri kahani…………..plays……………. His mum brings food for him and asks shall I make you have it by my hands. He says he is not hungry.

She asks him to get up and says hunger does not strike in such state, it can have two reasons to be in room, either stomach ache or heart ache. She makes him smile. Neil hugs her and she asks who is she. He recalls how Sam left his hand and went to Arjun. He says someone, she loves someone else. She says she would be blind, if a train is missed, no use to run after it, you should wave bye happily standing on the platform. He recalls Sam and Arjun hugging.

Bonnie and Arjun make an excuse and Bonnie gets Radhika’s bag. Arjun gets close to Sam. She gets concerned for Neil and goes to him. Neil says I love you and can’t see you like this, I get hurt seeing you and Arjun together. Sam is stunned.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Ohhh…. Emotional episode….
    Chasni nd arjun… Neil nd sam seems nyc couple to me….

  2. Hai everyone…past 2 days I ws lil busy so couldnt leav my cmnts, neil aka shravan ur really awesme dude,it may b joy or sorrow u never fails to amaze us wit ur emotions, it carried a grace which ppl never xpectd.kudos to u!!& Sam she does her part very well,1st tme I hav seen a girl kneels down 2 propose a man tht to in a mall..gosh !! 2day d nly fun part ws wer arjun takes radhi fr buying gifts 2 sam,tht to a dogs collar,lease belts,doggies chew sticks,pedigree…tht ws mere cute & funny .if Sam gets to knw tht Her dreamy bf is shopping doggies goodies fr her she wil definitely hang u on d ceiling…does Sam lurks lyk doggie in any angle????????? rads really goes well wit every sitauatin-such a swt❤️, arjun hs really gone mad in revenge,strday he took neil dwn & nw radhi……hey ? pineapple handle our ?chashni delicately.nwadays seeing these nok jhoks (kaisa yeh ishq hai Ajab sa risk hai)song bangs my mind.precap totally took a big twist,never xpectd ? wil propose ? so soon tht to in haste…while he said ILU 2 sam it was lyk sme one poured hot water on Neil’s poor Neil really luv his charactr in every manner.

  3. Neil……..really beauty and talent of the show.

  4. weird Arjun?? why he taking revenge???

    1. It is the main mistry of manmarziyan….
      😉 v all r waiting for it to reveal

  5. O wer r today’s update … I misd today’s epi ….
    Ireena Wer r u from??
    And I don’t watch star plus HD …

    1. Here main telecast is by 10:30 pm

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