Manmarziyan 25th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Manmarziyan 25th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun sending Sam. Radhika says Sam… Neil says she won’t go anywhere. Radhika goes to Arjun and asks him not to take Sam, everthing will be fine, Neil went to convince her, if she sees presentation with Piyali…. Arjun asks does she want to break her more. She says no, to join them. Arjun asks her to move off his way, he knows to move the stones that come in his way and shouts. She locks the door to stop him and says some stones don’t come in way to get moved, you can’t take Sam anywhere.

Sam washes her face in washroom. Neil comes and cries seeing her in pain. He holds her and asks her to stop crying. He wipes her tears and cleans her nose. She laughs. He applies some cream and says cold cream to make her look good. He asks her to sit and says she stays in his heart and enough of crying and this pain now. He hugs her. Arjun asks will Sam’s pain go by this plan. Radhika says she has to end this. He says he will not let her do this and take Sam, and asks for keys.

She says Sam will go to conference room, you decide will you come or not. Neil says everything will be fine. Sam says no, I have to get habitual with this pain, Arjun is right, once if string breaks, it does not join again. Neil says we are made by failing the pain and fear, come to conference room for my sake, please. Arjun says I can do anything to stop Sam from conference room and asks for keys, twisting her hand. She says she won’t give him and sees Neil bringing Sam. She says take the keys and Arjun turns to see Sam. He says pain changed people. She says people can change pain. He gets angry.

Everyone come in the conference room. Piyali comes with Arjun. Neil holds Sam’s hand and consoles her. Arjun looks at Sam. He holds Sam’s other hand and Neil leaves her. Piyali says shall we start. Radhika signs Neil and plays the video of children. She says I have many memories with you mum, your hands have held me, taught me to walk and shows Piyali’s pics with Sam and Jai. Piyali and Sam are stunned.

Arjun asks what the hell it is, shut this. Piyali asks Radhika to continue. Radhika says mum scolds children and taught them to laugh. Sam cries. Piyali gets teary eyed. Radhika says he is going away now. Piyali recalls Jai’s childhood. Radhika says he has given her pain but left a support for her, and shows Sam. Piyali walks out. Sam asks is this way to lessen pain, whose idea was this. Radhika says mine. Sam says if I have to make my life an issue, I could do it myself, stop it, and leaves crying.

Arjun asks Radhika is she fine and happy now, I told you whatever you do, nothing wil happen, Sam broke again because of you. He leaves. Radhika and Neil get teary eyed. Neil goes to look for Sam.

Sam goes to the terrace and cries. Neil asks everyone about Sam and looks for him. Sam shouts Jai and cries. Piyali comes to her and says your voice did not reach him, even I tried a lot. Sam is stunned to find Piyali sitting and crying there. Piyali says she tried to solve a riddle and know where did her red saree go. Sam walks to her and says Jai wanted to wear red dhoti. Piyali says Jai had a GF. Sam smiles and talks to her. Sam says Aaliya. Piyali holds Sam and Sam cries resting in her lap. Piyali says Jai used to lie a lot, I know I stopped him in Goa and even then you fell in pool first, and he used to get scolding on your behalf, tell him to hear your share of scolding once. Sam says I tried a lot mum, he does not hear me too.

Piyali says maybe we should try together, and he hears us. She says Sam, make my voice reach him please. They shout Jai together and cry. Katra katra jeena kya re……………….plays…………..Piyali hugs Sam. Neil sees them hugging and is shocked. He gets glad and smiles. Neil comes to Radhika and pulls her cheeks. Piyali says good work Radhika and asks for PPT. She asks her not to use Jai’s pics and leaves smiling. Sam comes to Radhika and asks whats she, she makes the wrong way right, how, whatever she is, promise you will always do this. She hugs Radhika and the team smiles. Arjun looks on and fumes seeing Radhika.

Arjun tells Sam that he has to make Radhika out of his way, as she is coming between them. He plans with Bonnie and sends Radhika to some mall.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. U made me cry too rads. Ur an angel of god sent by jai for his sis n mom. Arjun try to br human being at least once. Neil ur so pure hearted juz like rads lov u both neil n rads♥♥♡♡♥♥♡♡♥♥

  2. Wow radhu good job

  3. Samaira, Radhika and Neil stole the show today, and Arjun excelled as always… Keep rocking team Manmarziyan….

  4. excellent epi….. it was lyk a tyt slap on arjun’s cheek… ha ha….. be deserved it!!!

  5. Omg … Now this arjun will hurt radhu to keep her away from Sam ….
    And I think he will make Sam against radhu also … Neil and radhu should find out his wrong intentions …

  6. Awesome episode a high ray of hope between piyali n sams relation all thanks to our rads shez awesome. N neil too so cutie pie. Arjun tdy I just purely disliked u really. ☆★ manmarzian rocks

  7. Devgha =dev + durgha rite ??? EHT Mahamovie this 31st may on star plus. Hope ETH 2 comes on air near the end of this year.

  8. really nice episode… i am really happy to see sam and piyali together

  9. Wow really what a episode!

  10. Hey nish, EHT mahamovie!! Really? On 31st may, r8? But plz tell me the time nish

  11. can any1 jst say me the fresh epi of manmarziyaan telecast??

  12. Priya not 100% sure but shayad 3 pm ko. Exactly don remember dats y really sorry. If I get to know I ll surely inform u by tomorrow afternoon on same update page

  13. Priya not 100% sure but shayad 3 pm
    actually I hastily read it so forgot to see proper time . But if I get to know then I ll surely inform u by tomorrow afternoon on same update page.

  14. The better sameil lookes,the worse sajun looks.arjun is becoming more villainious day by day.

  15. Todays epi was so gud.Radhika,Neil,Sam and Arjun steal d show and rocked it.I like the way Radhika stopped Arjun and Arjun twisting Radhika’s hand by harshly not romantically I hope it happens soon and Neil consoling Sam And the differences sort out between Sam and Piyali mom.I hope Arjun soon realize his feelings and get out from his past and live happily with Radhika and pls Arjun don’t do anything wrong with Radhika tomorrow yaar she is ur gf na,it will happen soon and pls break up with that Idiot Bonnie.don’t like her character.She always put oil on ur fire.

  16. hey guys…the best part in todays episode is piyali sam union…portrayed well by both the actors. radhika really cracked both mother daughter duo with their own weakness and brought them straight so that they can burst out their anger and become normal…neil sam combination is awesome yar he understands her well and nobody can understand and love sam the way neil does…neil is just sweetheart…and coming to radhika and also supporting her,neil does bring balance in both these girls lifes….one with friendship and other with love..precap is scary and lets see how radhika tackles her next hurdle above all it her story how she faces every hurdle and succeds and positvity in her life and in others life…

  17. A lovely episode. A very good serial, different story, leaves you wanting more. Superb cast, down to earth.

  18. Thnx aryan n nish:-).
    Can any1 plz tell me the repeat telecast time of manmariyan?

    1. hey priya…. repeat telecast is at 4.30p.m (IST)…

  19. can anyone say me why radhika is called as “chasni”????

  20. Uff !! Load-sheddng! Hw irritatng! Just wen piyali entrd the confernc rm, electricity went out!! So nt fair! I wana see this epi !!!

  21. CHASHNI made me cry!!!! 🙂 #lovemanmarziyan

  22. wht rubbbish!!! hello i m asking all of u!! whn ds tge fresh epi of mnmrziyaan telecast??? tell me the time pls

  23. Dear priya EHT mahamoive to be aired on star plus on 31st May 3pm to 5 pm.

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