Manmarziyan 20th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Manmarziyan 20th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhika crying. Neil asks her to come. Dada ji tries to explain Mala and she refuses. Kritika asks Radhika not to go, don’t agree to her mum. Radhika says when parents trust children, it gives courage, she can’t break her trust, her dreams is not bigger than their trust. She hugs Kritika. Zubin asks her not to go. She says mum called and I have to go. Zubin hugs her. Sam gets teary eyed. Radhika thanks Sam for trying. Sam holds her hand and says I wish I could do something, all this happened because of me, I m sorry, I got after you and your mum got tension. Radhika’s family sees everything on webcam.

Radhika says not because of you, this happens with all parents, when they send children far then they pray that they stay safe and get worried for them. She says if I stay here, my mum can be worried, how can I breath peacefully then. Sam hugs her. Neil says we are getting late, Radhika should go now. Tejh hugs Radhika. Mala cries, and Dilip, Ankush, Saral and Dada ji look on. Radhika asks her friends not to cry, elkse she will feel she is going from world, and jokes to make them smile.

Everyone hug her. Jitne the apne jaise paraye……………. Plays……………… Dada ji says Mala, Radhika did not change, she has your values, you may not trust her, but Radhika trusts your values. Mala says Radhika’s lines and stops her. She says she wrote wrong, dream wings does not make her reach aim, support to dreams make her reach aim, and they are with her. Saral gets angry. Mala says I trust my values and you. She asks Sam will she take care of Radhika. Sam says yes, and smiles.

She says you all kept Radhika there, I want to see how will they bear her, she does not wake on time. Sam says I will put alarm. Mala says her bad habits and they all take the responsibilities. Mala says fine now, and asks them not to complain about her. Neil says we will not let her go. Radhika smiles. Sam thanks Mala. Mala says thanks Radhika for making me meet my inner strength to fight with my fears.

The group hug and thanks Mala. They all get happy and hug Radhika. Neil hugs Sam and moves away. Radhika notices their differences. Arjun burns some pics and talks to Kaka. He says whatever starts has to end, this is the rule of life, its strange, sometimes human changes ways and situation changes, I have changed Sam’s way always. Kaka says Sam does not know this. Arjun says even I did not know this for years, and looks at the fire. He says this heat will reach Sam from tonight, he will write the end of the story.

Sam says so gas is working. Radhika says we don’t have anything to cook, we need to buy kirana. Sam says yes, you make list, I will go for our first shopping. Sam tells everyone lets go shopping. Neil says who will work for Maybelline ad. Sam says fine, Radhika we will work on boss’ order and go shopping later. Radhika thinks and signs Kritika. Kritika, Zubin and Tejh go to Radhika and they plan to end Sam and Neil’s fight. Radhika says they will have to do that. She smiles.

Radhika tells Neil and Sam that they can work at home. Zubin says we can get ideas here. Radhika says I will make aloo puri for everyone. They all convince Neil. Neil says fine, I will go office and get presentation stuff. They stop him and Zubin goes to get it. Radhika says I need some stuff. Neil says I will take you. Radhika says no, I will be at home, I can’t leave home alone and asks Sam and Neil to go. Sam leaves. Radhika asks Neil to go fast and sends him. She smiles.

Sam and Neil go for shopping and have an argument. He says he will help. She says no need, you lost the right to help me. Radhika talks to Dada ji and tells about Sam and Neil, and asks will I get such friendship. Arjun reaches there. Bonnie calls him and asks for going on dinner. He says no, I have an imp meeting. Dada ji says friendship is not a thing, when a friend comes infront, he will fight with the world for her and she will get a friend. Mala asks her to light diya and make a small temple at home. Radhika starts decorating and makes a temple. She sees the door open and looks outside. She shuts the door. Arjun switches off the mains. The light goes and Radhika gets tensed.

Sam and Neil bond again and hug. Arjun comes inside and thinks its Sam, and holds Radhika. He says he was waiting for this time and she can never leave him now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Lov u rads ur so good natured. Can I hit saral a tight slap? ?????
    its clear that jai’s death n nandini pandeys death aren’t related coz when nandini died arjun was so small so would be sam n jai. But when jai died sam was driving so above 18 they all might be. So this can be related with piyali n nandini I guess.

    1. who is jai nd nandini

      1. I dnt kno abt nandini bt jai is sam’s deceased bro

  2. todays episode defintely sara bonding and their gang…precap is good neil and sam patched up…and what iarjun is going to do is a million dollar question…and what is going to happen with these friendships is definitely to be watched…

  3. nice episode…

  4. OMG!the serial is going on perfecttt track.amaging.but the time slot must be changed.i read nauc is going 2 manmarzian can take d time slot.

  5. when rads asked her dadaji will i also get a friend like neil and sam they have shown arjun so it is proved that arjun and radhika will patch up soon luv u arjun, samaira, radhika n neil

  6. @ dear kiru ..i cant get ur post correctly …are u saying arjun and radhika wwill patch up…i cant understand…

  7. Episode was totally a bang on,now no one cn insult radhi she is on her own house. I luv the bonding Btwn everyone it’s jst soo adorable,d way she asks her grandpa tht will I be also get a frnd Lyk neil sam combo was pitch perfect…cuteness personified. PreCap took my breath away,wow waiting fr ARDHIKA & NESAM.

  8. hye dear sukiriti…i am also waiting for tomorrow…today paisa vasool episode yar…and also waiting for neil sam hug..neil is so passionate in that hug have to admit he is cool….neil has got such an expressive eyes..i

  9. Haha,u c arjun,me and neil patchdup.frnds agn.u cannt seprate real me a favr,just jump into the fire and die u stupid jealusy fellw.

  10. Ardhika starts with annoyance,sameil starts with interesting

    1. Hey ireena u said manmarziyaan can take nauc’s dare u?4 ur informtn nauc is not ending.nauc ko November tak ka extention mila hai.

      1. @RIA,plz don’t take it soooo seriously,i just heard that nauc is going 2 end this june or may be rumour.

  11. dear sam ..what u wrote i cant get it..please do explain…

  12. Which prt u ddnt get dr?

  13. @ sonamohan i am saying that arjun and radhika will patch up just like neil and samaira. slowly arjun and radhika will also understand that they love each other just like neil and sam

  14. thank you dear kiru…

  15. I don’t think that’ll happen so arjun has come with a motive and sam is engaged 2 saral &she is not going 2 break it so easily

  16. dear panchi the totalpart..

  17. @sona,i think sam sam wants arjun to jump into fire and die.sam has her friend neil back.

  18. @ireena,radhika engaged to saral,not sam

  19. Raghika is so cute and innocent

  20. @ria,cool,even i too read tht nauc going off every manmarz fan wishes to watch the show at some early slot lke 7 to 9 pm.whats wrong in @ireenas some respect or getlst

  21. Tnq panchi 4 support.

  22. if manmarziyan is shifted then it has to add some drama as the prime slot will be with all family dramas which are getting high trps..even i heard abot NAUC is going to end but i also heard there is another show is going to be started…so manmarzian is not going to be shifted…

  23. The time slot is so 1st it telecasts at 10.30.the nach baliye repeat replaced.after all repeatings it is telecasted.seems like star plus doesn’t give priority 2 it because of trp.

  24. Yeah if the story is too slow..and arjun radhika characters and their story stsrted just now…then how will the trps raise…we know arjun but not his motive behind the revenge and radhika arjun never had scene untill today…and most importantly initially they started the tag line with radhika..but they never developed her story and they also need to show some masti fun happiness in the serial and atleast today they started the sara friendship track….. so far only mystery negative is there in the serial suspense par suspense is there…. apart from neil character which gives some positivity so far…and with tidats episode they got into track..

  25. Lik wt i sd….radhi wl see dt dy bth luv each othr bt r going far

    hope so she wl soon notice dt ds is bcuz of arjun

  26. Wow so many comments so many new ppl . Amazing new thots . Gud morning all

  27. wow amazing epi. I just luv to see neil and sam together. Waiting for next epi

  28. plz post todays epi faaaast…. cant wait….plzzzz

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