Manmarziyan 2 states chap 28

Hiee all sorry for a sooo looonnnggggg gapp.. I got a job and so was not able to write or comment on many ff but trust me i am reading whenever i get time im doing it…Here is the next part… Say me how is it … love u all…

Enjoy the ride…

Karthik was looking at them with scary face and bgm few cupids were giving aaaaaaaa sound from some ghost movies….
Radhika ; tam – dha cha munjiya paakama matterah sollu….
Eng – dha cha dont stare at the face and say me what is the matter….
He gave one look and said it is a treasure map and see here it is the X sign which we need to find. Neil banged his head and said ; X yet again X maths is not moving on and now this treasure is also not moving on. Both sam and Jessie rolled their eyes and tha tha gave one cry look…
Arjun ; How do u know that it is a treasure map ??
Tha tha ; Tam -kekararu paaru periya collectoru …
Eng – Hmm asking see big collector…
Radhika ; Tam – aama sollitaru periya governaru…
Eng – ya ya asking big governer…
Tha tha and radhika were giving an angry glare and now the cupids were shouting aaaa and this time radhika was irritated….
Radhika ; shut up and now this is a serious scene give bgm as per this scene not all the time aaaaa puriyudha ?? (understood ??) The cupids made a face and patted Arjun’s shoulder saying its all fate and went away..
Karthik again saw them with serious face…
Radhika ; tam – naaye idhuku mela munjiya apdi vei mavaeney munjiya odachuduven
Eng – one more time if u keep ur face like that i will smash the face.
Karthik ; tam – mudriya illa vaila kathiya vittu aatava ??
Eng – are u keeping quiet or shall i twist a knife inside ur mouth ??
Arneil chorus ; shuuuutttt uuupppp…. the whole library was silent … there were only blinking sounds and even the mosquito buzz was audible…
They all at once sat on the nearby table and started to read the whole history of the story… and as always the cupids were putting bgm sound so i was not able to listen (which means i did not think of that… ok no cross question)..
Arjun ; so u mean to say that there is a treasure for us ?? Karthik nodded his head.
Jessie ; so when shall we start ??All were looking at her in puzzle.
Jessie ; what are u guys looking at see treasure hunt means lot of fun.. i want to enjoy that i know karthik will come with me right ?? she asked the right in such a manner that he at once nodded and the other 4 face palmed at the reaction of karthik.. so all the 6 decided for the treasure hunt. But they never knew that few bunch of idiots (not neil ok) were listening to this and they were also getting ready for following them as when it comes to treasure all the mouth will go open like a wide bridge and they were no excuse…
Saral was busy with the computer and was doing something. Saral’s father jerked as he knew that saral is such a guniess that he cannot differentiate between start and restart button. His name was ravi…
Ravi ; tam – enna da pandra ??
Eng – what are u doing ??
Saral ; mail sending pa….and was busy looking at the stamp he had in his hand…
Ravi; tam – adhukku edhukuda stamp ??
Eng – why stamp then ??
Saral in serious tone ; tam – appa mailukku stamp…
Eng – dad for mail stamp….
Ravi ; tam – edhukku ??
Eng – for what ??
Saral ; tam – emailukku stampu…
Eng – for email…. stamp…
Ravi ; tam – oon munji… e.mailukku stamp otuna modha aal nee dhan da…
Eng – ur face… u r the first person to stick stamp for email…
Saral ; tam – appo adhu thevailaya??
Eng – so that is not required ??
Ravi banged his head and hitted saral with a book and went away cursing him with all the known words and languages….
saral with teary eyes said ; tam – ippa naa enna pannenu indha kezhan gudhikkudhu ??
Eng – what did i do that this oldie is jumping….. aaaaaaa he cried and all the crows started to shout as if some has given them food…..
Ardhika,nesam, karthik jessie were in deep discussion to find the exact location of the treasure…
Neil ; yaar trust me this karthik is making fun of us. All gave him a glare and jessie took a plaster and paste and nodded her head and snapped and said ; one more word wisssssskkkk u r dead saying so she was keeping a big knife (chef knife big one) Neil gulped and nodded his head…
There was a note in the corner of the map and Sam saw that and took that in her hand and took her binocular to see that…
Neil (with his plastered mouth) ; that is for long site not for short site u need magnifying glass…. thud there was a sound made by jessie on the table and neil jolted and kept his finger on his lips over the plaster.
Sam ; idiot i dont have them thats y taking binocular to see what is that now shut the hell up and i will read it and she said and she looked deep into that as if she is looking at the microscope and doing all research… Arjun silently kept a dead insect and sam at once who was looking deep saw that and started to smash him and tha tha saw the map and smiled and said dont worry we will get it…. Radhika too smiled back….

Thats it guys i know this is small… Pls do spare me i will make my self regular love u all stay strong and stay blessed and dont forget to smile……

  1. Brin

    Awesome episode, I enjoy reading Saral and his father Ravi about the email…stamp very funny, waiting for the next update. 🙂

  2. arti viswanathan

    Excellent, superb and marvelous episode sv darling.. I loved it

  3. amazing update

  4. Vanshika

    Hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm… So it was late ….. So ur punishment is that I wont tell u how it was ?

  5. Shree

    lol ada chaa.. neil payane.. nee nejamalume maku dhaan da.. enda X aah edoda relate pandra.. math X and treasure hunt X.. seriously?! lol thatha.. lol ada karthik ku mulai vandruchu.. titradu ku vaayi enga irundu vandudu? vayila katiya utu atava.. lol.. she will spoil your relationship with jesie.. adu nalla vaiya mudu da anna.. lol shut up.. mosquito buzz.. aati.. adi ati.. swamy.. tangala da.. uufff.. cheeks are red.. adi podi.. bg tune aah potu utu.. onnume kekeleyaama.. sari sari.. no cross questioning.. lol karthik.. Jessie adhukum mela.. ada who are those idiots.. nonsense of the idiot of the blo*dy fools.. hehehe.. mouth open hehehe.. aaaaaaaaa… bull dozer eh ulla poyidukume..

    saral!! aama aama.. genius.. Guinness world record kudukanum.. thoo saniyane.. startukum restartukum difference teriyada maku plastri.. paavum appa and amma.. wtf!! emailuku stamp aah.. ada munji modala on pandra naaye.. naa unnaku estamp anupi uduren.. nalla appa.. nalla adi podunga.. mandaiya odachidunga.. apoyavudu budhi varuda nu pakalam.. naa adhukaha vendikuren.. aana inda vidhya avanuku budhi vara udamata nu teriyum.. ayiyo!! budhi vanam.. illatna namala yaaru sirika vapa.. illa budhi vanduta Arjun aah mundiduvaan.. adu vanam da swamy.. titunga.. nalla titunga.. aama da.. nee dhaan da moda aalu email ku stamp otuna avan.. aama da kezhavan gudhikaraan.. unna madri alu irunda motai maadi lerundu gudhika vendiyadhu dhaan.. idhula kaaka vera.. lol

    neil in vaaya vachikitu suma irukamudiyada.. Jessie aah tundi udade.. lol chef knife.. romba perusu.. lol.. binocular.. haha..

    loved it ponne.. epodume appa inniku chitappa.. lol ponne I was ruling.. chitappa vandu .. dhanu unnaku kachal vandrucha nu ketutu ponaru… still laughing.. tummy paining

    adutadu seekram.. love you

  6. Sangee

    Super one sv I was laughing from first line to last line ???? u got job? Super congrats ? waiting for next one…take care ????

  7. Sammy

    Haha ….here comes 2 states …lol after treasure …..jessie and Neil ?????????jessie kissi ko nahi chodti …arjun hadd hai …sam lol ??????stress buster chappy u hubby and thanks for updating it …and last thing Saral as usual show stealer????????

  8. Gauri

    SV I missed this one….was laughing all the time….tha-tha is my star ????? loved it to the core and Vida Anish are my fav 🙂 love u my cutie pie 🙂 Stay blessed ??????

  9. Aasthu

    Saral-Dad scene………….that was very funny……………

  10. Jessie

    Baby….naaaan vanduten….lol…una vida nan late u…ana latest a msg panren…hehehe… karthick1 nods his head fast…Adhu!!! Treasure hunt….!! Yay….kadasila bimpiliki bilapi nu sollidha baby….enaku oru golden spoon avadu kudu. Lol. ..evalo demanding….,can’t help..Thatha and Rads…wow…collector and governor..hahahaahh…Cupids bgm…lol….naa solli taren…..lallalalallalallaaa1 …hehehhee….birds should chirp…!!

    Saral email ku stamp….arivali paiyan1 da nee…computer ji moonjila oti oru kuthu ongi kuthu mail udane poidum….computer oda?????baby epidi nama idea…hehe…oldie jumping…crows chores with him…rofl….am imagining now….

    Neil vayla plaster…sabash…idiots but not neil…sema pa…!! Chef knife…Eeeee….Jessie style….ippo than periyama ta kathi a katnen…am laughing reading that one…short sight…long sight dialogue..hheebe…Arjun kept dead insect….neeyum jothila aikiyam ayita…!! Ippo. Ena..pana porpom karrrthiiicckkkk…..????? thatha kooda treasure hunt..warewah…I am now thinking my buddy Neil’s words….is this karthick playing with us….socho Jess…love u tons baby….u aren’t updating freq…am sad….en epidi panra…LML venum…HAK venum….DYM venum…Arjun in specs…cuteo and chweeto le….epo update poduva…??enada kati idhu ponna parka sonna manna parkudhu…..emoji a mathungada….??…lol…baby….love u loads yaa….I thoroughly enjoyed reading…..??????update podu da…TC….teddy hugs

    1. Jessie


  11. Meen

    Amazing s.v I totally loved it Darling…..splendid…… Muuuuuha

  12. Wowwww. was hilaaaaaaarious as always. …I laughed so hard. …lol…our mmz group is looking for treasure…wowwww. …saral oonly u could tgink ohf that scenemy God stamping on email….Hahaha. …loved it to the coreeeee. ….keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug my sweeeeeetheart darling special friend ♡♡♡♡♡♡ 😉

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