Manmarziyan 1st May 2015 Written Episode Update

Manmarziyan 1st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rachita and Dada ji waiting for Samaira in office. Bonnie asks Mrs. Chadda about Sam and asks her to call her, and taunts her on her post of secretary saying she is creative director and everyone should do their work. Radhika comes and asks about Sam. Mrs. Chadda says she did not come and may not come now. Radhika says she can’t stay in Mumbai for long, her dad will take her back to Rishikesh. Dada ji signs to her. Radhika asks about Neil. Mrs. Chadda says I don’t know.

Radhika asks when will she know, she said to come office tomorrow. Mrs. Chadda says she left the job, we don’t know will she come or not. Sam comes and says where can I go leaving you Mrs. Chadda. Radhika gets glad seeing her. Mrs. Chadda asks her to go and meet clients. Sam asks Radhika how come she came. Radhika tells Sam that she called her, she was waiting for her, as she called her to Mumbai for job. Sam recalls her words and says I m really sorry, I did not mean that way, it was not job, but I got someone’s anger out on you, I did not offer job seriously, I was in argument.

Radhika gets shocked. Sam apologizes again. Radhika says but you called again and spoke to my dad. Dada ji gets tensed. Sam says no, I did not call you, maybe someone else did. Radhika says even I spoke to you. She thinks about Dada ji sending Ankush and looks at him. Sam says it was my mistake, let me book your return tickets, I promise I will call you if there is any job offer and send tickets, I m really sorry.

Mrs. Bhalla asks her to come soon and takes her. Sam asks Radhika to wait, she will end her work and come. Radhika confronts Dada ji and says you broke my trust and failed me. Dada ji cries.

The clients say I think Piyali can’t handle the superlife ad, I think we should take this ad where Sam is. Sam says I m here and smiles. She says sorry, I m late. The man says we heard you left Birdsong and joining Riya Sabarwal in Samudra. Sam recalls meeting Riya and saying she loves her own business, birdsong. Sam says she will always be here. Piyali looks on.

Radhika gets sad and recalls her single chance to make it big in her career. Dada ji comes to her. She cries and says his lie can taken away her wings and failed her. He says I did not know, I made mistake. She says no, I did mistake, Riddhima was right, it was all lie. She says she fought with everyone and lost to herself. Dilip comes and asks them to have vada pau. He sees them upset and asks what happened.

Radhika tells him everything that there was no job. Dilip says how can she refuse now. Radhika says it was my mistake, he said right, lets go back home, maybe Mumbai is too big for her dreams, everyone will be lost here. Dilip asks them to go, he will just come, I will talk to Sam and tell that we are not fools. Radhika and Dada ji try to stop Dilip.

The clients likes Sam’s presentation and says we should prepare for the shoot. They all leave. Piyali tells Sam that she had to come back, she did good. Sam asks good for you or birdsong. Piyali says you are my daughter. Sam says I know, so I came to show I m not just your daughter, Samrat Khanna’s contribution is also there. She accepts her challenge and says everything belongs to her, not her talent, till she accepts her talent, she is just Samaira, her employee, not daughter.

Piyali asks why does she feel she will give her job. Sam says fine, you need me, think whats imp, my job or birdsong loss. She leaves. Bonnie sees Sam. Sam goes to her cabin and messages Arjun. Neil comes and she falls down with her phone. He asks who gave her idea to come back. She recalls Arjun’s words and smiles. Neil asks who got her on right path and she thinks of Arjun.

He says I missed you. She says I was with you at your home. He says but not at office. She says she is feeling glad as her life is in her control. They see Dilip going to met Piyali, and she says he is Radhika’s dad. He says he came after you till here. Dilip goes to confront Piyali. He tells his ill mannered daughter has crushed his daughter’s feelings.

Dilip tells Piyali that Sam promised Radhika of job and scolds Sam. Dada ji says Sam did not lie, I lied. Dilip is shocked.

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  1. Now i got what arjun said ‘mind ur own business’ yesterday.omg 2 logic.

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