Manmarziyan 13th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Manmarziyan 13th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhika and Tejh thinking to take Piyali’s permission to leave. They hear Piyali and Samrat arguing in their room. Samrat says if she can decide to employ anyone in his company, then he is not surprised to see the party. He says he will not come. She says she will run her life and birdsong without him and leaves angrily. Tejh says I don’t think its right time to talk to her. He pulls Radhika before Piyali sees her and says if she knows we heard her, she will get angry, we should leave now. Arjun asks Mrs. Chadda why is it always dark at Piyali’s home, I will light the candle. She says you are chief guest here. Arjun says no, Neil is guest. Mrs. Chadda asks him to help and light candle, as Arjun finds darkness here.

Neil says so lets burn Arjun and jokes. Mrs. Chadda asks him to stop nonsense and takes him. Arjun goes to Sam seeing her alone. Neil comes in between and asks for matchstick, he felt he has it, as he likes to ignite fire. Arjun says the fire I lit does not need matchstick. Neil says its dangerous. Arjun says the game which is not dangerous is played by kids. Neil says superb line. Sam takes Neil and goes.

Bonnie comes to Arjun and says I m not surprised, they are always together like magnets, I told you separating them is impossible. Radhika says I will leave. Tejh says I will drop you, we will tell Piyali tomorrow. Changu and Kritika stop them. Kritika asks Radhika to have wine and enjoy the party. Radhika says I don’t drink. Kritika insists. Saral calls her and she goes. Kritika makes Tejh drink. Tejh says I have to drop Radhika. Changu says let her end talking, till then come along. Radhika tells Saral about party at Piyali’s home, she is leaving with her office friend Tejh. Saral gets angry.

He says we were friends, I m not your friend now, I m your fiancé now, I care for you. Radhika says even I care and worry for myself, no need to take all the burden, I m getting late, I will leave. She ends the call. Arjun compliments Piyali and asks about Samrat. She says he is unwell. Piyali tells Sam that Samrat is not here and no one cares. Neil goes to get a drink. Arjun walks towards Sam with drinks. Neil comes in between and takes the drinks. He says thanks and drinks it. He says this angry young man look suits you. He asks Sam to have a drink and asks about Samrat. Sam says I will get Paa. Neil says I will come. She says no, I want to meet him alone, its too personal. Neil says fine. She says thanks and goes.

Arjun and Bonnie look on. Arjun says its time to separate them. Bonnie goes to Neil and asks him to come to discuss about Maybelline ad. Sam goes to Samrat. She asks did he like the party or not. He says good and bad is just time, party looks good in time and book looks bad in bad time. She asks him to come. He says party and Piyali does not need me, but this book needs me, as no one will read it. Sam says I need you, come for my sake. He says he always kept his self respect and Piyali explained its nothing, its just respect which we get from others.

He says he won’t get respect in this party, and anyways the book is very interesting. Sam says please. Samrat asks her to enjoy the party, if she wants to stay alone and he looks at her like this, it won’t help, come on go, I will be fine. He kisses her forehead and asks her to go. She goes crying.

Sam sees Arjun outside. He says Sam. She says enough, just back up, I m not in mood to play your stupid games. He asks for one chance. She asks do I look a fool, you are unimp for me, I hate you, don’t try to talk to me. Arjun holds her angrily and says her problem is she feels the world rotates around her, this is not about her. He goes to Samrat. Sam comes after him. Arjun says I m sorry, I should have not come, I wanted to meet you since years, you don’t know me, but I know everything. He says his earlier works and famous lines.

He says he came in advertising and birdsong just for him. Samrat asks who is he. Arjun says I m Arjun Mehra, I joined birdsong today. He asks him to come in party. Samrat says I m unwell. Arjun says I know you are away from birdsong, but its made by your talent, everyone should know your rare talent, this party is incomplete without you. He says whatever I m today, you made my way, and he can’t go ahead without him, and asks him to come and maybe he will get his talent, else even he will not go, he will stay here and spend time with him.

Samrat says ok young man. Arjun says its time that everyone see Samrat Khanna by my eyes. Samrat says he will change and some. Arjun says take your time, I will be waiting outside. Sam smiles and leaves. Radhika looks for Tejh. Madan calls her and asks when is she coming. Radhika says she is leaving and will come in few hours. Madan asks her not to come late, else Sharmila will really kick her out.

Radhika asks Changu/Zubin about Tejh. He says Tejh is drunk, see him. Radhika is worried. Sam comes to Arjun and asks him why is he doing this. Arjun says I have habit to solve other’s problems. He says when I met you Sam, I did not know who you are, those pictures were just memories, when I got offer from birdsong, I heard stories of you and your mum’s fights and saw you in pain, and thought to help you, and bring you and Piyali close. She asks did he come birdsong for her. He says Samrat Khanna, he is the aim of my life, I want him to feel the same as I feel for him, I came birdsong just for him, not for you. Sh asys you mean to say…. Samrat comes and says he is ready, he convinced him to come in party. He asks Sam to come and goes with Arjun happily. Sam gets surprised. Bonnie sees Arjun and Samrat and shows Neil. Arjun says now this party got complete. Sam comes after them. Neil looks on and thinks of her words, that she wants to meet Samrat alone, and finds Arjun and Sam with Samrat.

Arjun dances with Bonnie and Radhika comes between him and Sam. Sam gets angry and leaves. Arjun flirts with her and hugs her. Neil looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Arjun is too much destroying.neil &sam looked so cool.he is spoiling it.but reading about sam & rad bond in spoiler really feel good

  2. Lil boring tdy. Too slow. Dat sharmila is headache.

  3. in the precap it is shown that radhika comes btwn sam and arjun so it is clear that arjun will pair up radhika . sukriti which district r u from in tamilnadu

  4. ru working or studying sukriti

    1. Hai everyone…… Online aane mein thodi der lag gayi [email protected] I’m from madurai…

  5. Nice epi … This arjun is too much ….
    Neil has wonderful acting skills …
    Radhu and Sam also have wonderful acting skills….

  6. why is arjun spoiling the bond btwn Neil & Sam….

  7. devga r u a tamilian

  8. Can any1 plz tell me its repeat telecast

    1. I thinj at 6 pm dr

  9. 6:pm is nach baliyae not manmarziyan

  10. Night may 12 or 12:30 …. Not sure …
    But 4:30 is sure…

    1. So far i know its main telecast is on 11.30 pm.4.30 time slot is 4 TSM.did its timing change

      1. Radhika is perfect for her role …. Some wat innocent and intelligence and does not seem like its her debut show in acting …. She has got good acting skills…

  11. 4:30 i watched it.notelecast at 6pm

  12. @nish r u online? Koi cmnts nahi kiya tune aaj?

  13. i lv sam.she z independent and very knd hearted.thy shld hv selectd a bettr girl 4 radhika chr.neil is vry cute.

  14. Ireena…midnite 12.30 repeat telecas t s tere

    1. Hi chithu .. How r u ??

  15. Sam is reacting overly in every single obstrucle….samrat ko thoda patch up kardia thoda relax kardia arjun so for that hw cn she ignore neil? Uska bst frnd nah neil…..sam is like chameleon who changes her color according to her mood & person.if after smetme arjun gets her bored thn she wil through her feelings fr smeothr guy. Such a cheap.rads is awesme in every little thing she does. Monica is dng a very gud job. Arjun aka aham is damn gud in his role… Giving his bst in every shot. Shravan is so perfect for his role Neil. Woh sabko ek jhalak mein impress kar raha hai… So all r very gud at their acting especially samrat…. Kya kamal ka actor hai yaar. His every moves makes us feel ki woh sach mein hai koi acting nahi karraha hai.. Kudos to u sir

  16. Yes wel said sukruthi waisae bhi karishma s actng brilliant thz why u told the character in an example of chameleon…hats of director script writer nd all.

  17. Radhika is perfect for her role …. Some wat innocent and intelligence and does not seem like its her debut show in acting …. She has got good acting skills…

  18. Hye friends….I just saw the precap and I didn’t see the episode but anyway got yhe update from u today is very slow and so not worried about seeing…acc to the precap radhika comes to arjun for dancing and they both dance so it is implied with arjun and radhika pair is rooting….and literally this samaira wanted to have some brain or no one can change this girl…what she did today…she just throwed away neil just like that…nrver expected this one from her character..who said the girl who is playing radhika is not upto the level.she is doing her role correctly. …did they show anything about her in the last week episode..they were like showing samaira most of the time ….no offence to samaira fans

  19. Not so special.very boring.but liked the acting of neil and radhika and arjun and samarat even.waiting for the friendship and arjun radhika track.

  20. Jo v ho year.. I just ♡ Neil.. aur kash Radhika & Neil ki pairing ho “Dil toh pagal hai” movie.. 😉 🙂

    1. I agree to you ^_^

  21. Nw sam has totally fallen for arjun,so automatically neil wil f8 with Sam & at last he will remove sam from his house… On the other side rads wil be removed from her relative house…Besides no were to go both will come to birdsong & end up meeting each other. Thy wil share their misery. So they wil think to rent a house & they stay 2gether. FRndship starts Btwn thm… After tht sam will not try to patch up with neil,rads will become a little close to neil & on other side Sam will becoming the victim of arjun… Rads already doubts d behavior of arjun.she will find him suspecious & get some clue ryt through bonnie or else sam.thn she will dig up & interfere into Arjun’s lyf thus the ARDHIKA TRACK BEGINS

  22. Dear moni radhika is never going to fall for anyone and neil gas alraedy fallen for sam…..dear sukiriti u predicted the story very well..but I think radhika will definitely make sam and neil friends again…their bond has got more thicknes…and radhika by makibg everything corect she will definitely cross the oath with first I think it will unknowingly but gradually she will come to know..I don’t arjun mystery will be revealed any time sooner..and that radhika can alone see and change…which I think it is not so easy..what say yar

  23. I think the main point in radhikas character is she keeps all the relations correctly by not hurting anyone..and she always with the boundary lines…and neil knows that radhika is a friend for him ….and for this itself radhika will patch sam with neil…I thought like this what u think..

  24. Guys Monica sehgal aka rads has shared her & arjun aka aham sharma ki dance rehersal pic… The rehersal is for #spa2015 show on starplus… Iss mein arjun & rads Dono ek saath perform Kar rahi hai!!!!! Wanna luk @ d pic check monica sehgal’s instagram id or else in twitter… It’s double conformed that it’s not sam & arjun, its ARDHIKA GONNA ROCK !!!!!!!!

  25. I got it
    radhika wl realise dt neil luvs sam nd sam also luvs neil bt r unaware

    she wl also see dt thy are going far bcuz of arjun

    she wl strt spndng tim wd arjun so dt sam wl hav tim fr neil nd dy wl cm clz

    meanwhile arjun wl fl fr radhika bt radhika wl kno his real intentions

    she wl cnfrnt him nd he wl tel hr of his bitter past nd wt sam did

    she wl console him nd tl him dt its not sam’s mistk

    sam nd neil wl realise dr luv nd neil wl props sam nd sam wl agree

    radhi wl also strt flng fr arjun bt she wl reale dt 6 mnths are abt to be ovr

    sam wl realise hr mistk nd wl seek frgivns from radhi

    arjun wl also realise hs luv fr radhi nd wl prps hr

    radhi wl say no becuz she is engaged to saral

    on d dy of hr mrg radhi wl realise hr luv fr arjun nd wl tl saral abt it

    he wl gt angry nd refuse ti say no fr mrg in frnt of family bt sam neil nd arjun wl mark an entry nd save radhi

    aage soch kr btati hu bt plz do cmnt

    1. Acha soch hai… 🙂

    2. i like your story more than original story of this serial

    3. @dia awesome storyline yaar…. It’s too gud

  26. Tnq annie

    bt i m cnfused i also wnt RadhNi bt also SamIel
    arjun cgahe jis mrji ke ps jae

  27. I really liked this story…really u r a awesome writer…u did a happy writibg in the story….

  28. Ok So Sam looks good with Neil and Arjun

  29. Ty jothi nd sona mohan

  30. I think arjun will be aggresive 4 radhika.

  31. Tnq sukirti….

  32. definitely arjun will be aggressive for radhika…we have to see how he expresses in the screen…

  33. I think its other way round…Niel will fall for Radika and Arjun will be for Sam.Sam is the correct girl to cut Arjun’s attitude.Radhika ia very sweet girl and it will be comfortable with Niel

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