Manmarziyan 12th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Manmarziyan 12th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun disturbing Neil and Sam. He says he needs to talk to Sam about Maybelline ad. Neil jokes and praises Sam. Arjun smiles. Neil asks them to talk and leaves. Neil comes to Radhika and asks her how did she like her new boss. He sees Arjun and Sam. Neil says Arjun Mehra, he gave good line, he is young, handsome, smart, intelligent, is he my twin brother, I have to call my mum. Radhika says he is not like you. Neil asks sure? Radhika says you are not ill mannered. Neil says relax, he was tensed in conference room. She says he does not have way to talk. Sam says I did not know you are so smart, too good, I should learn how to meet a girl and make it a public display.

Arjun asks her to listen. She says I have work, like its my idea and I need to work on it. She says she will never meet him in her life and leaves. Arjun says Piyali and smiles. Sam stops. Arjun asks her for a party, as she wants to know office people, and Sam’s idea deserves a celebration. Piyali says fine, tonight at my home. Sam says I m busy. Piyali asks her to come, and tells all her employees to celebrate Arjun and Sam’s brilliant idea.

Bonnie holds Neil’s hand and says they look like a couple right, Arjun and Sam…. She says Sam is very smart, she trapped a handsome guy, you think there is something between them. Neil says possible, its not our problem, don’t interfere in other’s life. Tejh asks Radhika to take clothes for party from office. Radhika says no, I m not coming, I have to go home early. He says no one misses Piyali’s party, just come, show face and go. She says ok. He says lets go to costume department to borrow clothes.

Changu and Kritika hear this. Kritika asks her plan. He says to cut her feathers, this time we have to make her fall and not make her get up. Piyali says see you tonight at party Arjun. Sam asks Arjun does he think he can force her. Arjun says I did it, see you at party. She says I m not coming. He says everyone has to come, I told you problems won’t get less, there are two ways to deal, either take part or run, there is no way to run so take part in my plan. He leaves. Sam thinks.

The party begins at night. Arjun comes to Piyali’s home and recalls in FB. Everyone come in the party. Kritika gets Radhika and takes her to drink. Radhika says I don’t drink and asks for Piyali. Changu asks her to have patience. Tejh comes and Radhika goes with him. Arjun roams around the home and sees Khanna family pics. Radhika comes and asks where is the kitchen. Arjun says straight and right. She is stunned.

Radhika says thanks and goes. Bonnie says Sam will not come. Arjun says she will come, she is professional and this party is work for her, Bonnie says no one can force Sam, you don’t know her. He says it will happen now which did not happen till now, many things will change. Neil and Sam reach the party. Sam gets upset. Neil says things don’t change, its your home, your parents, your friend, is there any tension. She says Arjun.

He says its ok, no need to explain. She says please listen to me. He says tell me. She tells him everything. She says I hate him, he broke my trust, when I said I will not meet him, he told mum to keep party to be together, I don’t know what he wants. Neil says come, I will see him. She says is he important. Neil says you are important, and no one can misbehave with you. She smiles and he says its his right to misbehave with her by her permission. She says promise. He says he will not leave Arjun.

She says I don’t want to give him importance, will you help. Neil says don’t take tension, he has to make love affair with me to meet you, I promise. They smile. Arjun looks around and plays piano. Bonnie asks does he know to play piano. Arjun says I knew before and had to forget years ago. Bonnie asks really, can anyone forget anything intentionally. Arjun says mind can forget, but heart always remembers.

Bonnie asks did Sam…. Arjun says she can’t change what happened, and what will happen now, I will not let anyone change it. Sam comes with Neil. Arjun looks at them. Neil holds Sam and smiles. Bonnie says till Sam and Neil are together, you can’t do anything, how will you break them. Arjun says break their trust, then they will break themselves.

Arjun asks Bonnie to break the trust. He takes Sam forcefully away and tells her that he joined birdsong only for Samrat Khanna. Arjun talks to Samrat and Sam looks on being puzzled.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I think jis ghar mein samaira ki parivaar reh rahange woh arjun ki house in the past

  2. Ye kya ho raha hai??

  3. Baap re suspense pe suspense

  4. How he knew abt rhe kitchen. The past cnt be chnged n future he won’t let any1 chng. Mysterious n thats y I lov it.

  5. Sukriti yesterday u asked abt me I m frm gujarat not north. I m gujarati.

    1. Kkk yaar I’m a tamilian

  6. So many twists….difficult 2 guess y arjun wants revenge frm sam..

  7. Now sam and neil will fight.i have read that they will have rift because of arjun.then neil will confront sam that she loves arjun.what next…….

  8. Sam & Neil looks great together…

  9. may be piyali know arjun through she planning 2 get sam married with arjun

  10. i think samairas family is living in arjuns house thats why he is taking revenge from samaira . and also neil is in love with sam guys. i want to ask a questiomn guys is there anyone tamilian or southindian here

    1. Hi kiru I am tamilian ….

  11. @nish I’m tamilian

  12. hey guys….today neils feelings is very clear and he is possessive about sam and even if sam falls for arjun (that is the plan for arjun)arjun will never fall for sam and i dont think that the confrontation will be very near.. and neil and sam really look good together….this week synopsis: there will be sam again getting impressed with arjun and dancing with him and radhika getting mobbed and she will save herself…and sam radhika friendship starts… i saw it in sbs.

    now as per the track definitely sam and neil will get into rift….but sam radhika friendship starts…so he will definitely want to seperate radhika and sam and there the roller coaster starts…he said the futre cant be changed and he wont let anyone to stop him..and as in todays track radhika dont have a good opinon about arjun..she will find out about arjun…lets see how arjun wanted to trap sam and radhika saving sam…

  13. Bahot zyada confuse kar rahe yeh log……serial is too slow to make sure the pairs & leads….. 2day thy didn’t gve any impo 2 rads!!!! Yeh isse tarah jaa rahata thn everyone wil assume Sam as d lead & their xpectation will become more for Sam & arjun, aftr making the situation lyk this then ppl wil nt accept rads ….. This is not done

    1. ya u are right. They are saying the female lead is radh but they are giving more imp to sam. Ab tak leads and pairs are not at all clear. I think we need to wait for more epi.

  14. Is ths arjun hero or villian?i lik sams attitude.she is vry straight forward and good at heart.

  15. arjun with the revenge is still a million dollar question.sam is again getting trapped by arjun the precap.radhika not having a good thought about arjun.neil completely protective lover for sam.excellent.story is very slow in proceeding forward.

  16. Heart revenge can’t turn in2 love,but light hatred can turn in2 love.

    1. absolutely agreed…revenge cant be turned into love…

  17. dont worry from the initial episode they are shoing lot of samaira which is ridiculous and samaira is good at heart but she is vulnerable and runs out of responsibilities.i think tomorrow radhika will be shown…the promo is radhika is pushed out of that house and she had the same costume what she wear today…so we will wait upto tomorrow.

  18. The mysterious background of Arjun will be soon revealed through fb’s or radhika will find out bcos in Arjun’s part it’s too fast….. Sam met arjun nly bfore 3 days thts too fast for one to make love…. Tht too in sam case she is modern open minded & a clever girl bt thy r showing her so stupid to bliv smeone so easily… Aftr these much tentions btwn neil & sam hw cn she jst dance with arjun…. If he was forcing her she hs every rights to say no to dance bt sam toh kudd hi mesmerized by arjun lol

  19. I’m from karnataka

  20. I don’t think sam being intelligent,radhika is more mature than her.sam is quite foolish. she takes decision being annoyed,forgets it easily.

    1. completely agreed dear…

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