Manaya (Love can happen with anyone and anytime) Intro

Hii Manaya and Rara fans since there r few FF I thought of writing one too..
So guys I wl continue it after Rishi dies and they settle in Banaras.

This is just the intro….
Amaya-a sweet,spoilt,cute,bubbly girl.She becomes independent after her dad passes away.
Rachita-The eldest sister,she is beautiful and very hygienic.
Jasmine-The youngest sister,cute and bubbly.She know the whole history and biology of everything like a typical nerd.She is called by her sisters Jazz or Jazzipedia.
Sneha-The mother of Amu,Rachi and Jazz.She is very caring.
Mantu-A charming tourist of Banaras and respects his country a lot.
Chiklu-Mantu younger brother who can’t speak Hindi properly.
Uma-The villain of the FF.She loves Mantu a lot and aspires to marry him in future.They r childhood friends.
Rama-A local boy who runs his dad’s shop and is very hygienic too.

Precap-First meeting of Rara and Manaya.

  1. Please continue yaar….

    1. Thanx Uma but I recently have injured my head and my hands so it wl be hard to post since I write two FF so really sorry I wl post episodes tommorow don’t worry….????

  2. awsm start but post daily haan ……………………

    1. Thanks pooja but can’t post it since I can hardly read and open this page sorry…????

  3. nic one…n post it daily

  4. I love ff’s pairing Manyaaa… Go ahead.. All d best

  5. Good intro..start it soon

    1. Yes wl start it soon Bisha thanks a lot..????????

  6. iam big fan of manaya……………. plsss dont stop in the middle like other ffs of manaya plsssssss continue it till the end………..

    1. Ya….I won’t stop just trust me….thanks a lot krishna?????

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