Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 45)

Life always changes. Only happiness never stays nor problems stay it is roller coaster. Life plays its game with everyone. Manik and Nandini are not seperate

Manik was in office, he got call from Nandini
“Come home I want to say something really important.”
“Nandu I need one hour”
“I can’t wait please come fast”
“Then say me what’s that important”
“I need to say it seeing your expression. Please Munna!” Nanditha pleaded . Her voice is filled with happiness
“Ok! Baba iam coming”
Manik started

Nandini is very much excited. She want to control it but she is unable to do so.

Nandini looked watch “why the hell he is taking this much of time?” It’s hundredth time she is saying this

She could wait called Manik
“Hello” it’s not Manik’s voice
“Madam Manik sir ka accident huva come to city hospital”
Nandini dropped her mobile and ran down and shouted nyionika came running
All went to hospital Manik is in hospital theatre.

Manik is unconscious his left hand got fractured, head injured skull got five stitches. Nyionika is totally scared and tensed Nandini also Arnav consoled nyionika

The news is not leaked to media so that Manik get good medical attention without any nuscence.

All the shareholders came to see Manik.

Khurana too came
“Bhabhi! Be strong nothing happens but is this just an accident or any revenge?”
Nyionika looked shock by his statement
“Just a doubt may be any of your rivals did it to complete the revange”
“Talk straight Mr.khurana”
“I mean Murthy’s daughter is here from a year may be her family did it”
“What rubbish! They are not cowards to do like this and no father will kill son-in-law for revenge and mr.murthy never”
“May be you are right but think once don’t you get reminded your husbands death body whenever you see nandini? Didn’t you feel that because of her family you lost your husband?”
“Yes whenever I see nandu I get that worst day of life infront of eyes. I do but it’s not that she did it” nyionika bursted out to cry
Arnav took khurana from there
Nandini was just shocked.

Docter came out and said Manik is out of danger nyionika and nandini ran inside both cried
Nyionika consoled nandini.

After one weak Manik discharged from hospital.

  1. It’s upsetting
    Plz the next soon
    And you rock yar:-):-)

  2. nice twist…. its rocking as always

    1. Twist is yet to cme

  3. Angel Martina

    plz next soon eagerly waiting

  4. Angel Martina

    next part soon

  5. This kurana is the main culprit

  6. Next part please i waiting

  7. It was really very short/ small one…but upsetting n a sad one…wats next…u r doing really very good ?..keep it going on..? ?

  8. Ohhh sad… poor manik n nandini… plz update the next epi…need to know what happenend…

  9. damnn suspense huh…relieved to see manik has discharged…and yeah nxt epi plzzzz

  10. Dear it’s awesome wen is next update

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  12. is nandini pregnant?.ofter this incident nandini will able to tell this to manik r neyonika.
    plz dnt seperate them yar.such a cute.
    i want see her strong and protect manik.

    1. Iam sorry it’s I know you are going to kill me but sorry demands

  13. I think nandini is pregnant n manik lost his partial memory regarded to nandini. I m scared if it will happen?

    1. No no memory loss guys

    2. Naynika is the real vamp. How she said this abt nandu after so much happened? Vamp ko kitna hi accha platform da do voh vamp hi rehta hai. Bad mil (sorry for my bad hindi, actually i m from bangladesh)

  14. Oh so sad for manan…

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