Manan – Unforgettable Love Forever 43

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Sorry frnd for late post, the work is little heavy this week, here is the update
Recap : Space students in Nandhini’s place.
Navya : Chachi. Nandhini.
Chachi : Ah i think she is getting ready i will call her. Nandhu, Nandhu.
Nandhini : Ah Chachi and coming to the hall with half saree with open hair and jasmine flower.
Manik and others seeing her with open mouth, Nandhini is shocked to see Fab 5.
Cabir : Hello, miss r u Nandhini’s elder sister r younger sister.
Nandhini : What????
Amms : Cabir, she is Nandhini.
Cabir : I cant believe this, i mean we cant believe, haina guys, Manik is still stunned and watching her with open mouth.
Amms : Ah i know she looks different here, modern girls can be tradition also its good to be follow tradition atleast in our place right.
Navya : U r right guruma. Nandhini u look beautiful.
Nandhini : Thank..u…
Cabir : In Manik’s ears, Arey romeo dont eat her with ur eyes everyone is here so control urself.
Amms : So ur frnd is here Nandhini will show u all the way to ur rooms and be comfortable and go through the rules here ur classes starts from tomorrow. Nandhu take care of them well and leaves from there.
Navya huged nandhini tight after Amms left.
Mukthi : Actually nandhini u r looking good different costume ah.
Nandhini : Ah wo…
Alya : U r looking stunninig after seeing u in this attire i wanted to be like this.
Nandhini : Thank u.
Manik : Looking……good….

Cabir : Romeo take ur eyes from her and stop eating her in ur eyes.
Manik : Cabir, iam trying to take but i cant, look at her she is soooooo…beautiful…..haina. Manik and Nandhini lookin deep into each other.
Cabir : Ya ya i can understand u. Nandhini guruma said to show our room, so lets go.
Nandhini : Ah….come…i will and takes all to their rooms.
Nandhini shows them their respected rooms. Manik is still occupied by her beauty and in no mood to take his eyes from her, Nandhini is happy to c them in her place but also angry that Manik said simple bye and doesn’t tell her abt their plan.
Mukthi : So Nandhini, ur place is very pleasant and greeny, u r lucky to have such a nice people and nice place around u.
Alya : Ah nandhini iam already jealous of u.
Nandhini : Dont worry from today u r all belong to this place feel at home, morning u have to be ready at 4 for ur classes.
Cabir : What???????
Navya : Ah cabir its a rule.
Alya : But our sleeping time is 3 na then how.
Nandhini : From today u have to go early to bed, u have to make use of it verna guruma will punish u.
Mukthi : Ok we will try.
Nandhini : Now take good rest evening i will show u gurukul. And leaves from there. Manik follows her.

Manik going on calling nandhini, but she ignores him and walks in front of him, Manik is angry now and stops her by catching her pallu. Nandhini stops by his force and turns to c him.
Nandhini : Manik wat is this, leave me.
Manik : I was calling but u ignored me, so no other way.
Nandhini : Manik leave amms will see us.
Manik : Accha, it will be better na that i will inform her where she amms..ammss…
Nandhini : Shuts his mouth, Manik pls dont shout amms will hear, pls.
Manik : Ok, i wont now tell me shall leave ur pallu.
Nandhini : Ah u have to.
Manik : Ok on one condition.
Nandhini : What condition?
Manik : That…that…comes close to her, thatt…
Nandhini : In husky voice Manik what, amms will see us tell me what condition.
Manik : That u will wear this costume till we r here.
Nandhini : Smiles, ah ok but now leave my pallu.
Manik : Wo…i dont ant to leave.
Nandhini : Manik pls, iam angry with u.
Manik : For what?
Nandhini : U never said this to me that u r going to follow me and yesterday u were behaving like u dont miss me.
Manik : Smiles, Accha so u were angry for that.
Nandhini : Ah
Manik : Ok drags her very close to him, i will make it up for u by….by….
Nandhini : Push him aside and runs from there.

Precap : Nandhini’s dance.

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