Manan – Unforgettable Love Forever 39

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Next Morning also Nandhini is in rest, Fab 5 is practising in Manik’s place.
Mukthi : Guys its just 1 day to go for the concert r u guys excited.
Alya : Ofcourse Mukthi, its gonna be in Mumbai this year.
Cabir : Alya is right, Mumbai in our city we gonna rock this concert.
Dhruv : Yeah ofcourse and guys i want to tell u all something.
Mukthi : what dhruv, tell us.
Alya : We dont know how u guys react.
Cabir : Matlab u both want to tell us same thing ah.
Dhruv : Yeah.
Manik : So what r u waiting for tell us.
Alya : and Dhruv r in a relationship.
Mukthi : What?
Cabir : what the..u both hide this big matter to us. Not fair.
Mukthi : Yes yaar, this is too much, Manik y r u silent say somthing na.
Manik : Guys leave na atleast they said it now, actually i was watching them but now its confirmed that they r in Love. congrats.

Cabir : But iam not convenced, give me a treat.
Dhruv : saale and beats him, Mukthi also beats dhruv and they all have a group hug and happy for their relationship.
Mukthi : So guys who is going to come with u all for the concert.
Alya : Harshad.
Dhruv : Mom.
Cabir : Mom and navya.
Mukthi : Ya ya nowadays Navya also in ur family right.
Cabir : Mukthi, ok tell me who is gonna come with u.
Alya : I know Abi..abi..Abimanyu right Mukthi.
Cabir : Abimanyu who is that?
Mukthi : Cabir, he is my frnd i will introduce u all to him.
Cabir : Wow Mukthi boyfrnd and all.
Mukthi : Shut up Cabir.
Cabir : Manik y r u silent we r getting shocking news abt our frnds but u lost some where and shakes him.
Manik : Ah Cabir iam listening.
Mukthi : Manik with u, ofcourse ur mom by default.
Manik : Nandhini, Actually guys i finfout the girls who saved me that day.

Dhruv : Who, how?
Manik : CCtv its none other than Nandhini.
Mu & Al : what?
Manik : Yes u all heard it right Nandhini.
Alya : Oh, thats nice Manik u told her abt this.
Manik : No Alya she dont know that i know it.
Mukthi : But say this to her.
Manik : I will but not now.
Dhruv : Manik r u in lov…
Manik : Yes i think so.
Mukthi : What ? R u sure Manik? U like her na.
Cabir : Arey he said na, but u 3 tell me that u all like her.
Mukthi : Ofcourse Cabir, after all she is Manik’s family frnd and he likes her so by default we r wat say guys and all says yes.
Manik : Thank u guys and hugs.

Here Nandhini is thinking abt the surprise that Manik promised to give her. Suddenly she gets a call from Amms.
Amms : Hello Nandhu how r u now how is ur fever.
Nandhu : Amms..pls dnt be panic iam alright now, chachi and me went to hospital now iam ok.
Amms : U shoula take care of urself nandhu.
Nandhini : Ah amms i will, how r u amms, i miss u.
Amms : Fine nandhu, i too miss u beta, Nandhu u r coming this week na.
Nandhini : Ah amma how can i forget, Dad or Mom ki death anniversary na i will come amms.
Amms : Nandhu if u have college means no need to.
Nandhini : No amms i will come, this is one day i connect to them na amms.
Amms : U r right Nandhu. Ok i will wait for u all.
At night nandhini is eagerly waiting for the surprise and Manik calls her.
Nandhini : Hello Manik.
Manik : Hai, now just come out.
Nandhini : Out where Manik, chacha, chachi r sleeping manik iam not coming.
Manik : So u dont want my surprise ah.
Nandhini : No Manik i want to.
Manik : So then just come out and wait for it.
Nandhini : Ok i will and goes out of the house.

While Nandhini is waiting for Manik outside a boy with red t-shirt and black jacket in a stylish bike with helmet comes there and stands in front of her, she got scared and moves aside and the boy along with her moving and signals her to sit behind him, she got more scare abt this act.
Nandhini : Ayappa, who is he, why he is following me and asking me to sit, this manik bina, where is he.
Manik : Now takes his helmet and smiles at her.
Nandhini : With open mouth smiles at him. Manik is this u?
Manik : Yes, how is my surprise hmm.
Nandhini : Manik u in bike.
Manik : Yes, just for u.
Nandhini : For me.
Manik : Yeah, u said u like bike ride, so shall we go.
Nandhini : But Manik, is this a new bike.
Manik : Ah, i dont have bike na so i bought it, y u dont like it.
Nandhini : I like it very much, Just becoz for my wish u bought a new bike.
Manik : Yeah, now stop questioning me and come and sit.

Precap : Nandhini and Manik’s bike ride and Concert.

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