Manan – Unforgettable Love Forever 38

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Morning chacha calls Nandhini but she is not giving any response, chachi went to Nandhini’s room to c her but nandhini is still in bed and chachi checks her she is in high fever.
Chachi : Nandhini what happen, u have a high fever.
Nandhini : Kuch nahi chachi iam fine, i will be ready in 15 min.
Chachi : No Nandhu u r not going anywhere i will take u to the hospital, u have to come with me.
Nandhini : Chachi i cant take leave i will have tablet na its ok chachi.
Chachi : No u r not gonna go anywhere. If u want to go i will call ur amms and say this to her.

Nandhini : Ok chachi i will not go anywhere.
Chachi : Ok get ready i will take to the doctor and goes from there.
Malhotra’s Mansion.
Manik is getting ready to college, Cabir comes there.
Cabir : Hai manik.
Manik : Hai cabir, what r u doing here matlab we r supposed to meet in college right.
Cabir : Ah yaar i thought to take u.
Manik : Ok lets go then.
Manik and Cabir coming downstairs they saw Nyonika and stops.
Nyonika: Hai Manik so u r ready for ur concert.
Manik : No actually very much ready.

Nyonika : Thats nice manik, if u achieved great success in this concert, u will offered for albums too. So better concentrate in ur concert.
Manik : U no need to say, i know.
Nyonika : Ok all the best.
In college asusual Manik is searching for Nandhini but she is nowhere. Manik got angry now, becoz he thinks that Nandhini is avoiding him becoz of Nyonika, so he leaves the campus to meet her. He is going on calling her but Nandhini is sleeping. His anger is in 9th cloud.
Manik in Nandhini’s house, chachi opens the door.
Chachi : Hai manik, how r u? now u r getting time to c us na hmm..
Manik : No chachi wo..we r preparing for Concert so i cant go anwhere.
Chachi : Ok, come na sit.
Manik : Chachi, Where is Nandhini? I cant find her in college.
Chachi : Nandhu, got a high fever Manik, thats y she is taking rest.
Manik : What fever?
Chachi : Ah, poor Nandhini.

Manik : Ok chachi may i meet her, if u allow.
Chachi : Arey beta y r u asking me go she is in her u can meet her.
Manik : Thank u chachi and leaves to Nandhini’s room.
Nandhini is sleeping like a child in her bed, Manik slowly touch her without disturbing to check her fever and sits beside her and watching her while sleeping. He thinks to have some fun.
Manik : Goes near nandhini’s foot and takes the blanket lightly and kiss her foot.
Nandhini : Suddenly gets up and sees there is no one in her room and checks the blanket and again covers her leg and sleeps.
Manik : He again takes the blanket and kiss her leg .

Nandhini : This time she got scared of this act and prays. Ayappa what is happening there is no one in this room but i feel someone is kissing, ayappa pls stay with me ah.
Manik : Laughs abt the prayer, this time he bites her finger.
Nandhini : Who is there, c dont play with me come in front of me, I know how u make u run, ayappa pls save me, who is there?
Manik : Is laughing to the core and goes in front of her.
Nandhini : Manik its was u, Manik r u trying to scare the hell out of me, Manik dont laugh.
Manik : Look at u, what did u said, Ayappaa save me and again laughing.
Nandhini : Manikk…. How did u came inside, by ladder manik pls go chachi will come go go go..
Manik : Nandhini listen, dont worry chachi knows that iam her so dont shout. How r u? what happened?

Nandhini : Iam ok manik its just a light fever thats all, chachi na she is scared abt me so i cant say no to her thats y stayed back, sorry Manik, how is ur practise going on.
Manik : Ah good but i cant stay without u, r u sure u r ok na.
Nandhini : ah Manik iam perfectly all right.
Manik : Ok then i have surprise for u.
Nandhini : Surprise what manik show me na.

Manik : Not now, tomorrow.
Nandhini : Tomorrow, no manik i cant take this surprise and all now tell me na.
Manik : No i will show u tomorrow, now take good rest and be ready for my surprise bye.
Nandhini : Ok, Manik.
Manik : What?

Nandhini : Wo..i have to say something to u.
Manik : Abt what?
Nandhini : Abt…No nandhini u cant say it to Manik, he is happy i cant spoil that, if i say this to him he will fight with Nyonika Mam, i dont want to fight with anyone, i have to say him if he came to know himself, he wont trust me again, ok i will say this to him but not now after the concert. Nothing.
Manik : Nothing u started something na so tell me.
Nandhini :I will tell na but not now.
Manik : Ok bye c u.

Precap : Nandhini is waiting for Manik out of her house for the surprise.

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