Manan – Unforgettable Love Forever 37

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Manik saw Nandhini coming out of Nyonika’s room and so as Nyonika. Now Manik is confused abt this scene and follows nandhini to talk to her. Nandhini enters the music room and so as Manik. Seeing Manik Nandhini gets shocked.
Nandhini : Hai …Manik.
Manik : Hmm…where hve u been?
Nandhini : In mind ( i dont want Manik to get angry to Nyonika mam, i have hide what Nyonika mam said to me). Wo…Manik..

Manik : Wo…kya i saw u coming from Nyonika’s room what r u doing there?
Nandhini : Wo…Ah iam a schlorship student so i have to sign some papers so she called me thats it.
Manik : Seriously, thats it, do u think i will believe it.
Nandhini : Arey, yes u have to believe becoz its true.
Manik : If it is true, then y she only called u, i mean navya is also schlorship student right, then y only u hmm.
Nandhini : Ah…navya u r right Manik, navya already signed it na.
Manik : Oh ok where is Navya i will ask her.
Nandhini : Navya, i dont know, Manik u r going asking me questions now u tell me where u have been?
Manik : Me, i will u later first i want to meet Navya.
Nandhini : Manik she will come late, but u have to practise na go.
Manik : Yeah u r right but i will wait for her and sits. Cabir and navya enters the room.

Cabir : Hai nandhini, hello Manik, u have meeting na now here how?
Manik : Ah i cancelled 2 meeting so its not important. So navya have u signed any papers with Nyonika.
Nandhini is shocked and signaled Navya to say yes and navya is very afrais of manik becoz he is talking to her for the first time.
Navya : Ah…yes i signed…Manik.
Cabir : Manik what happened? come on yaar we have to practise we were practising but bored yaar now u have to.( Cabir saw nandhini signaled Navya).
Nandhini : C i said na, Now manik stop this questions and go u have to practise na go.
Manik : Fine iam going now, but iam not finished with u, wait for me.
Nandhini : Ok.

Manik and Cabir leave the room, Nandhini relaxed herself but she cant forget what Nyonika said to her, she also said navya to say the same whenever manik asks her. In jamming Manik was going on thinking abt Nandhini, finally jamming was over and Manik was the first person to go out to pick Nandhini.
Manik and Nandhini in car. Manik is still in anger that nandhini is hiding somthing.
Nandhini : Manik stop the car.
Manik : Y?
Nandhini : Becoz its boring, u r not talking to me so pls stop the car.
Manik : No iam not angry and stops the car.

Nandhini : Both gets out of the car. Manik i know u still angry with me.
Manik : Yes, u know the reason right.
Nandhini : Manik i said na, thats true.
Manik : But Nandhini y do i feel that u r not saying the real truth.
Nandhini : How do i know, u r believing. Now Nandhini want to distract him from Nyonika’s matter thinks how to distract him, suddenly she saw a boy with a jacket handsome, riding a stylish bike with a girl on his back seat.
Manik : Listen nandhini i wont hide anything to u so same way u have to be so come on tell me and he turns to c her watching them. Nandhini where r u seeing?
Nandhini : Manik c there looking good na.
Manik : Turns to c where she shows her hand and sees the boy sitting in the bike. What, seriously he is looking to u?
Nandhini : He, who?

Manik : That…boy.. there
Nandhini : Boy..laughs at him, Manik u r so cute and pinches his cheeks, iam talking abt the bike not abt the boy.
Manik : shouts in pain, Bike seriously u r cing that bike.
Nandhini : Ah, Manik u know what i always wanted to go a bike ride my frnds all use to go with their brothers, but rishab is under age na so he cant ride, but i always wanted to, look at the bike its very stylish na i like that. Even iam waiting when Rishab will be 18 so that we can go for the bike ride.
Manik : What? just becoz u want to go for a bike ride u want rishab to attend 18?
Nandhini : Till he cant ride bike na, so sad i hve to wait.
Manik : Laughs at her childishness. Seriously Nandhini.
Nandhini : Manik dont laugh, its my feeling.

Manik : Ah ah feelings, good feelings i like it and laughs again.
Nandhini : Vese manik that boy also looking very nice with that jacket and bike i also like him.
Manik : Gets angry seriously.
Nandhini : Ahwww…. ok ok i was kidding u were laughing na.
Manik : He hugs her and she also hugs him back.
Nandhini : In mind (Ayappa, thank u that Manik forgot everything but still i dont want him to ask abt this again to anyone else pls ayappa keep him happy like this always, dont get his smile away from him).

Manik get a call from cabir that they have a practise session and Manik got to go, so Manik drops nandhini and drives to Cabir’s place to practise.
Nandhini in her room.

Nandhini : Takes that Kagan and talks. Ayappa now u have to say what should i do know, Nyonika mam gave me a time for 1 month, but ayappa i cant leave Manik like this, he will break i dont want to see him like that, when he laugh na looks like he dont have any worries, i want him to be like that always, but Nyonika mam i dont y she dont want me in Manik’s life, this kagan is very prescious for me, this is not just a kagan its love of Malvika aunty for his son, i dont know i worth it r not but till this kagan is with me i will take care Manik, i wont leave him and wipes her tears.

Precap : Chachi comes to nandhini’s room to get her up, but nandhini is still sleeping and chachi touch her to c Nandhini have fever.

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  2. Nyc dear

  3. What wrong with Nandini why can’t she tell the truth to manik l think it’s better because nyonika is not going to leave her so if he knows it it’s better they will fight together l just don’t want one person to fight without another one nice update keep it up .

  4. nyc one yaar
    nxt one asap plzzz

  5. Ahhhhhhhhhh…lovd it……suprbbbbb…wished she could have told the truth , or Cabir will soon………….osom n e ways.waitng t,.c dear

  6. Dnt seperate thm pls. Let nandini say abt nyo to manik…. dnt bring d seperation track. Pls pls pls….

  7. Dnt seperate thm pls…. let nandini tell manik d truth. Pls bring sme othr twist. Pls pls pls….

  8. Superb…..waiting for the next one….

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