Manan: true love never ends (episode 8)

Hey guys really sorry but you have to wait ffor Manan:magic is in u ff due to some technical problems in my lappy..till the please read Manan:true love never ends… really sorry…

Episode starts with flashback!
Manik is in hall… He is arranging some files..
Nandini: Manik shall I give u coffee??
Manik: haa Nandini!!

Nandini gies to kitchen and prepares coffee for him and she gives coffee to Manik…

Manik drinks a sip and spits it out

Manik :Nandini!! I asked u coffee but what’s this??
Nandini: I gave you coffee only Manik!!
Manik: what?! Is this a way to make coffee!!
Nandini: (pout face) Kyu?? Is it not nice?
Manik: it’s like ur face..
Nandini: (excited) ohh really?? Then defntly coffee should be very nice..
(Saying this She laughs)
Manik : Nandiniii!! Please… I’m not in a mood to laugh!! I have lots of work to do.. And take ur coffee with u..
Nandini: you don’t have that luck to drink my coffee!!
(Saying this she leaves angrily)

At that time Nyonika comes down wearing beautiful saree.. She gets ready..

Nandini looks at her and gets excited…
She goes towards her..

Nandini: arey!! Ma…wow! You look amazing!! What’s special today??
Nyonika: today…(Nandini interrupts)
Nandini: wait wait… Let me guess.. I think today is ur birthday ryt??
(She sings loudly) Happy birthday to u…. Happy birthday to you..

Manik looks at her angrily…

Nyonika: no Nandini … Not my birthday…Today…
Nandini: wait wait… Let me guess.. Today is ur marriage day?
Nyonika: hmm…Noo Nandini!! Today…
Nandini: wait wait let me guess!! R u going anywhere out!!

Manik gives an attitude look towards her!!

Nyonika: no Nandini!! Today Manik’s dadi is coming.. .. So I’ve just changed my look..

Nandini: ohkk ma!! (Suddenly smiles) but ma!! Ur soo beautiful today… (And starts teasing her)

Nyonika: (blushes) Nandiniii!! How besharam u are??
Nandini laughs loudly and hugs her!!

Manik listens to their conversation… Nd looks at his house and thinks..

Ohh god!! This girl changed the full environment of this house.. With her backwass jokes and laughs!! I don’t know still how many days I should bear this torture!!
(He again gets into his work)
Nyonika: okay Nandini!! If u leave me now.. I can prepare lunch..
Nandini: (smiles) okay!!
She goes to balcony and starts listening to her songs!!

At that time dida comes!!
Nyonika goes and welcomes her.. Manik takes blessings from her… At that time Nandini comes.. She looks at dadi.. Nyonika signals her to take blessings…Nd Nandini takes blessings!

Dadi: who is she Nyonika??
Nyonika: she’s our Guest ma!! She’s staying with us..
Dadi looks at her angrily.. Nandini gets tensed looking at her expressions and hides behind Nyonika..
Dadi: Nyonika.. I need to go to temple..
Nyonika: ji… Tikey!! Il come with u

Nyonika and dadi goes to temple..

Nandini looks at Manik who is about to leave… She watches his car keys on the table and thinks.. How dare he insult my see..

Nandini kept his car keys in her pockets..and acts as if she don’t know anything.. By listening songs..

Manik comes down..
He searches for his car keys..He searched whole room. But he couldn’t find it.
Apparao: (servant) did u saw my car keys??
At that Nandini comes in
Nandini: what happened to you?? Why are you shouting like this?? Don’t you know… Someone want peace in this house.. Now they r shouting!! Oh god! Please forgive this guy…

She keeps on talking.
Manik gets doubt seeing her overacting..
Manik: (acts) wo actually…i can’t find my car key. Dats k I have the duplicate key with me..
Nandini: what?? you have the duplicate keys with you?

Manik understoods seeing her expressions… He smirks..
He goes towards her..
Manik: Nandini!! Where are my keys??

Nandini: how do I know? I dint see?
Manik: Nandini it’s a last time I’m asking you.. Where are my keys.?
Nandini: this is not fair Mr. Manik!!
Manik: see I don’t have time for this kind of pranks!! Come on hurry up!!

Manik looks at her pockets..
Nandini notices him looking at her pockets… She gets tensed.. As he got to know where it is..

Nandini: (acts) haa Ma!! I’m coming…
(She thinks to escape)
Manik holds her hand…
Manik: Nandini.. I know no one is at home.. Now stop ur nonsense and give the keys.. Fast!!

Nandini: (tensed) whats wrong with you..

She gets scared thinking of what problem she has to overcome..

Manik: Ms. Nandini give me back my keys..
Nandini smiles and runs..Manik runs back of her.. She enters into her room.. She tries to lock it.. But he pushes the door with force.. Nandini tries to run but he holds her..Both slipped & fell on her bed.
Nandini hits him with the pillows..Manik pulls the pillow and comes near her….

Nandini is shocked and closes her eyes…

He pulled her towards him….
Nandini looks at him tensedly..He slid his hands on her waist to take the keys from her pocket

Nandini was startled with his touch!!

Before he could take the keys from the pocket.. Nandini tickles him…
Manik feels ticklish and smiles..
Manik: (laughs) Nandiniii!!! Leave me!!
Nandini: No!!
Manik: Nandini!! Don’t be childish!!
Nandini: acha!!
Manik: If you won’t leave.. See what il do…
Nandini doesn’t stop and smiles….

Manik gets up with the force…

Manik holds her and places her hands back of her..
Manik : how dare you tickle me??

Nandini tensed…

Manik comes closer to her… Slowly places his hands on her pocket and takes the key … Nandini felt her breath had caught… With his touch!!!

While Manik looked in to her eyes. Eye lock for sometime suddenly Manik winks

Manik: yes!! I found it… (Nd he gets up from her…) Nd you can’t win over me Nandini!!
He blinks at her and leaves…

Nandini looks at him angrily..
(Actually she loves to irritates him..)

Nandini is in her room..

Dadi, Manik and Nyonika are talking
Dadi: why is that girl here Nyonika?
Nyonika tells her everything..
Dadi: it’s good you helped her.. But she can’t stay here more days.. That’s not good for us and for her..

Manik: Yaa dadi.. Ur right.. That’s what I’m telling Ma..but she’s not listening to me..

Nyonika looks at him angrily..

Nyonika: Maa ur right! But she’s alone.. She don’t have anyone..
Dadi: ur right Nyonika.. But how many days she will be here.. You can’t let her stay here all the time.. Send her as soon as possible..
Nyonika gets sad..
Nyonika: okay ma!

Manik gets happy..
They all leave to their respective room…
While going Nyonika goes to Nandini’s room and looks at her sleeping…

She goes close to her… Kisses her forehead.. And feels sad for her.. As she’s going to send her soon.. She covers her with the blanket and leaves!!

Freshers party started.. All Freshers are so colourful.. With different different dresses.. Parth is searching for Nandu.. But he can’t find her anywhere!!

Dhruv calls Nandu:
Nandu in her room crying.. She watches Dhruv call and lifts..

Dhruv: Nandu where r u? We all r waiting for u..
Nandu: I’m not interested Dhruv.. Please leave me..
Dhruv: Arey Nandu!! We r missing ur jokes.. U know it’s so bored here!! Plz come.. If ur angry at Maddy.. Don’t talk to him.. Because of him why do u want to spoil ur entertainment!! So cute doll!! Don’t worry about anything!!
Get ready il come to pick u..

Nandu: smiles.. Okay!!

Dhruv: Maddy im going out.. Any work plz handle it!!
Maddy: Dhruv.. Nandu dint come!!
Dhruv: don’t worry Maddy! I’m going to pick her!!
Maddy : smiles.. Okay get her soon!!

Arts group ..!
All r enjoying.. Cabir gets mesmerised seeing Navya in tradition outfit!! As it is a official Freshers party all came in tradition outfit!!
Cabir: Navya wow ur so beautiful!
Navya: Thankyou Cabir..
They all spend some time talking to each other..

Nandu arrives wearing a blue long frock…She looks stunning
Parth feels her presence and searches for her
Nandu talks to her classmates ..,
Parth watches Nandu.. Nd gets mesmerised seeing her.. He keeps on staring at her.. He couldn’t take his eyes from her.. He goes near her to talk..

Maddy: (talks normally to divert her mind) Nandu!! why were u late!! Come quickly!! U need to do the programming!!
(He holds her hands)…See all r waiting for u

Nandu doesn’t look at him.. Nd silently weeps..
Her tear drop falls on his hand.. He gets shocked to See her drop!!

Maddy: (holds her shoulder) !! Ur crying!
Nandu doesn’t look at him and walks off..

Parth feels bad…

She Silently sits in the corner place and cries seeing Tasha doing the programming!!

Program started!!
Arts perform a dance.. All students appreciates them..
Next music by science… Maddy and others perform a song!! Science students appreciates them!!

After the program Maddy watches Nandu.. She’s lost in her thoughts.. Looking somewhere else… Program was going on…
At that time the minister comes…
All the students welcomes him… Nandu looks at him and gets scared..

She feels the same dream disturbing her that someone is dragging her… Nd slapping her… She feels that pain… She cries.. She’s full sweating!!

Dhruv looks at Nandu and gets worried..
Dhruv: what’s happening to Nandu? Why is she crying and look at her she’s sweating

Parth looks at Nandu immediately and finds her being scared looking at the minister…

Parth recollects the incident at ministers house and thinks that Nandu is really scared of that minister… But why is she scared of him!

Nandu gets disturbed… She holds her head with pain.. Parth looks at Shona and gets worried

He thinks to go but Princy stops him and allots them some work!!

After sometime time Nandu runs from there… Looking at the minister!!!

She runs and hides herself from the minister…
She goes to terrace.. And sits in a secret place to hide herself..
She is fully scared…
She cries remembering the dream.. And gets tired and faints!!

Parth looks at Nandu and finds her missing..
He thinks she might went to washroom…
Later he gets involved in the program…

After few hours program gets over!!

Late night!!

Dhruv searches for Nandu!! And finds her missing..
He informs Parth..
Dhruv: Maddy did u see Nandu?
Maddy: no? Why what happen?
Dhruv: she’s missing.. I think she went home!!
He calls her number and she won’t respond..

Parth remembers how she was tensed seeing minister… He feels worried..
Maddy: Challo lets check her house!
Dhruv: okay!

They both go to Nandu’s house but shocked to see her flat being locked!!

They both gets tensed!!

Maddy is worried..
Maddy messages his group members to meet in the music room..

He tells everyone to search Nandu.. In different places…

Parth and Dhruv searches her every corner of the roads!!

Parth gets more worried!!!

Episode ends!!

  1. Parth worrying and searching for Nandu👍👍… Just waiting for the moment they recollect their past together before re-birth

    Thx for the updates and will be waiting till MaNan magic is ready but hopefully you’re giving us MaNan and swansan updates 🤝

  2. It’s ok
    We can wait but you have to update your FF
    It’s ok if you don’t update regularly but never stop updating.

  3. Thank you so much for the updates

    I am waiting for that moment when Manan know about their past life and what the minister had donr to mana
    I got feelings that minister was behind the Manan death.

    Sorry if my sentences are grammatically wrong. Keep updating

  4. Nice update! Keep up the good work👍

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