Manan: true love never ends (episode 7)

Hey guys….

Nandu feels sad thinking about Parth and Tasha!!
She goes to her class…Mr fresher and Ms.fresher selections were going.. Nandu dint show any interest!!
and her concentration is fully on Parth…

After the class.. Nandu and Dhruv from science and Rohit and Navya from arts goes to principle room as he told both The groups to meet

Principle room…
Nandu and Navya… I’m giving you 2 hours time.. You both need to prepare the schedule paper for tomorrow.. Both of u give ur own plans.. After checking it il finalise one!!
And I hope you both will get it ready or else I will show that effect on ur group!
Saying this he looks at Rohit and Dhruv..

Nandu and Navya both look at each other!! and they agree

They come out of the cabin!!
Navya and Rohit leave!!

Dhruv : Nandu 2hrs I think it’s not sufficient..can you manage?
Nandu: ya Dhruv don’t worry! Il sit in library and il come directly to the auditorium after 2 hours!
Dhruv: okay fine!

Navya and Rohit conversation
Navya: Rohit can we complete it in 2hours??
Rohit: Yaa Navya.. You concentrate on that and I will concentrate on others!! He smiles evilly..

Nandu sits in the library and prepares the schedule paper!!

After 2 hours!
Parth and Tasha comes to the music room..
Parth looks at Dhruv who is leaving hurriedly!!
Maddy: hey dude!! We’re ru going!
Dhruv tells him about principle… About the schedule paper!! He tells him that I need to be with Nandu at this time!
Maddy: Yaa come lets all go..

They all go to the auditorium room.

Nandu checks the time and hurriedly goes to the auditorium.. Before that she goes to the washroom.. Rohit watches her going into washroom and locks her from outside… Telling his arts girls students that not to open this door for some time!!

They all agree!!

Maddy, Dhruv and Tasha reaches auditorium!!
They see Cabir Navya and his group waiting for principle…

They search for Nandu…
Maddy: arey where is Nandu?
Dhruv: may be she’s in library.. Wait il check..
By that time principle gets into the room..
Principle: where r the schedule papers..
Maddy looks tensedly…

Princy waits for Nandu for 10 minutes.. Nd he gets angry

Princy: what’s this Parth?? Where is ur group incharge?

Maddy: sir actually she is…

Rohit: she went for a long ride sir… I’ve seen her with my eyes!!

Nandu is banging the door but no one opens it.. At that time Dhruv passes through the washroom and hears door banging sound..

Princy: what’s this Maddy irresponsible she is? What type of a girl you appointed .. Shame on u!!
He finalises Navya’s schedule paper and tells them to print these paper…

He leaves the room hurriedly…

Near washroom:
Dhruv looks at the girls who r standing outside..
He thinks that they r ragging someone!!
But suddenly he hears Nandu’s sound!!

Dhruv: (shout) Nandu!!!
Nandu gets relief hearing Dhruv voice and calls him…
Dhruv looks the girls angrily and opens the door

Dhruv gets shocked seeing Nandu

Dhruv: Nandu!! Ur here?? I’m searching for u..
Nandu: (crying) someone locked me inside…
Dhruv: anyways come come.. Princy is waiting for u..

Auditorium room:
Cabir starts teasing Parth..
Cabir: soo sad.. He appointed Nandu.. But she gave hand.. Hahahhahaha lol!!!!
Rohit: arey Nandu is his girl friend!! Don’t tell anything about her to Parth..

Maddy is fuming with anger..

Cabir: girlfriend?
Rohit: haaa Cabir!! Don’t you know??
Nandu itself told me that they both r in relation!!

Maddy is shocked!!

Cabir: ohh really?? He laughs loudly!!! Oh god ! Leaving her boyfriend here!! She went for long ride with some other guy….wowww!!! And gives hifi to everyone…

Parth is angry!!!

At that time Nandu and Dhruv comes to auditorium..

While arts students starts laughing looking at her!!

Parth gets angry.. And goes towards her..
He holds her hand…
Maddy: where did u go Nandu?? How can you do this?? Don’t u have sense.. How dare you…

Dhruv: Maddy listen!!

Maddy: Dhruv you don’t talk!!
And Nandu… You will be having time for your stupid jokes.. But don’t u have time for such important matters?

Nandu eyes r filled with tears…

Maddy: Ur unfit Nandu!!! U don’t deserve to be an incharge… And Yaa what did you said to Rohit… Did u say that we both r lovers?
Nandu is shocked !

Maddy: (holds her arms tightly and screams) Open ur mouth Nandu!!

All gets shocked to see Maddy in such Angry mood..

Nandu: (shivers) haa Maddy sir!
Maddy gets more angry…
Maddy: how could u Nandu!! He screams in front of everyone..
He tells everyone that.. They were not in relation.. And he will never love such a crack in his life!!

Nandu cries listening his words!

Maddy: (angry) how could you tell him like that Nandu!! How dare you do this!!
and yesterday.. The way you behaved in that ministers house.. How kiddish you are!! Can’t you take anything seriously???

(He hits the wall with anger)

Rohit smiles looking at Nandu!!

Maddy: now come on!!! Open ur badge.. Ur unfit to be the incharge..
Nandu shocked and looks down and cries

Maddy holds her shoulders tightly which hurts her… and screams..

Maddy: Nandu I told you something!!! Take out ur badge!!

Dhruv: Maddy listen to me!!

Maddy: dude… Be quiet for sometime!! I’m talking to her!!

Nandu gets afraid and removes her badge..
Maddy gives that badge to Tasha and appoints her as the new incharge…

Maddy: from today u don’t have right to enter the music room!! Understand!!! Now leave from here!! Right now!!!

Nandu cries and leaves the room…

Maddy angrily leaves the place.. Tasha smiles seeing the badge… Dhruv follows Maddy!!

Dhruv: Maddy listen to me plz!!
Maddy: what Dhruv?? Ur supporting her!!
Dhruv: no Maddy!! Actually Nandu was been trapped by arts!! They locked her inside the washroom Until now…
(He tells him everything)

Maddy is shocked!!

Maddy: what?
Dhruv: yes Maddy!! And u scolded her.. You did the wrong thing Maddy!! Nd ya she said that u both r in relation..
She said that too with Rohit..
U know because of Rohit she was trapped on d first day.. And today she said the same thing to Rohit…. You could have understand onething that they might be some reason behind that.. You can’t blame her always Maddy!!

Saying this he leaves…

Parth feels sorry for Nandu.. He tries her number but she won’t respond!!

Nandu’s house…

Nandu is crying thinking about Maddy’s words!!
She talks to herself..
Don’t worry Nandu! They don’t deserve you! You don’t cry!! Your going to college for studying.. You don’t need to participate in anything.. U concentrate on ur studies.. Don’t talk with anyone!! Not even Maddy!! I avoid him..

She keeps supporting herself!!

Parth in his room..
He feels sorry for scolding her…
Maddy!!you reacted too much yar!!
He was restless the whole night!!
He keeps on thinking about her and her smile…

Nd goes to sleep..

He gets some flashes…
Where he is holding a girl.. And teaching her how to play a song!!
He whispers.. “I’m with you.. Come sing!!”
The girl starts to sing… Only a light tune of the song..
‘HAAN HASEEN BAN GAYE’ Parth smiles in is dream to listen such a lovely tune!!

Scene 2


Manik is shocked with the kiss..
Nandini smiles and sits beside Nyonika … Manik comes and sits beside Nyonika and stares angrily at Nandini …. Nandini hides her smiles!!
Nyonika: Challo lets go home now!! It’s already late!!

While they are moving.. Manik hits a person mistakenly..
Manik: I’m sorry!!
Person looks at Manik and wishes him..
He was a police..
Police: ohh hi Manik! Nice to meet you!! Nd dats k yar.. No need of saying sorry!!
By d way what r u doing here?

Manik: I came for dinner with my mom!

Police wishes Nyonika and suddenly looks at Nandini..

Police: who is this girl..
Nyonika: family friend!!
Police: I’ve seen her somewhere.. Her face is so familiar!!
Nandini confused..
Nandini: ohh really!! But I dint see u anywhere!
Police: dats k.. Anyways bye Manik! Nice meeting you!!
Manik: bye! Thankyou!!
While leaving police again turns and looks at Nandini doubtingly!!!

They leave and They all reach the home…

Manik goes to his room.. He was fully disturbed.. He is disturbed to remember about Nandini’s kiss.. The full night he was sleepless
He thinks!!
Nandini!! What did u do to me?? Why am I restless.. Why Am I thinking about you??
(He hits the wall) ur disturbing me Nandini.. Ur crossing ur limits day by day.. Il send u out of this house!!
He thinks for a moment.. And thinks a plan and evilly smiles

Next day morning…
Manik is sleeping…
Nandini and Nyonika watering the garden…
Nandini keeps on shouting, talking… Manik is very irritated to hear her nonsense early morning… He angrily wakes up and goes down!

He suddenly looks at Nandini, she’s wearing a cute pink night jumpsuit.. With 2 plaits!!
She’s soo cute.. He smiles looking at her… Her smile.. The way she’s playing.. He stares at her lovingly..

But suddenly comes back to his senses
And realised why he came here…

Manik: (shouts) Nandiniii!!!
Nandini is shocked and looks at him..
Manik: ur disturbing my sleep.. Can’t you talk softly.. How can u scream like this..
Im really irritated with ur voice..

Nandini gets angry and goes near him…

Nandini: ohh really.. If you have
problem with my voice then keep some cotton in ur ears..

Manik comes close to her..
Manik: y should I keep cotton!! Damn it!! Don’t you have manners, don’t u don’t know that you shouldn’t trouble others sleep!!
Nandini: (comes bit closer) Mr. Manik Malhotra.. First you learn wake up early in the morning.. Then teach manners to others…
Manik: ohh!! You think I don’t have manners!!
Nandini: (laughs) hahahahahhaah!!! Seriously ur soo funny Mr. Manik!! You dint understand me.. I’m saying what I mean that You don’t have manners not even a minimum manners..

Manik gets angry!!
He pulls her one of her plait.. And takes her to the corner of the wall…

Nandini: ooochh! Manik!! It’s hurting!!

Manik pins her to the wall… He comes closer to her..
Manik: stop ur nonsense okay!! Ur staying in my house.. So first learn how to behave in others house..
I’m just sparing you because of Ma!! Or else i would have thrown you out!!

Nandini was about to talk..
Nandini: Mr..Man…….
(Manik interrupts her by placing his finger on her lips)
Manik: Nandini!! Shhhh… I don’t want to hear any word from you.. I want some peace.. If I find you shouting again… Il cut ur plaits!!

Nandini widens her eyes Nd closes her mouth with her fingers!!
And nodes no no no no

Manik smiles Looking at her cuteness…but hides it!!

Manik: now just get out from my sight…
Nandini looks At him angrily..
Manik: quick!!!!!!

Nandini runs seeing his anger.. Seeing her running Manik gives a big smile.. And thinks
Be ready Nandini.. You gonna pay for your deeds soon!!!

Flashback ends!!

Scene 3


Next day in college
Nandu forgets about the incident.. She happily comes to the college like usually..
She entered into music room…
She looks around and finds no one in the music room…

She thinks..
‘These guys are always late.. I’m d only person who is following the rules..she smiles…I’m a good volunteer!!”keep it up Nandu!! And smiles!!

She looks at the Maddy’s guitar… She smiles and goes near it…
She again touches it..

Maddy, Dhruv, Tasha and his friends are in auditorium..
They all are busy in arranging…

Music room:

As soon as Nandu touches the guitar..she again gets the same dream..
A person holding her and teaching the guitar..
He wishpers…’ I’m with you!! come sing!!’
The girl looks at him and smiles..
And the girl starts to play the guitar… Following her…
In real…

Nandu starts humming the song!! She is unaware that the Mike being on.. Nd that is being connected to auditorium hall..
(Where Parth and all r arranging the mikes)

as soon as she starts humming All starts listening to her voice … and Parth stops in his way and remembers the tune in his dream…he gets shocked!!

and Nandu starts singing the song

(Haan aa o…
Main jaan ye vaar doon
Har jeet bhi haar doon
Keemat ho koi tujhe beinteha pyaar doon (x2)

Parth is shocked.. To hear such a loving voice..he is shocked to hear the same tune!!
He gets surprised…a tear falls from his eyes!!

At that time Nandu starts playing the guitar in real..which matches the song!!

Parth is again shocked… To hear such a loving guitar tune

(Nandu starts singing the song with the guitar tune)

Nandu sings:

Saari hadein maine meri, ab maine tod di
Dekar mujhe pataa awaargi ban gaye

Parth gets happy and runs to the music room..excitedly

Haan hasi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye

In auditorium Dhruv and his friends..
All r shocked…they want to know who is that…

Nandu singing the song and completely lost in her..

Parth runs faster to see her..he feels some happiness to hear the song.. His eyes are filled with tears!!! He doesn’t know that it is Nandu!!

As he is running he feels the same dream which Nandu is feeling…

While Nandu is singing suddenly she remembers yesterday incident..where Maddy is scolding her… Nd removing her from the incharge.. Nd warning her not to enter the music room…

She stops the music..
As soon as she stops.. Parth gets shocked.. And runs more fast to see her…

Music room:
Nandu gets scared.. She cries..
She hears some sound coming.. Nd thinks that it’s Maddy.. She immediately takes her bag out and runs.. When she was about to go.. That locket falls down… Nandu doesn’t notice.. And leaves hurriedly!!

As soon as she leaves.. Parth enters the room..
He is shocked to see no one.. But the door opened..
He felt bad that he dint see her..

Maddy: damn it!! I lost her!! Who is she?? Why am I becoming so emotional hearing her song!! And that song.. I heard the same tune in my dream!!

He feels restless.. Nd his eyes falls on that locket..
He goes near it and takes the locket.. He is happy to see that locket.. With the letters ‘MA’ he feels he got her… But He doesn’t think about his locket.. He don’t have an idea that both the lockets are same!!

Parth thinks…
This locket.. I’ve seen it somewhere!! Anyways!! With this locket I can search the girl!!

He smiles…
Where Nandu runs to her house crying…
She cries loudly remembering the incident!!
Maddy’s scoldings disturbs her soo much!!

Episode ends

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