Manan SS – Bff part 7 (The Last Part)

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(A/N: hi guys, done with the last part, i will complete love is the sweetest poison ever and Mn+Mb story this month only, my story Manan horror ff: Alone/Sister Rivalry will come in february that’s why, though very less people commented, I hope I will get more readers, enough talking, happy reading ?)
Manik removed Nandini’s chunri while kissing her cheek, forehead and jawline. Then he removed her earrings kissing her earlobes. Then he removed his necklace while drawing his face closer to hers and kisses her lips passionately and while doing so he removed her pallu too. He leaned more closer to her while kissing her lips and held both her waists making her lay on the bed. Her hands travelled to his arms then his back, she closed her eyes and he kissed her collar bone and entwined their hands. He again held both her waists and kissed her stomach, she giggled a little and he slid his arm around her waist and  bent down and picked her in his arms making her lay properly and pulled a blanket over them.

He cuddled to her and slept. Next day Nandini woke up and saw that she was still wearing the same clothes and her chunri and pallu wasn’t on it’s place. Then she remembered about the last night and blushed. She went to washroom and freshened up. She came out wearing a red and black chiffon saree with white and black sleeveless blouse which was gifted by her mother.

She dried her hair sitting in front of the mirror and saw Manik still asleep and sat on her side of bed and bent towards Manik and moved her hair and the water droplets went on his eyes, he squeezed his eyes tightly and she smiled naughtily. He woke up and looked at her. “Good morning sleepyhead,” she greeted him laughingly. “Good morning. But what’s the need to wake me up like this?,” he asked. “You had to go to office today with uncle,” she reminded. “I don’t want to go,” he said rubbing his eyes. “Didn’t you get enough sleep?,” she asked and he remembered about the last night’s romance and smiled.

“No I didn’t, why did this morning come so soon?,” he said like a child. “Aww, what should I think? The monster wants some sleep or romance?,” she asked raising her eyebrows and smiled naughtily. “Both,” he said and then looked at her saree. “You look like a tomato,” he said and she hit him with a pillow and while hitting, she fell on top of him on the bed. They had an eyelock. “Tell him I don’t want to come,” Manik said. “Get up else,” she said and tickled him.

“I don’t feel tickles,” he said and tickled him and she fell on the bed while laughing. “Ok stop monster, stop,” she said and hit him with the pillow. “You too stop else,” he said and kissed her neck and temple. “Romance and tickles,” he continued and tickled her. She laughed and got out of the trap and hit him on his back with pillow. “Get ready,” she ordered and continued drying her hair. “OK boss,” he saluted her and they had a laugh. He went to freshen up. She combed her hair and applied makeup. When she was fully ready, she went downstairs.

“Good morning uncle, good morning aunty,” she greeted Manik’s parents. They too greet her back, she goes to kitchen and made breakfast for everyone. Manik came to kitchen and hugged her from back. “The monster woke up finally, go sit outside, I will come,” she said. “Who’s watching us?,” he asked. “No one but if someone does so, everyone will tease us,” she said while working. “Our friends are not here,” he said. “Food is ready, go outside,” she said. “I will help you,” he said and she shook her head in disbelief and gave the breakfast to everyone. They sat together and held hands by hiding. Later that day, Manik and Nandini were sitting together on a swing. “You remember we used to sit on this swing in childhood?,” he asked and she blushed. “Yes,” she replied. “That time everyone used to be around us, but no one is there now, so now can we kiss?,” he asked and she nodded reluctantly and they sealed their lips together. “I love you monster,” she said. “I love you too,” he replied and they hugged each other.

The End. Who wants epilogue?

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  1. It’s really nice especially the nighr romance.loved it.pls post soon . waiting for the next one.

    1. Salley145

      Thnx, its the end, epilogue will be posted

  2. Pls give epilogue update is amazingggg superbbbbbb

  3. Inu

    Superb. Manan forever. Happy ending.

  4. It was very nice.

  5. Wowwww…. Lovely it was superb….. Happy ending… Love d story… T c dear

    1. Salley145

      Thnku Anjali

  6. Nice nice but u ended soo earlyy.. .

    1. Salley145

      Read the title, its Manan SS which means seven shots, so it was supposed to end this earlier…thnku

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