Manan: Shaadi With Devar Less Dost (PROMO – 6)

Wassup guys??? Missed me, good….
So how r u all, fine?? Hmmm, so here is the promo

“Mom, everything ok at NGO??” asked Nandini to Nyo

“Yah, everything is fine” Nyo said having a morsel

“Dad, your meeting??” asked Nandini again but to Raj

“It was Perfect” said Raj, having a morsel

“N Manik what abt ur dea—” Nandini got cut as Manik filled her mouth with a morsel

“It was great wifey, n I got the deal, n yah now eat silently ” said Manik filling Nandu’s mouth n Nandu nods

Dadi/Grandmom who was admiring them smiled inwardly, all got busy talking when Manik coughed but then drank water. A lil later Manik started coughing badly, Nandini ran to him n started rubbing his back n said

“How r u eating, are u a kid??,  Nandini scolded him as if he is a kid

“Wa-wa-ter” said Manik in between coughing, Nandini made him drink water n said

“Come Manik, take some rest” said Nandini making Manik stand

All were worried not knowing what is happening, Manan headed towards their room but after reaching fourth stair, Manik fainted there itself n rolled down while Nandini shouted


Like it?? I know it’s scaring par what to do? K, Vil cont soon

Lots of Love ❤️❤️❤️

  1. superrrr scaryyy dear but we know you very well you always have something special for us dear

    1. Naaz21

      Thanks 🙂

  2. Very nice but don’t say that manik had cancer or anything else, pls

    1. Naaz21

      K vil see 🙂

  3. Ohhh God…. Yaa it’s good…. Bt hop it isn’t a serious prblm…

  4. Naaz21

    K vil see 🙂

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