Manan: Shaadi With Devar Less Dost (Chapter 4 – Laal Laal Gaal)

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Hi guys, Wassup??? All are tensed bcoz of the promo but everything happens for good, so have fun.

Precap: Cavya’s fight witnessed by Manan
(Present Same Night)
Nyoj n Manan reached Malhotra Mansion n all reached their rooms, Manan one by one changed into Pyjamas n sat on the bed thinking abt today’s “special” events. The looked at each other with helpless looks n then something hit Manik’s mind n he said

Manik: oh miss, now batao tumne mujhe maaf kardiya na
Nandini: haa kardiya, happy??
Manik: velly
Nandini: Manik, ur totally kid
Manik: I know that, say something new.
Nandini: huh!? Leave that n let’s sleep
Manik: as u say wifey
Nandini(laying down): Good Night Hubby
Manik: Good Night Wifey

Both slowly drifted to sleep, the night was too short that sun made it’s was too early, waking the love bird not birds, the bird was Manik, he rubbed his eyes n then felt something heavy on him, well today’s case was something else, he wasn’t on the floor but our Nandini was sleeping on him, as if he is her pillow, awww shoo cutee n our Manik instead of moving her was admiring her, that’s when he saw Nandini waking up n he shut his eyes.

Nandini saw their position n smiled (well blushed too) she tried to get up but eventually fell back as her nuptial tie was attached with Manik’s button, she was trying to remove it n her hairs were falling on Manik, which was irritating Manik n he tucked them back which surprised Nandu n she shot a look at Manik, he chuckled at her, but helped her too.

Nandini ran to washroom, while Manik smiled at her antics, he was sitting on bed when Nandini came n he got lost in her, as she was wearing orange n yellow Punjabi suit while drying her hairs with towel (u guys don’t get lost k, it’s juz Manik’s right, lol). Nandini looked at him with questioning eyes while he juz said beautiful n she smiled.

Manik after getting his senses ran to washroom n Nandini smiled at his antics. Nandini chose Manik’s clothes n left. Nandini reached downstairs, took Nyo’s blessings n started preparing brkfast. After 5mins Manik came, looking dashing when Nyo said

Nyo: aaj kal hamara beta, kuch zyada hi handsome lag raha hai
Manik: Momm
Nyo: what Momm, I am serious.
Raj: Nyo iski zyaada taareef mat karo, meri bahu ne choose kiye hai kapde
Nandini(coming with brkfast): Dad, aapko kese pata I chose the clothes
Raj: a guess
Nyo: k so sad chodo, let’s have brkfast
Manik(holding his stomach): yes Mom, I am starving
Raj: chupkar nautanki.

Manan smiled n sat for breakfast, they had breakfast in peace. After having brkfast Nandini went to her room,
Manik was gng to his room when he heard Nandini talking to someone on fone n thought to eavesdrop, let’s see what is she talking n with whom

Nandini: Adii, I missed u so much….
Adi: me too
Nandini: kab aaye tumlog waapis??
Adi: aaj hi, n u married someone else
Nandini: I am really sorry, mom dad ke liye karni padi, but now ur here na, everything vil b solved
Adi: yes, I vil solve everything
Nandini: when r u coming to meet me??
Adi: aaj hi
Nandini: yayyy, I missed u so much
Adi: me too, n yah
Nandini: what??
Nandini: I LOVE U TOO ADII. Ummmaah

Manik’s POV
Who the hell was he, n Nandini said she loves him, that means she have a boyfriend then y she didn’t talked abt our divorce, how can she hide such an imp thing, ughhh, I hate it but y am I getting angry, she vil b happy with him na, am I falling for her ??
End Of POV

Manik was still standing at his place, lost in thoughts when Nandini snapped her fingers n he came back to his senses n asked

Manik: kisse baat kar rahi thi??
Nandini: me??
Manik: haa, u
Nandini(noticing his jealousy): wo I was talking to my neighbor
Manik: only neighbor or
Nandini: n yah we studied in same scul.
Manik: or kuch nhi??
Nandini: nhi
Manik: sacchi
Nandini(lil thinking): umm, I have a secret
Manik: what??
Nandini(whispering): he proposed me but that time I was confuse so I didn’t say anything, but now I think I like him
Manik: good
Nandini: well, good news is he is gonna be here, anytime so I vil get ready
Manik: but ur already ready
Nandini: a lil touch up, u know n she again went inside the room while Manik was burning.

It was time of Adi’s arrival, all were waiting in living but someone was very desperate, any guesses :-
They heard some foot steps n all looked at the door n their entered a guy with two girls, Manik seeing the guy (thinks) dekhne me handsome hai shayd isilye wifey ne ise like kiya hoga

Nandini went to the guy n hugged him while he too hugged her n Manik was ?. Then Nandini went n hugged the girls too, then she started introducing them n pointing towards the guy she said

Nandini: he is my friend n neighbor, Raj Purohit
(Introducing Mishkat Verma as Raj Purohit)

Manik’s head shot up when Nandini said the guy was Raj n Nandini smirked at his reaction, while Raj FIL said

Raj: wow, what a coincidence, my name is also Raj
RP: same-pinch sir
Raj: don’t be formal, say uncle
RP: k, uncle

Then Nandini introduced the girls, she pointed towards a girl n said

Nandini: she is Raj’s wife n my friend, Mrs Avni Raj Purohit
(Introducing Kanchi Singh as Avni Raj Purohit)

Avni took blessings of Nyoj n they happily gave n at last Nandini pointed at the last girl n said

Nandini: she is our jaan n Raj’s cousin, Aditi Nagdive aka Adi.
Manik was shocked n angry bcoz of Nandini while Nandini wanted to laugh seeing Manik’s reaction. Aditi also took Nyoj’s blessings n all sat on couches, chit-chatting.

Nandini went to her room, when she was pinned to wall by Manik n she said

Nandini: what??
Manik: how dare u, make a fool of me
Nandini: well, u r already a fool that’s the reason ki tum fool bangaye
Manik: pata hai how worried I was??
Nandini: awww, y hubby??
Manik: arrggh, wait…u said I am a fool then u r a —
Nandini: I am smart
Manik(smirking): no u r a potato
Nandini: what??
Manik: potato, potato
Nandini: Manikkk, how dare u??
Manik: awww, wifey ko gussa agya
Nandini(freeing herself): ab aana mere paas maafi mangne
Manik: I vil not

Nandini left the room n Aditi saw her angry so she went to Manik’s room n knocked at the door while he said

Manik: come in
Adi: so, y is Dii angry??
Manik: I called her potato
Adi(laughing): u…..what??
Manik: stop laughing
Adi(composing herself): u shouldn’t have called her that
Manik: I did right, how could she do that with me
Adi: do what??
Manik explained her the call thing n she started laughing while Manik’s anger was reaching it’s peak n he said

Manik: Adi, please go, agar tum yaha rahi toh, I vil say something to u also
Adi: jiju, I am not gng anywhere n now go n say sorry to her
Manik: y should I, she should
Adi: God!! U both r equally stubborn
Manik: now go
Adi: I vil go but u urself vil come to me
Manik: whatever

Aditi left the room n Manaj left for office, it was lunch time, now Manaj vil be having their lunch daily at home by which Nyo was very much happy. Nyo, Avni n Nandu were preparing lunch while Raj n Aditi were gossiping, Nyo said

Nyo: Nandini, thank u so much beta
Nandini: y this thanx Mom??
Nyo: pata hai, I always wanted Raj n Manik to have lunch at home but they never listened to me n after u came they have started having lunch at home
Nandini: cmon Mom, y being senti when I am here
Nyo laughed n hugged Nandu, while Avni was admiring them.

Manaj reached home n after getting freshen up, both came down. Nandini n Avni were placing the plates on dining table, all sat n Nandini was serving them. Nandini now reached to Manik n without looking at him served the food which irritated him n Aditi smiled. All had lunch talking about office work n shopping.

It was 4pm, since last 4 hours Manan didn’t talk which was getting on nerves of Manik, n finally he reached the guest room where Aditi was staying as she wanted to n Avraj already left. Manik knocked at her door n she happily opened it n said

Adi: toh aakhir aap aahigaye
Manik: haa, I came now say, what should I do??
Adi: say sorry to her
Manik: well, before coming here I already said her but she didn’t even listened to me
Adi: hmmm, so sing a song for her
Manik: k which genre, romantic or emotional.
Adi: r u mad??
Manik: no y??
Adi: dii is angry, so make her laugh, so that she vil forgive u
Manik: ohk

Manik was thinking what to sing but wasn’t getting anything, sobhe thought y don’t he compose his own song, he brought a paper n pen n started writing lines, but wasn’t getting anything, he threw almost 5 papers n at last he got a song, he showed it to Aditi n she gave thumbs up ?.

They both reached to Nandini who was folding clothes in her room, Manik took his guitar n started

Laal Laal Gaal jaise Tamatar….
Nandu ka Gussa Chad Gaya Chatt Par….
Kaise Manao Use, Lagta Hai Dar….
Kahunga Kuch Toh Royegi Baalti Bhar Bhar….
(Manik was singing while Aditi held her ears n was doing ups n downs on behalf of Manik)

Laal Laal Gaal jaise Tamatar….
Nandu ka Gussa Chad Gaya Chatt Par….
Kaise Manao Use, Lagta Hai Dar….
Kahunga Kuch Toh Royegi Baalti Bhar Bhar….
(Manik went singing behind Nandini who was placing the clothes in cupboard, she already had a smile on her face but hid it, which didn’t go unnoticed by Aditi)

Nandini left the room while Manik threw his guitar on bed n said

Manik: Aditi, tumhara idea bilkul bekaar that, see koi fark nhi pada
Adi: ur blind, she smiled but u didn’t see
Manik: what?? Sachi??
Adi: yes, now she juz has to say
Manik: hmmm

He then called Alya n she said

Alya: OMG!! Manik Malhotra called me
Manik: shut up
Alya: what shut up, mujhe toh laga, biwi aane ke baad u forgot us all
Manik: well sorry for that, I wanted to ask ladki ko manate kese hai?
Alya: Nandu se jhagda hgya kya?
Manik: yess
Alya: tum dono ka kuch nhi ho sakta (Aditi giggled hearing Alya)
Manik: now batao
Alya: ummm, take her on a date or shopping
Manik: shopping, cool, bye
Alya: oye, what bye, kaam khatam to baat bhi khatam
Manik: toh kya karu, tumhe bhi shopping le jao
Alya: good idea

Manik cut the call n planned to take Nandini shopping but they took Aditi’s name so that Nandini also can go with them n they were successful, well Manan said sorry to each other in car n the “Manao” session was over.
All reached the mall, Aditi was shopping as Nandini already did shopping yesterday, so she was roaming in the mall when 3 goons made a circle around her n she said

Nandini: what??
Goon1: oye, hamare saamne angrezi mat chat, aur seede hamare sath chal
Nandini: nhi chali toh
Goon2: him khud lejayenge
Nandini: acha, kese??
Goon3: aise, he took Nandini n put her on his shoulder n started walking while she was smiling n suddenly the goon stopped n Nandini felt two arms around her waist n she immediately recognized the touch, it was Manik. Manik made Nandini stand n pulled her behind him while goon said

Goon3: oye, kya chahiye tujhe??
Manik: tu, teri himmat kese hui ise haath lagane ki
Goon2: kyu, kya lagti hai teri??
Manik: biwi hai meri, Nandini smiled
Goon1: toh kya, hatja saamne se warna
Manik: warna kya??
Goon3 came forward but juz to get a smack on his face n he fell down their itself, then Goon2 also came n he too got a smack, he also fell down. Goon1 was standing freezed at his place n guess what his pant was ??(hahaha).

Manik held Nandini’s hand n took her outside n asked

Manik: pagal ho kya??
Nandini: matlab??
Manik: wo tumhe kidnap kar rahe the Nandini: I know that

Manik: tumhe chillana chye tha
Nandini: but I didn’t wanted to
Manik: matlab??
Nandini: I wanted to get kidnapped
Manik: r u alright??
Nandini: yess I am fine
Manik: ur impossible
Adi: I know Jiju, she is impossible, getting kidnapped is one of her wish
Manik: what aisi bhi koi wish hoti hai
Nandini: hoti hai
Manik: God!! Kya unique piece dala hai aapne mere hisse mein.
Aditi chucked while Nandu huffed n they left for Malhotra Mansion.

So how was it??
Toh in reality Adi is Aditi….?
Nandu ka koi bf nhi hai….?
How was “Manao” mission??
Who has a wish to get kidnapped??
Well Nandu is an unique piece, isn’t it??
Liked Avraj’s entry??
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