Manan- Meri aashiqui (Episode 46)

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Hello ppl,another update fr u..Ignore typos.Suggestions r welcum…Criticsm accepted….but pls do comment nd lemme know how it i so that I’ll know nd I can improve coz I take a lot of effort to write so I’ll feel happy if it is reciprocated…
Raghav ‘s house:After talking wth nandu,raghav is hell angry,he is drinking shots continuously but still sumthng is burning inside him..
raghav:u shudnt have opened those wounds nandini…u shoudnt have..”he thought in an anger filled voice nd gulped anoter vodka shot..

Just then his mob rang,he ignored it at frst but due to continuous buzz he answered”wat the hell? cant u pick the call at frst”the person shouted on the mob as soon as he answered
raghav:im in no mood to listen to ur bakwas,so cut the crap…y did u call”he said in irritation on wch the other person said in frustration”keep this attitude to urself..dare not talk to me lyk thisön wch raghav rolled his eyes nd said watever
raghav:kaam ki baat kare?”he said cutting the person as he is in no mood to listen the other person’s so called lectures..

other p:wats the status of manik nd nandini?”‘wth a composed voice
raghav:the status is they r parted ways nd no longer 2gthrïn a chilld out tone.
other p:nd u really think raghav!!!!they have parted ways?”waking raghav frm his fantasy wrld.
raghav:wat do u mean”confused!!
other p:i mean the ppl who were away frm each other fr 3 years…u really think…they both will leave each other..that too the manik malhotra who had almost died after he thought that nandini is no more….u think he can hate nandini?”getting sum sense into raghav’s brain
raghav:but the truth wch came infront of him will make him hate her only..he will never go back to her”justifed his thoughts

other p:raghav i never thought u were such a big idiot..”mocking him”who knows?may b they both r making us keeping on eye on manik….the scene he created infront of nyonika 3 months b4 is adding to my doubts”being in doubt wth manik’s sudden change of heart frm last 3 mnths
raghav:do watever u want to nd i will do wat i want to”nd cut the call nd threw his mob in anger
other p:his impulsive nature can put me in danger..i cant trust him”totally furious nd fed up
raghav:i will kill u manik tmrw nd after this the story wil b closed once nd fr allӕn utmost hatred

murthy’s villa:

its a new day…a new morning….its the day to xcute their plan nd finally 2day they r going to receive all the answers fr all the nevr ending ques..nandu is walking in her room to n fro nd is nervous…wat will she do?how she will act?
nandu:ayappa!pls make evrythng ryt”prayed lukng upwards…Just then she received manik’s call,she saw the caller id this tym nd answered..
manik:all set…Mrs.Malhotra?he asked in the most luvng voice.. scared”she said nervously..
he smiled nd said:princess….y r u scared…relax…evrythng will b according to the plan”trying the best to calm the storm in her
nandini: dont know manik..i get sum intuition lyk sumthng is gonna b wrong
manik:relax…sh….take a deep breath..evrythng iis gonna b fyn”calmly tryng to make her feel btr nd it worked wth his calm tone
nandu:u know wat….u r the definition fr the word AASHIQ….”wth a beautiful smile on his face
manik:nd aap MERI AASHIQUI…Mrs.Nandini Manik Malhotra”xclaimed
nandu:i luv u”wth a smile
manik:luv u more sweetheart..ïn a joyous voice,on wch she smiled broadly nd he said”pls be smiling lyk this always…it gives me my strength”wth a sweet smile on his face on wch she is queit but her heart is filled wth utmost uv nd care.

After talking to each other nd hanging up,she received manik’s call nd it is xpected
nandu:cant u leave me in peace?ӕn utmost anger but deep down she is xpecting the call
raghav:dont worry ..i will not only leave u in PEACE but also in PIECES”’emphasizing words peace nd pieces nd she well know wat he is tryng to hit
nandu:wat do u want?”she asked straight forwardly
raghav:BARBAADI…”‘wch shook hher to core but she composed nd said”stay in ur limits…u already spoiled evrythng..u killed manik’s father,u almost killed me…u made manik suffer nd ab wat is left out”retorted back in full anger..After few sec of silence raghav sp;oke

raghav:dont u wanna know y i killed manik’s father?ïn a stern voice nd she is
shocked….she wann aknow it ofcourse y is he behind manik?y he wants to destroy him?wat is the cause of all this hatred that he bend down to kill his own neice,,
nanud:y did u kill him?asked straightforwardly
raghav:u wann aknow na…meet me at malhotra mills nd no questions…”cut the call..
nandu:will he really tell or is it a trap?”she thought,opened to dial manik’s number but stopped midway..
nandu:no ..frst i need to find it by myself…”wth this she grabbe dher bag nd left the room
malhotra mills:
she reached in next 15 min nd there is no signal fr her mob,the whole mill is closed 25 years back as an xplolsion tuk place there nd manik’s dad shut it..She enterd calling raghav’s name but he is no where to b traced
nandu:raghav?”she again called nd then he came infront of her smirking..she is standing facing her back to him
‘raghav:im here nandini”he shouted frm back nd she turned around..he is having a gun in his hand,evilly lukng at her nd smilking,she is stunned at frst but composed herself nd said
nandu:am tell me…y did u kill manik’s dad?”nd he strtd walking to her wth evil smile wch is a bad sign fr her
raghav::arey take sum breath…nd answer my ques frst”coming closser to her
raghav:how r u feeling after becoming mrs.malhotra?”he asked wth a smirk nd she is baffed
nandu:wat u mean?”tried her best to act as she doesnt undrstnd wat is he talking abt
raghav:uffo….u r a bad actress nandini”mocked her oln wch she glared but he laughed nd said”as they say luv cant b hidden even tried to hide nd anyway ur sindoor…u frgot to hidE”‘he removed her hair wch is pulled onto oneside so as to cover the vermillion in her maang
nandu:ha….i was married to manik…wat didd u think…u can seperate us,….no raghav..u r wrong…u can never seperate us..v r two soul …even god cant seperate us”retorted like a tigress nd he smirked

raghav:impressive…y dont u write script fr hindi me…u make an awesum writer…”said clapping nd she is glaring at him ,he cntinued”but unfortunately…u dont have much tym”nd placed the gun..”u recahed ur end by urself…u seriusly thought that am calling u fr saying the truth..u r so naive nandu”said wth a pity luk
And she strtd laughing loudly as she can,he is confused wth her suddenly nd she said:u seriously think i am such a big idiot?that i ll come alone as u called”?
raghav:wat do u wanna say”but b4 he cud complete he eheard a voice”lemme do the honours of telling it”he turned to see manik,fab-4,navbhi nd aarush…he is totally blank
manik came nd strtd punxchng him hard due to wch he fell down nd he strtd bleeding.
manik:wat did u think nandini is such a fool that u will call nd wthout telling nyone she will come”tightening his jaw

raghav lying on floor wth blood,is near nandini’s feet nd seeking the oppurtunity,he stud up nd pulled her in a fraction nd put gun on her head…alll r shocked
manik tried to move towards him but raghav held her more tightly nd said”ur breath is captured in this parrot ryt manik….to y dont i kill her…s now the plan is erfect infront of u killing her..w.ow”

manik:raghav..leave her otherwise u will suffer to take ur last breath”he shouted but raghav wrapped his hand around nandu nd she is writhing in pain
raghav:manik think b4 nd speak…ur jaan …ur lyf…ur breath is in my hands..ur 1 wrng move nd she is dead”he pressed her throat on wch she coughed badly
maniik:raghav dont”tis tym d voice is soft as she is in tears due to pain
raghav strtd dragging her at gun pint wth him nd all r stnding helplessly
nandini:manik..”she helplessly called his name nd he tried to move to her
raghav:na….dont do that mistake otherwise TERI AASHIQUI…boom….”wth a smirk nd dragged nandu
manik:cabir..jaldi ….he is taking nandu”he shouted nd all ran outside..cabir brought car nd manik got into it nd both drove off while others followed them..
manik:if sumthing happens to her this tym toh i can never frgive myself”he said helplessly

cabir:manik nothing will happen to my sis…”tried to calm manik
just then he spotted raghav’s car nd cabir followed him wth full speed,even raghav saw them following nd he speeded up
raghav:ur MAJNU came”he said lukng in the side mirror
nandu:ur END is near”wth a smirk on wch he glared at her nd in anger he cut her arm wth a knife
nandu:manikkk”she shouted in pain
On otherhand\
manik:nandu…”he called her abrutly as if he heard her plea
raghav:lets end this tom nd jerry game”nd stopped his car on cliff nd manik’s car followed him nd stopped

manik came out nd raghav dragged nandu out on gunpoint
manik witnessed wound on nandu’s arm …it is bleeding badly nd she is cryng in pain
manik:RAGHAVVVV..”he roared nd raghav laughe
raghav:its paining a lot na”?he said making an innocent face..nd then wat he ehard next left manik froze in place..They heard a shooting sound nd evry1’s eyes stick to each other nd are baffled……

luv u all…nxt update on 29th…from then regular updates…do comment..take care..bye

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