Manan and Isqhbaaz love story (kaisi yeh yaariyan) Intro

(About story and Chapter 1)

This story starts from talent hunt….

After Fab5’s performance

When everyone went to green room they started giving all the blames on Nandani exept Navya and Cabir who are trying to defend her and the poor soul is just looking at her Manik so that he will at least try to defend her and what Alya told Manik shocked her to core..

Alya-Manik choose between Fab 5 and Nandani!!!

All the flashback of new year ave came in her mind and she left from the green room ….

Cabir-See!! Are you happy now!!!

And left the green with Navya
And Manik broken down there crying badly…

While other side————–

“Cabir-Nandani stop pls stop!!!!”

Nandani stops and turns back- What do you want Cabir!

Cabir and Navya just hug her and console her……….after a while she bust out crying…
Nandani-Why always me!……..
Cavya-shhhh nandu….
Nandani after composing her self says-I am leaving from here forever!
Cabir-What are you saying Nandani you can’t just loose so easily!

Nandani-This was not the first time Cabir first for dhruv he left me and now for their insecurities in green room all were blaming me and he! He was just watching he didn’t even for one time defend me so what do you accept from me.

Navya- But Nandani…
Nandani-Pls Navya don’t stop me now pls…

Nandani leaves……..

Cabir and Navya goes to Manik

Cabir-how can you do that Manik!I know Fab 5 is very special to you but what about Nandani Manik!

Mukti-Just stop it Cabir pls we have a very good mood today don’t spoil it!
Alya-lets party guys like old times!
Cabir-I’m not coming
And left the room

Manik-are you happy now you succeed snatching my life from me!Now party!
And goes from there…..

Everyone was broken…..

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  1. Manuu

    HEY URVASHI….it feels vry gd to se ur ff…am die hard fan of kyy..manik.nandini and manan jodi…
    good one…

    1. Urvashi

      Thanks…..I hope you like my ff!

    2. Manuu

      yah..its nice..hoping to see more

  2. Charms22

    Superb, I have read it in Wattpad and I love it

    1. Urvashi

      Yah!Its in wattpad too….I hope you like it!

  3. Aashi26

    just today read it on wattpad ! what a coincidence……
    I loved it….

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