Manan : It’s You ~ my firefly (chapter 48) – Season 2

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Recap : Manan’s London tour & veebha’s entry

Story continues,

Nandini reached khurana mansion & directly went to her room…

Mukti : she is really angry..what to do !
Navya : she was so happy when she came back & now her happy mood has been spoilt by that veebha..
Cabir : itz ok..let her b alone for sometime.. She will b ok..
Abhi : yeah..I agree with cabir..she is also let her take some rest..
Mukti : hmm..fine..we should also go to’s already late..

All bidded each other saying gd n8 & left for their respective rooms…

Nandini was sitting on her bed making an angry face..her phone was continuously ringing…

Nandini : keep calling !! I don’t care & I won’t rcv..this is ur punishment monster…

Vedant’s house :

Manik was continuously walking in his room & calling nandini repeatedly…
Manik : pick up the phone yaar !!!!
Veebha : whom r u calling at this late night???

Manik turned behind & saw veebha standing near the door…
Manik : veebha ! Come inside..

Veebha came inside & stood in front of him..
Veebha : so who is the person ??
Manik looked at his phone & replied while calling nandini again..
Manik :’s nandini..

Veebha had frown on her face listening that..
Veebha : manik..don’t u think u r showing too much interest in nandini??
Manik : I don’t think so..she is my frnd & it’s my duty to pacify my frnd if she is angry with me..
Veebha : manik !! Why r u giving her so much imprtnc ?! She is not even connected with ur past…
Manik : I don’t know she is connected or not..I just know she is my frnd..& yeah veebha..u r also not connected with my past..we met some months ago & became gd frnds..that’s not mean I won’t give imprtnc to u just bcz u r not cnctd to my past…same applies for nandini..
Veebha : I didn’t know she has become ur very gd frnd…
Manik : I know it’s been a very little tym since we met.. But she is indeed my very gd frnd..
Veebha : hmm..sorry if I hurted u..I just said all this casually.
Manik : I know..I’m sorry too if I sounded rude..
Veebha : it’s n8..
Manik : gd n8…

Veebha gave a fake smile to manik & left from the room angrily…but manik didn’t notice all this as he was busy in calling nandini…

At last he became frustrated… He thought to send a msg…

Khurana Mansion :

Nandini was still sitting on her bed looking at her phone…she was continuously fighting with her heart & brain thinking she should rcv the call or not..
Suddenly she got a msg from manik..she opened it immediately…

“I know u r not sleeping.. U r angry with me.. But I will b happy if u also join us for movie.. Hope u will come & yeah..bring ur frnds n8 – ur frnd ”

Nandini had a smile on her face after reading the msg..
She whispered – “gd n8 manik ! ” & slept smilingly keeping her phone on the table…

At morning :

Manik came out from the washroom after freshened up.. He wore a sky blue t-shirt with deep blue jeans..he jelled her hair perfectly & wore his watch…then he left for breakfast…

Aliya,dhruv & veebha were already sitting there…

Manik : gd morning guys !
Veebha & dhrulya : gd morning !
Veebha : manik.. U remember na today we going for movie??
Manik : of course..I remember..we all r going for movie today..
Veebha : all??
Manik : yeah..all..bdw dhruv..I’ve also invited nandini & her frnds to come..u also call them as nandini was a bit angry yesterday.. I wonder she’ll tell them or not..
Dhruv : don’t worry..I’ll tell them & they’ll join us for sure..
Aliya : I hope..veebha doesn’t have prblm if we join u..
Manik : why would veebha have any prblm!!
Veebha : fact it’ll b great u all join us..
Aliya : that’s so sweet of u..

They finished their breakfast..then aliya & veebha went to get ready…dhruv called abhi & informed them about the movie plan..he also said abhi to convince nandini as she left angrily last night…

Khurana Mansion :

All were waiting for nandini to come for breakfast.. Finally nandini came & wished everyone gd morning..

Abhi : nandu..dhruv had called some time ago..he invited us to join for movie with them..
Nandini : I’m not interested bhai..
Mukti : nandu..come on..we will have fun..
Navya : least come for us…
Abhi : plzz..dola..
Nandini : ok..fine..I’ll come with u..
Cabir : that’s lyk our nandu !!
Nandini : hmm..but only for u guys..
Navya : yeah..we know & thank u for that..let’s finish the breakfast soon..we’ve to get ready…
Cabir : waah..madhubala is becoming sensible day by day..
Navya : whatever..

Everyone giggled at that..they finished their breakfast & went to get ready…
Nandini went to her room & got ready into a light pink tops with white jeans..she curled her hair a bit & did a light make up…
Then she went to hall..everyone also reached there…
Cabir : everyone is ready !!
Abhi : great ! Let’s leave then…

They came outside & saw dhrulya,manik,veebha were standing near the car waiting for them..

All greeted each other smilingly.. Manik was continuously looking at nandini but nandini avoided him..
Abhi : guyz..i think we should devided into three teams…
Cabir :,mukti,abhi in one car, dhruv,nandini,alya in the other & manik,navya,veebha in another car..what say??
Nandini : let’s go??
Abhi : ok..

All got into the car…nandini was about to enter when she got a call from nyonika…nandini excused herself & received it..

Nyonika : how r u beta??
Nandini : I’m fine mom..what about u??
Nyonika : I’m absolutely fine..from the tym I heard about manik,I just can’t wait to see him..
Nandini : then why don’t u come here mom?? I’m also missing u..
Nyonika : even I want to come..but someone should b here na to handle all the works??
Nandini : yeah..but don’t b disheartened mom..we will come back soon with ur son..
Nyonika : yes beta..come soon..I’m waiting for u all eagerly…
Nandini : but mom..till we come back u have to take gd care of urself.. If I see anything wrong then I’ll b really angry with u…
Nyonika : no no no !! I don’t want to see my daughter’s anger..I’ll take proper care of myself…
Nandini : good..
Nyonika : I’ll have to attend a meeting.. So talk to u later..bye nandu !!
Nandini : bye mom..

Nandini hanged up the call & realized that she has come far away from the parking area while talking in the phone …she went back to parking area & saw only one car was there..others were left…she thought it must b dhruv & aliya waiting for her..

Nandini : sorry guys..I was talking to mom….

Nandini was both shocked & surprising watching manik & veebha waiting for her…

Nandini : what u guys r doing here ? I was supposed to go with dhruv & aliya na?? Where r they??
Manik : they left…
Nandini : what??
Manik : yeah..actually there was a slight chng in the plan while u were talking in the phone.. Now u r going with us..let’s go..

Manik opened the passenger seat’s door..nandini was about to go there but veebha came & sat on the passanger seat…nandini frowned watching that… Manik was also frustrated.. Having no other option nandini sat on the back seat..manik also sat on the driver seat & started the car..

Nandini’s POV :

When I came back after talking to mom..I noticed only one car was there & others were left..the first thing which irked me was manik even didn’t wait for me..he has also left..whatever.. I don’t soon as I went near the car I was literally shocked or say surprised to see manik there..of course with veebha..but still manik was waiting for me..I felt butterflies in my stomach..I immediately chng my expression as I didn’t want manik to see my expression… I asked about dhruv & aliya..manik informed that there was a slight chng in the dhruv & aliya left..I’m sure it must b cabir’s plan to chng the plan..this boy na !! One day he will b killed in my hand…it’s gd that I’ll go with manik..but this veebha ! I’ll have to tolerate her with manik in the whole way.. Cabir didn’t even think that how’ll I tolerate all this ! How dumb he is !! Manik opened the passenger seat’s door looking at me..I clearly understood that he was offering me to sit there..that’s so sweet of him..I was about to go but again that veebha ! She took my place…argghh !! Now I’ll have to tolerate them lyk this..seriously?! It would b better if I had said no for this movie least I wouldn’t have to see all this…
End of POV

Whole journey veebha was trying to do flirting with manik & nandini was becoming more & more furious.. She was frustrated…finally they reached into the theatre..nandini came out from the car immediately…all were waiting for them outside the theatre..

Nandini went to them & stood beside cabir..
Nandini : I know it was ur idea..
Cabir : waah..u know me so well..
Nandini : yes..u’ll b killed by me soon..
Cabir : why?! I thought u’ll lyk my idea..
Nandini : seriously?! U didn’t even think about veebha?
Cabir : don’t tell me..veebha frustrated u with her continuous blabber with manik !!

Nandini gave him ‘happy realisation’ look..cabir palmed his face saying ‘shittt’…

Mukti : if ur talking session is over..shall we go inside now??
Cabir : we didn’t stop u..go..
Mukti : we r standing here for them & they r saying they didn’t stop us !!
Cabir : ha…to..
Nandini : guys..plzz..don’t fight..let’s go inside ..
Mukti : accha..let’s go…

Mukti & Cabir glared at each other & all went inside…

Manik : u guys go..I’ll bring the popcorn..
Veebha : I’ll also come with u..
Manik : no..u go might’ve start by now..u want to miss it??
Veebha : then I’ll go inside.. U come fast…
Manik : yeah…

All went inside except manik..suddenly nandini said she wants to go to the she also came outside while others took their seats..veebha took her seat at that she can sit beside manik..

Manik was coming with the popcorn while nandini was also coming from the washroom.. Both bumped with each other & all the popcorns fall on the floor…

Nandini : I’m really sorry..I didn’t noticed..
Manik : it’s ok happens..I’ll go & bring another one..
Nandini : no need..u go & enjoy ur film.. I’ll bring the popcorn..
Manik : no nandini..
Nandini : manik..plzz…
Manik : ok let’s go together..
Nandini : fine…

Both went to the popcorn shop..there was a small they decided not go in the line & wait for the line to finish…

Manik : thank God the popcorns fell on the floor…
Nandini : why??
Manik : at least u r talking to me finally bcz of this..
Nandini : as if u were yearning to talk to me..
Manik : not lyk that but…chuck it..u say..why were u so much angry?!
Nandini :’s just that my mood was bad..
Manik : what was the reason?
Nandini : why should I tell u?
Manik : fine..don’t tell..but I took u for london tour but u bhvd so badly avoiding me for so long…
Nandini : london tour ! What’s so special in it? U will take veebha also na..for london tour…& u brought her for movie cancelling the meeting..I think that was also a part of her london tour with u…
Manik : nandini..I didn’t cancel the meeting..u did..
Nandini : bcz u wanted that..
Manik : when did I say I want that?
Nandini : if u didn’t want that u would’ve refused her na?!
Manik : nandini..I refused her at first..
Nandini : that was bcz u had meeting.. Not that u didn’t want to go with her..
Manik : fine..I wanted to go with her..even I take all the girls to roam around the city..I took u as a tourist guide..happy??
Nandini : when did I say that manik??
Manik : u meant that Nandini..
Nandini : no..I didn’t…
Manik : forget it…
Nandini : yeah r8..forget it..

Manik took the popcorn from the shop & left from there angrily..Nandini also went inside angrily…

No precap.. Haven’t think yet !!

Hope u all lykd today’s chapter…I know u guys won’t b happy about manan’s fighting.. But fighting is also a part of do share ur feedbacks & let me know how it was.. Suggestions r also welcome.. Till then –

#b_safe_n_stay_happy_&_spread_love 🙂


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