Manan : It’s You ~ my firefly (chapter 16)

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Manan : It’s You ~ my firefly

Nandini was crying..she was running through the corridor.. Suddenly she bumped with cabir…cabir was shocked watching nandini crying..
Cabir : nandu..r u ok? Why r u crying?!
Nandini didn’t reply.. She ran from there also…
Cabir in mind : something is wrong.. But what?! Oh shitt..manik told me yesterday.. That means…oh no !! I’ve to check manik…
Cabir went to the garden immediately… He saw manik sitting on the floor & crying…
Cabir went to manik..he tapped on his shoulder…
Cabir : manik ??
Manik jerked his hand,stood up & threw the jar of fireflies on the floor out of anger…manik was watching the firefly…
He remembered nandini’s word :

“Nandini : I don’t blv them anymore..
Manik : day u will blv them again…
Nandini : no..never..I don’t lyk fireflies”

Manik : I failed cabir..I failed..I couldn’t make her blv the fireflies again…
Cabir hugged him…manik also hugged him & cried…after sometime manik left him..
Cabir : let’s seat…
Manik : ok..
Cabir : so she said no to u??
Manik : no..she didn’t say no..
Cabir : then?! She said yes?!!!.
Manik : no yaar…
Cabir : then what did she say?!
Manik : she didn’t say anything..
Cabir : will u plzz explain??
Manik : woh when I proposed her she was just shocked..then she started to go away from me..then cried & ran away…
Cabir : ohh..then why were u crying ?!
Manik : she doesn’t love me..
Cabir : but she didn’t say no..
Manik : she didn’t say yes..& if she would love me then why would she left lyk that?! That too crying?!!!

Cabir : point..but what if she was confused?!
Manik : but…if she was confused she could say that to me..the way she reacted…she doesn’t love me cabir..
Cabir : let it b..whatever will happen we will see it let’s not spoilt mukti’s birthday.let’s go there..
Manik : u go..I’ll come later…
Cabir : no..come with me now….
Cabir dragged him to the party..mukti saw manik & came to him..
Mukti : is everything ok??
Manik smiled…

Manik : yeah my princess…
Mukti : where did u go then?!
Manik : I was talking in the was imprtnt that’s why..
Mukti : oh..ok..
Mukti dragged manik to the dance floor… Manik unwillingly went there…
Abhimanyu was searching nandini..
Abhi : cabir..did u see Nandini??
Cabir : yeah..woh she wasn’t feeling well..that’s why she went upstair in the room…
Abhi : what!! I should go & check..
Cabir : no stop..if u will go mukti will search u..& if he find out about nandini’s illness she will b tensed & party will b navya will go & stay with her..u don’t worry..
Abhi : r u sure???

Cabir : absolutely..I’ll tell navya..don’t worry..& it was just mere headache bcz of loud music I guess…
Abhi : ok..thnx bro…
Abhi went to mukti…
Cabir called navya & told her everything…
Navya : haayy matarani !! Why didn’t u tell me before???
Cabir : Arey drama I’ve told u go & check nandu..
Navya : accha ok…
Navya went to the where nandini was crying..
Navya sat beside her…
Navya : nandu…
Nandini immediately hugged her..she was crying…
Navya : what happened nandini?? Why r u crying??
Nandini : manik proposed me…
Navya : & u said no??

Nandini : no..I couldn’t say anything to him…
Navya : but why??
Nandini left her…navya wiped her tears…
Navya : nandu…u r my best frnd..u know na u can tell me anything??
Nandini : yeah..
Navya : then tell me what happened..
Nandini : navya…manik proposed me today…I never thought he loves me..I couldn’t say anything to me..without being confirm I couldn’t say him yes..I saw his eyes..there was so much happiness & hopes for me..I broke his heart navya..I’m feeling guilty..he did so much for me & I broke his heart…
Navya : do u love him nandini ??

Nandini : I don’t know navya..I just don’t know.. I’m confused..yeah..he is special for me.. But I don’t know if it’s love or not..I’m unable to think navya…
Navya : ok..don’t stress urself so much..manik is very nice person & he is also ur frnd..I’m sure he will understand..
Nandini : but I don’t want to give him any false u won’t tell him anything.. Prmiz me navya..
Navya : ok…prmiz…I won’t tell manik anything…
Both hugged each other…
Navya : now stop crying.. & come to the party.. Everyone is looking for u..
Nandini : I’m not feeling lyk coming to the party…
Navya : u have to nandu.. Come…

Navya forced nandu to come in the party again..both came back at the party..nandu looked at manik..manik also saw her…both had an small eyelock..manik removed his eyes & started to talking with cabir..nandini wanted to talk to him..but she didn’t know what she will say..
Everyone was enjoying party but manan were sad & doing show off of being happy…they were also trying to avoid each was becoming difficult for Manik to control his feelings…finally the party was over..guests were also left…
Abhi noticed nandini’s sad face & swollen eyes…he came to nandu..
Abhi : dolla..r u f9??

Nandini : yeah bhai..why r saying that?!
Abhi : look at urself..ur eyes are swollen & I had also noticed u were not happy..
Nandini : there is nothing lyk that bhai..I’m f9..woh just I have severe headache.. That’s it…
Abhi : r u sure there is nothing else??
Nandini : yeah bhai don’t worry…
Abhi : OK…
Nandini smiled which brought smile on abhi’s face also…
Nandini in mind : sorry bhai..I couldn’t say the truth to u…if u I would’ve said it to u situations would get more complicated.. U would b tensed for me & I don’t want to give u more stress…

Nyonika : so itz tym to leave..let’s go…
Abhi left for Khurana mansion..cabir & navya also left for their respective homes..nyonika,mukti,manik & nandu left for Malhotra mansion…

They sat on the car..manik on the driver seat,mukti on the passenger seat,nandu & nyonika on the back seat…
Mukti & nyonika were talking about party..most of the tym manik & nandini were silent…Manik was watching nandini through the mirror..nandini was sitting silently looking at outside…

After half an hour they reached malhotra mansion…Everyone left for their respective rooms as they were tired…

Nandini went to her room & started thinking about the incidents..on the other hand manik couldn’t bear these pains more..his minds were bursting with a lot of questions…

He took his car & left from the house..he was driving at very high speed & remembering their moments when nandini was also remembering them & crying…

Aisa bhi kya milna, saath hoke tanha
Aisi kyun sazaa humne hai paayi,
Ranjhana ve….
Phir se mujhe jeena, tujhpe hai marna
Phir se dil ne di hai ye duhaai,
Saajnaa ve…
Laqeeron pe likh di kyun judaai…..

(Nandini was crying in her room remembering their moments.. She remembered their eyelock..there cushion fights..their fights during eating ice cream..when manik cupped her face & wiped her tears..when hugged her..then remembered manik’s propose..manik’s xprsn when she was going backwards.. Manik removed his eyes from eyelock..)

Gair sa hua khud se bhi, na koi mera
Dard se karle chal yaari, dil ye keh raha
Kholun jo baahein, bas gham ye simat rahe hain
Aankhon ke aage lamhe ye kyun ghat rahe hain
Jaane kaise koi sehta Judaaiyaan….

(Manik was driving his car & remembering about nandini..her angry looks..their fighting.. When Nandini 1st hugged her..when they were about to kiss..when he kissed her forehead..when she said in sleep don’t go away Manik… Then her xprsn when he proposed her..her crying face & then running away..)

Chadariya jheeni re jheeni
Chadariya jheeni re jheeni….
Aankhein bheeni ye bheeni ye bheeni
Yaadein jheeni re jheeni re jheeni…(2)

(Manik stopped his car & came out from his car…he shouted calling nandini & sat there… Nandini was also crying saying sorry manik..)

Ranjhan dhoondhan main chaleya
Ranjhan mileya naa ye…
Jigraan vichon agan laga ke Rabba
Lakeeran vich likh di judaai….

(Manik palmed his face & crying a lot…nandini was also sitting at the floor crying…)

After about an hour manik stopped crying..he wiped his tears & sat in the car & started driving for home…

Manik reached home after about an hour..he was going to his room when he saw nandini’s room was open..she hesitantly went inside..but he saw no one there…he wondered where nandini has gone at this hour !! He checked other rooms,hall,kitchen.. But nandini was nowhere to b seen..he panicked… Suddenly he thought about terrace.. He went there running….
Nandini was sitting on the swing & starring at the starts..
Manik felt relieved after watching her..he took a deep breath..he was thinking if he should go to nandini or not..he hesitantly went near her…
Nandini looked at him..
Nandini : manik…

Manik : what r u doing here at this tym? u should go & sleep..
Nandini : can we talk for sometime?
Manik was confused what to say..
Manik : look..nandini..I know I broke ur trust.. U thought me as a frnd but I crossed the limits..may b I don’t trust me now..but I’m sorry for these mess..u don’t…
Nandini : I’m sorry manik..
Manik looked at her…
Nandini : can u plzz sit here for sometime??

Manik sat down on the swing beside her…nandini held his hands..
Nandini : I’m sorry manik as I broke ur heart…I know what u might b feeling now..but what would I do?! I always considered u as my frnd..a special frnd..I never thought lyk fact whenever that kinds of thoughts came into my mind I threw them away…I could not see ur love..I know u r a very nice person & I’m lucky to have u as my frnd..I didn’t want to break ur heart..I was confused what to say..I didn’t wanted to give u false hopes by saying yes nor I could break ur heart saying no..I’m sorry manik..plzz don’t b upset with me..I don’t want to lose u…

Manik was startled listening these..he thought nandini doesn’t love fact after these she will hate him..but he was wrong.. He thought cabir was r8 that she was confused …though nandini didn’t want to give him hopes but somehow nandini’s words gave him hope…
Nandini : manik plzz say something..
Manik smiled…

Manik : don’t worry nandini.. It was not ur fault..I was always ur frnd & I’m still ur frnd..I can understand.. Don’t stress urself.. Just take care..
Nandini forward her hands towards him…
Nandini : then frnds???
Manik took her hands for handshake..
Manik : frndz…
Both smiled at each other…

Nandini : so u r not angry na?? I mean everything is normal lyk before r8???
Manik : yeah.. I’m not angry & everything is normal…
Nandini : thnx manik..
Nandini hugged him immediately.. Manik was confused thinking he should hug her back or not..she hesitantly hugged her…then both left each other…
Manik : I think u should sleep now..did u take ur medicines??
Nandini made a face..
Manik : go & take ur medicines now.. Then sleep lyk a gd girl..ok??
Nandini : okk night manik..
Manik : gd n8 nandini…

Both went to their rooms..nandini took her medicines..she felt a bit relaxed after talking to manik..

Manik was sad but somehow he was happy also after talking to nandini & knowing her feelings..he slept thinking about the incidents.. Nandini also slept thinking about the same…

So it was chapter 16..hope u lyk it…thank u sooooo much..all of u…for supporting me & showering ur love..I’m blessed to have such readers lyk u guyzz….

One of my reader Neha requested me for a one shot on kyy…so I’m working on’ll b post for publishing till afternoon.. It’s name is ‘manan os : lyf is incomplete without u’ ..hope u guyz will lyk that too…do share feedbacks & suggestions r also welcome..I’ll b waiting for ur feedbacks..till then –

#Nishita πŸ™‚

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      Thank u divya πŸ™‚

  1. Di thank you thank you thank you very much for accepting my request or wish and the episode of today was like you sweet good fantastic

    1. Nishita

      Thank u so much was my pleasure to fulfill ur wish..I just tried to write..have post it already.. Hope u lyk it πŸ™‚

  2. First of ollll tq so muchhhh 4 such earllly nd osom update…i was surprisd 2 c ….as i said i keep chckng our ur updates…..ohho judaiiyaan….dil hi ro para mera toh…manik itna royega phir toh mai khatam….bt thank god still thers a hop again 4 him in d realnship…..yess defintly eagr 4 d os too…it too wud go osom….trust u cmpltly….lots of love ….awaitng

    1. Nishita

      Thank u sooo much anjali..I don’t know if I’ve successfully write the os or not..really nervous.. Already post it.let’s see what happens ..lots of love to u too πŸ™‚

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  4. Yar…if possible…..
    plz think about jealous track between manan….
    It’s just a suggestion….

    Otherwise…..ur current track is also nice nd entertaining….
    Keep going…

    1. Nishita

      Wow kavya !! It’s a coincidence or whatever u say..I’ve also think for that track..& someone is going to come in the nxt epi for that..hope u will lyk it..thank u πŸ™‚

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  8. Firstly thanks neha for giving this idea to nishita as becoz of your idea we will get to read one more wonderful story I am literally fond of your writing skills dear you show all relationships so beautifully and amazingly .update is just out of the world .you just rocks day by day by giving super amazing updates eagerly waiting for your os keep going dear love you loads

    1. Nishita

      Thank u sooooo much piya for ur love & trust..I hope I’ll b able to stand on it..but os was not that great as I didn’t get tym to think enough.. Whatever came in my mind I wrote it don’t know u guyz will lyk it or not..& about this epi..thank u piya .u guyz r my u too πŸ™‚

    2. Owe mention not Di and nishita Di writer’s really good as u said and her is was stunningly owsum

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    1. Di I’ll slap you if you say sorry the O’s was really impressed by me?

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  10. Nishu…u nailed it….god…lil sad coz manan r friends…BT I know that can never be friends..coz they r made for eo….BT dheere dheere I know u ll bring them together….n I have fallen for ur ff….like seriously n I know ke ur os will also be this owsum only…keep smiling girl…
    N sorry if u felt bad that I called u’s jst that I give pet names to all my friends n sissy…so here for u too…n it suits u too…????
    Love ur ff❀️❀️❀️❀️
    Be happy always

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      I always gives reply to everyone’s cmnt neha..but as u called me di so I would lyk to say that ur clg should b ur 1st priority.. ff is just for tym pass..I hope u won’t get me wrong.. But don’t spoilt ur future for anything as ur future depends on studies..I hope u will think about my advice..& thank u so much for this love..It means a lot ??

      1. OK di thanks for your advice but I meant seeing it after some studies as just now the news breaking news was strike tomorrow and no school no college etc

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      Itz ok mahi…I can understand.. Keep guessing to know..I’ll update soon. Thank u ?

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    It is really nice
    I knw the comment is not appropriate but I am not well nd it won’t be good if I won’t comment after reading
    Nd I am really sry Nishita I am not commenting on ur os as I loved but I don’t have strength left ?

    1. Nishita

      Hey itz ok dear…u first take care of urself..& thank u soooo means a lot that u took so much effort to cmnt…get well soon πŸ™‚

  16. Hey nishi dear sry I dint comment on last ff I ws little bit busy re but now I read both ffs both are amazng & awesome re I jus loved it & yea all the best fr ur os I know u will kill it eagerly waiting fr os also…. Wit lots of love …

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      Thank u sooo much manu dear & itz ok..I understand..lots of love to u too???

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      Sorry 4 late..I was a bit bzy..I’ve submit the nxt epi now..hope it’ll publish soon..

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    I liked it…inface I loved it
    It awesome

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  19. U r superbb writer but update soon na

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      I had posted the nxt epi in the afternoon but they published it at night..sorry..

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