Manan ff: Love Diaries (chp 10- Moving On)

Nandini returned to her room after breakfast and went to the side of the cupboard where she saw the promise sign. It was still there. She looked here and there thinking what to do, her gaze was down. She clicked its photo and sent it to Manik. “Do you really think I would’ve done this too? If not, I hope now you believe me that she is back,” she wrote the message and sent it to Manik. Meanwhile, Varshini was really tensed on how to get Nandini out of this, she thought and thought and then she got an idea.

“Nandkishore ji, don’t you think we should do Nandini’s marriage soon? Only that’s the way she can get out of all this,” Varshini said. “I was also thinking the same, but Anjali went just now, she’s traumatic, I don’t think this is right,” he replied while getting ready. “But what if Anjali becomes bad and troubles her? At least we can do the funeral, if we don’t do it now, something bad can happen,” she said. “You’re right, I just hope everything gets fine,” he said. “I hope so,” she replied. “You make sure to keep an eye on Nandu, we lost Anjali but we can’t lose Nandini,” he said blinking back a tear.

“I love Anjali, she didn’t got peace and did suicide, I act OK in front of Nandini but it really hurts,” she said and a lone tear escaped her eye. “Nandini is our Anjali, she’s joint to her by her soul as well,” he said wiping his eyes and hugged her. Nandini watched all this from the entrance and she got sad and was about to leave but was stopped by them. “Nandini beta, don’t feel guilty, I know you do, come inside,” Nandkishore said.

She ran to him hugging him tight. “Dad, everything is fine, you both don’t worry,” she assured and parted away. A smile crept on her lips. She looked around the back yard. “I can feel you here Anjali, I miss you,” she said and felt being pushed, the swing moved slowly on its own, she turned around but found no one and then her gaze went on the shadow. Behind her shadow was another shadow of a girl with long hair. She recognized it as Anjali. She smiled.

“I am sorry Anjali, I really am, I didn’t wanted to talk to you like that, your act made me do so,” she said but got no reply and the swing stopped. The shadow disappeared. She went from there to her room and saw Manik waiting for her. “Mani, you came,” she said and hugged him. “I came to check if you’re OK,” he said. “So did you read my message?” She asked. “Yes I did,” he replied. “Will you like to see it in real?” She asked. “Yes where is it?” He asked. “Come,” she said and stood up.

“Here it is,” she said. It was really there and he got shocked. “I don’t think you will do it just to make your parents believe it even if you didn’t loved your nails,” he said. “I am so grateful you believe me, well leave all this, I saw her shadow in the backyard, don’t know if she’s good or bad,” she said. “Let’s play ouija,” he suggested. “OK,” she agreed. “Do you know where is our rest of the friend circle? I haven’t talked to them since months,” she asked. “Cabir went abroad for studies but haven’t returned,” he said.

“Alia?” She asked. “She keeps going for shopping with her friend Mukti,” he replied. “Soha and Dhruv?” She asked. “They are also out of country,” he said. “Oh, let’s call Alia for playing ouija,” she suggested. “Ok,” he agreed. “By the way we are marrying next month so let’s start doing arrangements,” he reminded. “I am so excited,” she said. “Where will we go for honeymoon?” She asked. “Wherever you say, first let’s marry then decide, what’s the hurry?” He smiled and laid with the support of elbow. “Ok,” she said and laid in the same way face to face. “Copy cat,” he said while giggling as he copied his style.

She too giggled. “Oh I forgot to tell, our engagement date is 30th March, then our sangeet is the next day, then haldi and Mehndi, then marriage after some days,” he told her. “Wow, soon we will be together 24/7, I m getting married to my childhood lover, yipee, this is not a dream, is it?” She asked. “No it’s not,” he said. “Yayyy, Manik, let’s go somewhere tonight, please?” She asked. “Where?” He asked back. “I want to do clubbing,” she told him. “OK, we will have a lot of fun, your majesty,” he said bowing a little and she laughed.

Later at night, Nandini was choosing clothes to go for clubbing, she finally got it and went closing the cupboard but it opened again and she turned and was closing it again and a hand came out and held her hand. She knew it was her again, she made her leave her hand and went to washroom to take a shower. She stood under the shower and closed her eyes. When she was done, she went in front of mirror and noticed the pinky promise sign on mirror made by finger by the fog. She erased it and ran out.

She received a phone call by Manik. “Yes Manik…I am coming…just five minutes,” she said over the phone and disconnected the call. She dried her hair and got ready in a red mid thigh length dress. Manik loves red color, she thought to herself and smiled. She curled her hair, wore jewelry and made her way out of the room. “Mom, dad, I am going, I will return within sometime,” she told them standing at the entrance and went bidding bye. She made her exit and saw Manik sitting in the car. She sat inside and they drove off.

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