Manan ff: Humdard (chp 26:Engaged) part b

We exchanged rings and fed each other cake, this moment was very heavenly, I took her to dance. We danced on “Huwa Hai Aaj Pehli Baar” and I was the one who sang, she also sung along with me and we danced till we were tired. It was time to go. I kissed her before going and she blushed and looked down. “Bye Mani,” she said. “Bye baby,” I replied and went.We went to have breakfast, I made him eat of course, and he secretly kissed my fingers to which I blushed. He too made me eat and aunty smiled seeing us. He’s so cute. One year passed by, today was the day for our engagement, our alliance got fixed few days ago, we did late in engagement as his hand wasn’t ok but now the skin has grown and he is perfectly fine now, I went back to my house the day he became ok, here I am sitting in my room ready in a golden blouse with pink lehenga skirt and golden dupatta. I smiled at the reflection in the mirror and mumma came to take me downstairs.


went with her and saw Manik staring at me, I sat beside him and he held my hand. I blushed looking down. We were finally allowed to exchange rings, we made each other wear a ring and smiled at each other. We fed each other cake and finally we belonged to each other officially.

  1. Woww both updates are awesome … super..

  2. raji-tamil magal

    really really awesone episodes… i can imagine nandu with pink skirt and golden lehenga.. reall superb ma

  3. Finally dey r engaged….Awesome dear

  4. Ohhh wowwwww. ?????

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