Manan ff: Humdard (chp 24- Conscious Manik)

I was sitting by Manik’s side, his head was bandaged and the flesh of his left hand was exposed, it was disgusting. That stupid girl gave so much pain to my Manik. I kept my head on his chest cryingly. “When will you wake up Manik? I am missing you, I shouldn’t have gone to my house, I should’ve watched over you, I should’ve been careful”, I said cryingly cupping his face. “Come back, I need you.”

Just then I saw him opening his eyes slowly and I smiled at him. “Manik, my baby, you woke up”, I said smiling through tears and kissed his forehead, he was trying to sit up, I helped him and was going but then he stopped me. “Don’t go, it’s hurting a lot”, he said in pain. “I am just going to call aunty, I will be back”, I said and moved out of the room and told aunty that Manik woke up. She rushed inside followed by me and hugged Manik.

“Thank God you’re ok”, she said and just then I heard the door open and saw a girl entering inside. “Manik!”, she shouted excitedly and ran to him hugging him. I got teary eyed but quickly wiped my eyes. “Alia! How dare you hug me? Stay away”, he said pushing her but she was too strong, he pushed her harder but she wasn’t moving, I went and pulled her away from him.

“Oye hallo madam, he’s mine, stay away”, I said pulling her away. She jerked my hand. “No no no he’s mine mine mine and only mine, u stay away”, she said pushing me. “He loves me and not you, ask him”, I said confidently.  “Manik tell her you love me”, said Alia pointing at me. “I love Nandini! Did you hear me? I love Nandini!”, said Manik shouting at her and I gave her a victorious glare. “Nooo you are mine”, she screams. “I will die.”

She drinks poison, I tried stopping her, but she pushed me and gulped whole bottle and stumbled holding her head, I tried that she remains OK. She fainted the next moment on the floor. I ran out to call the doctor, many nurses came and took her from there. “Now she’s claiming that she loves me, she threw hammer on me and sliced my skin, now acting”, Manik said showing his palm to me and I covered my eyes.

“Nooo”, I screamed not able to see his exposed flesh. I hugged him and cried a lot. I parted away soon and made him lay. “Take rest”, I said covering him. Later I went to check on Alia and got to know she’s in her senses and went to her. “How are you?”, I asked. “Am fine but going from your lives, be happy, and take care of Manik, I am sorry”, she said in a weak voice. “Its not ok, don’t you dare return,”, I went saying this. Later we brought Manik home and I said I will stay with him to give his mother rest. He sat on the bed resting his head on my shoulder.

  1. raji-tamil magal

    gud episode… but how alia had a change of heart very soon… nic episode.. hope manik recover soon

  2. Thank god..Alia was out of manans lyf

  3. Alia out….. Wowwww… Nyccccc.. ?????

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