Manan ff: Humdard (chp 21-The Dance)

I removed my sandals.He took me to the middle of the hall and forwarded his hand, I placed my hand in his hand and he made me keep my hand on his shoulder and kept my one hand on my waist, I looked in his eyes with love. He held my other hand in his hand and the song played “Sapna Jahan”. We were dancing back and forth on the song looking in each other’s eyes.

I moved back between the dance, he caressed my arms and we moved sideways having an eye lock and completed one round, and he joined his forehead with mine and we danced intensely. He twirled me thrice and I fell in his arms, his hand went on my back and a shiver went down my spine. I straightened myself and the dance continued. He picked me in his arms at the end of the dance.

I heard everyone clapping and he made me stand on floor. I look down blushing and hugged him hiding my face in his chest. “Happy birthday di,” said Rishab and I parted away from him. “Thank you,” I said. “You two make a very good couple,” he said complimenting me winking. “Thank you,” I said. “When are you coming back?,” he asked and I looked at Manik. “Tomorrow, she’s coming tomorrow,” he said and got sad. Rishab smiled and went.I hugged Manik. “I will talk to you everyday,” I said and he hugged me tight.

After a lot of clickings of pics, the party was over. I hugged my family and everyone went. I went to the room with Manik. “There are more gifts I have for you”, he said and went to the cupboard and brought a huge teddy bear to which I laughed. “Oh my God, too big, what will I do of it?”, I asked laughingly. “Sleep with it, if you miss me then you have him”, he said. “Oh Manik, I am not going from this world, now my cute boyfriend please stop being emotional”, I said taking the teddy bear from his hands. “It’s cute but not more than you.”

He smiled and touched my face, I closed my eyes, he kissed my forehead and he gave me a key pendant and love cup too. “One for you one for me,” he said and we laid on the bed hugging each other and this night was the best night ever.

(A/N: hey guys, remember my ff Love Is The Sweetest Poison Ever which I couldn’t end? Ending it after May, r u all OK with it?)

  1. raji-tamil magal

    as usual todays episode was also grt and romantic ma… keep it up

  2. U should definitely finish what you started. …till may is a long time. … we will wait.’s chapter was really cute

  3. Both r cutie pies

  4. Lovnggggggggg itttttt.???????????

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