MaNan: Dil Awara Hua (Sequel to Humdard: prologue n chp 1: Honeymoon)

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We were sitting in the plane doing some chit chat, I was just so happy that I am married to the girl I know since childhood, and that she showed the women power and won the rape case. “Nandini, did you like the kiss?” I asked teasingly. She smiled blushingly. “Yes I loved it, I wish to have more,” she said pouting cutely. “Aww Nandu, so cute, don’t worry this was the first kiss not the last kiss, we’ll have more, happy?” I asked kissing away the pout. “Yes, I am missing my mom a lot,” Nandini said.

“Oh so call her when the plane lands,” I suggested. “But she’s dead, how may I call her? No one can take her place, new mumma is good and Nyo mom is also good, but my biological mom was different,” she said lowering her eye lids and I took her head on my shoulder. “I understand, and the angel to who she gave birth is also different who’s sitting with me,” I said trying to make her smile and she did. I kissed her forehead. “Nanz, I will always be there with you OK? Don’t ever feel alone,” I assured her.

“I won’t,”she replied snuggling more into me and drifted to sleep. I let her sleep on my shoulder, she looked just like an angel down to earth. I had her hand entwined with mine. I loved the peace on her face, she was angry at times but so innocent. I took out my phone and took a selfie with her sleeping on my shoulder. We looked so cute together. I wish I would’ve met her earlier at the time of college, although I knew her but I didn’t got to meet her, if we would’ve met at that time, it would’ve been love at first sight.

Well, what I had was also love at first sight but that would’ve been very beautiful. But remembering those times when she was too much in pain, a part of my soul pains that how can a person be so strong to go through this? Girls suicide but she’s really strong. Well, that was past, and I am so proud of her that she’s out of that trauma and that she fought back. If any crime would’ve got legal for twenty four hours, I would’ve killed Trilok brutally, nor letting him die, nor letting him live peacefully.

I thought all this while staring at her. My beautiful angel. I am too flirty and lattu on my wife, right? That’s what girls lack for, and Nandini is the one and only girl on who I am lattu or whatever you call it. April would be a great month as it will be my first birthday with her, my whole life is beautiful, what else do I want? My thoughts broke when I felt her head moving and was about to fall, I held it in my palm with everyone staring at us. I kept her head back on my shoulder ignoring the looks I received from others.

I woke up and sat up opening my eyes, I was in a room, Manik was sitting beside me. “Morning,” he said. “Morning, so you carried me till here?” I asked and he nodded in positive. “So sweet, I am hungry,” I said. “I was waiting for you to wake up, I have ordered the breakfast and its ready too,” he said. “Did you eat?” I asked. “No I will never eat without you,” he said. “Don’t starve, where’s the breakfast? We’ll eat together,” I said. “Here,” he said putting a tray on the bed.

“Waffles, I love them so much, yummy,” I said and ate as if I haven’t eaten since ages and coughed. “Slow down, it won’t run,” he said handing a glass of water to me rubbing my back. “What to do? It’s too yummy,” I said and continued eating, he cleaned the chocolate from my lips with his thumb as if I am a child. I smiled. “Why aren’t you eating?” I asked. “I m not hungry,” he replied. I forwarded a bite towards his mouth and he ate a little and pushed my hand towards my mouth making me eat.

I giggled. It continued as we ate. “Did you inform anyone that we reached?” I asked. “Yes I informed everyone,” he replied. “Where are we going today?” I asked. “Well that’s a surprise,” he said. “So let’s go right now,” I said. “Yeah why not,” he replied and we got out of our room locking it and went towards the exit of the hotel. We hired a cab and it drove off. He blindfolded me when we were on our way. “What are you doing?” I asked. “Its a surprise,” he reminded.

After sometime, I felt the cab stop and heard the door opening. Manik helped me out and I walked beside him still blindfolded. I didn’t had any clue where we were going but I knew it will be something really surprising. After sometime we stopped and I could feel his breathe on my neck. I felt him removing my blindfold and I blinked a little to make my vision clear. There were many boats near the sea shore. They were scooter boats. I was too excited for this. “Manik, your surprises are always beautiful, thanks,” I kissed his cheek.

He smiled at me. “How do you always know what I want?” I asked. “I remember you telling me in childhood you love to do boating but no one ever took you as you were scared of water, I remember everything, so let’s proceed, ready?” He forwarded his hand. “As ready as I will be,” I replied holding his hand. We went forward ans sat together over the boat, I had a tight grip on his shoulders. He started riding it, I smiled as the cool breeze touched me, the water splashed over my feet, it was the best day of my life.

This book is a sequel to Manan ff: Humdard, do read Humdard before this one for clear understanding.

Nandini says over the phone: yeah mom, I am fine. How’s u?….I will talk later.

She disconnected the call and felt a tight hug around her stomach.

Nandini: Manik
Manik: yeah its me

He left her and she turned, he encircled his arms around her waist and picked her, they had a lip lock.

.    .         .       .         .        .           .         .

Nandini receives a call: dad…what?…m coming

.         .          .             .             .            .

Nandini: dad, how can mom do this?
Dad: its an old guilt.
Nandini: of what?
Her dad tells n she’s shocked.

To be continued.

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