Manan-Broken string (Part – 1)

Its a incomplete love story…but love is a spl feelings were we have no boundaries…we could understand others pain…

My first manan plz support me
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Malhotra’s are great bussiness man in mumbai.malhotra empire’s are hired by cabir malhotra…he is now leaving in navi mumbai with his wife and childrens.
A men is sitting in a easy chair and reading newspaper..he is almost 75yr old ex-military man mr Raj malhotra.he is strict,passionate,arrogate nd rude in nature..alwayz eager to find others mistake..his wife mrs nyonika is no more..

Ramukaka:sir; ur tea.
Raj(tasted the tea nd spit it on floor)ramu wots this??is this a tea??dont you know how to make a tea…huff am litraly tired of u all
Ramu:sir but tea was gud..i tasted it
Raj:wot..u r drinkng frm my cup..
Ramu:no sir..nt frm urs(bfr he could complete they heard sound frm upstairs)
Raj:ramu y r u standing here lyk a fool..go nd look wot that idiots had done there..
(Bfr ramu gone a men came running down….shouting god plz save me)
Raj:sir wot happnd??u nly went up 30min bfr na??y r u shouting??
(He turned one side nd showed his hair fully shaved off)ur idiot kids had done manners at all..then wot the hell shld i teach them..wot evr i heard frm neighbrs were correct no teachers will be here more than a day…
Raj:sir plz i will pay u more…plz teach them
Sir:more than money my lyf is imp…if i went up they will kill me…ooo nooo..god(he ran away)
Raj is now lyk an angry bull..he took his cane nd headed to upstair
At study room
3kids are there two girls nd one girl is of 4yr nd others of 7…they are the kids of jeevika nd viren.jeevika was 2 child of raj..jeevika nd viren passed bfr 4months nd there naughty kids are now with raj..
Raj:u 3 idiots wot had u done with ur teacher…its ur 35th teacher nd u made him i wont leave u
He started beating childrenz…they all were cryng callng mama…
Ramukaka see this…no i need to call manu..he can nly save them
A men is sleepng in bed…he is charming nd cute lawyer..avery girl will fall for him…its non othr than manik malhotra
Ramu”manik baba plz get up??
Manik:kaka no plz
Ramu:baba ,hitler has staeted his routine job?
Manu(in shock got up) :huff…kaka wot hapond
Ramu narrated averthng…manu run to study room nd saw raj beating kids..
Manu: dad….enough…
Raj:i no will kill them…they are soo hectic..nd not havng any respect also
Manu:dad now plz u go out..its ur grandchildrenz not any things
(Raj leaves)
The kids come nd hugged manu..he too hugged them bak

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