Malik Princess of Sheeshmahal and his bride – Part 5

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Swara Malik silently walk around the palace feeling so much ache inside her for whatever reason.

Wrong. The reason is that Prince.

She don’t know what happened yesterday and that’s messing her head around. Why did felt compelled to kill the man she barely know and just wanted to have fun with? Why did she felt complete when he was close to her then another second she wanted to hate him from her whole being. And for what reason she would heard screaming in her own head most likely of her own voice. She never scream. And hearing her screams in her brain is so uncomfortable too. She did what she always do walked downstairs to her father study room. She knocked the door then open it without so much of manners. She saw him boring his eyes in some random file. She stood infront of him for a moment then settle on chair and give him sweet smile.

Omkar Malik raise his eyes to see his daughter staring with sort sweet smile which always meant she is in some trouble and he have to do everything in his way to rid of that said trouble.

‘Begin your query, Shona. ‘He said calmly.

Swara smile vanished and she coldly ask’ I want to know did I ever been gone out of this country or even city before, father. Or worst case I have been in coma anything.. Like related to some life threatening accident. ‘

Omkar Malik felt his eyes twitch in irritation of his daughter nonsense queries, he replied’ No. Nothing ever happened to you, I always pampered you and spoiled you. More likely you are best version of your mother who will throw someone else in cliff then get herself save someone for morality sake. And you never gone out of this Palace without security. Now tell me the trouble. ‘

Swara frown then did told her father leaving out of few things like how she was playing prank with her ugly sister marriage, trying to create illusion and heartbreak for groom then above it she almost cried in rage.

‘ You heard screaming in your head when you bumped into Sanskar Maheshwari. And more likely your own screaming voice.’Omkar Malik would have been amused if this nonsense would have come out of Sara mouth but his Shona never the one to talk nonsense. So this is serious.

Swara nodded then said seriously ‘I thought like some type of mental health issues would be problem of mine but that’s not. You could say I almost wanted to kill dearest Fiance, father.’

Omkar Malik think hard then come to conclusion ‘Shona right now stay away from Sanskar. I will see what can be done in this strange problem.’

Swara nodded then left really tired of this shit. She didn’t notice how her turning her back visibly shown how pale her father gone.

Omkar Malik was sweating hard when his daughter gone. He can’t believe this. His plan is crumbling into pieces after twenty years. He put his head in his hand trying to shove away the image of his wife last words.

You have killed my husband, killed our unborn child twenty years ago Omkar. Then put me drug every single day creating the illusion of me being your wife. I didn’t say anything but remember one day you will get the punishment of your crime. Not by me but by the daughter you so proud of. She will have you on your knees. She will. I know.

Omkar shaken from inside finally did one thing he was pending off past two years. He open his drawer and took out the envelope his wife have given him with sad smile. Her last thing she  had of her first husband. He haven’t kill that man by himself he just order his guards to have done because he fallen in love at first site of his wife. So when he with trembling hands took out the the thin photograph he jump out of his seat like he was set on fire staring in shocked at the photograph.

There in front of his eyes is the photograph of – Karan and Meera Vyas.

Omkar Malik fell on his knees and said aloud ‘So finally wife you have come back to take your Revenge in unique way. Having my daughter marry Sanskar to complete the blo*dy lovestory of Karan and Meera Vyas. You are wrong! Meera!! You are wrong. I would not let you win. By losing my daughter. I would not. Swara will never be Meera nor will Sanskar will be Karan. would be sorry to for trying to Revenge – ‘

‘ Nice photograph Father. ‘He froze on the spot hearing his daughter voice..

Swara Malik smirk staring him down with amusement clearly dancing in her eyes.

Sanskar was still shaken by the whole of yesterday. He have decided to do what he wanted to be done by yesterday. He silently sneak his way inside the palace in servants uniform trying hard to get any clue who the Princess he met yesterday. Otherwise he can only have one conclusion Sara Malik have split personality disorder. Which he really preyed to be his wrong answer. Then he reach near Sara Malik room and stopped. He have to know what the hell is happening with him. But last time he didn’t got anything here more then humiliation. He started walking more deeply inside the corridors until he reached the darkest side of Palace.He was at the end of corridors where a larger door was in front of him. He was curious bastard so he pushed the door open and his eyes widen in awe.

It’s like Sanskar have stepped inside another Manor inside royalty. He was hoping it to be some bedroom not basically Manor.

He walked inside totally thrilled regarding his discovering to let his guard down. He saw large photographs everywhere of Her. He stepped near at one portrait and just stared her with intensity unaware of his own. He can’t find himself to look anywhere else.

‘Beautiful. ‘

Those eyes were calling him. Those caramel orbs which turned into bloodshot by his single touch. How he loathed himself to make her get away from him. He don’t understand himself when it comes to her. She is his everything and this feeling is messing his head.

‘I always know I am beautiful, Prince. ‘He stood still hearing her Soft voice and turned to see her leaning against the door eyeing him with coldness. Their was no amusement, hatred even tiredness in those gaze. Only coldness and indifference.

‘ I.. was here to meet you. ‘He would not lie. Sanskar Maheshwari prided himself to not use any cheap excuse for meeting her.

Swara Malik still didn’t move an inch her whole body stiffen, she spoke with more coldness Sanskar thought would have ever have grace of matching Sara Malik.

‘You are close to my very personal space which is dear to me. More then my own father. Do you know last time the one who trespass this boundary is still trembling and mentally unstable and that someone always ask me why I can let that person die if not to let them live peacefully. ‘She finally allow herself to walk towards him with so arrogance and way like he have met wrong Malik Princess before. The one before is what can be real Princess of Malik. The one who were heard in myths of Sheeshmahal Palace of how the real Princess can burn down the whole world for her own amusement and cut down those throat for defying her. And how every century their is always Malik Princess who have the same trait.

Sanskar Maheshwari understand the myths are true if the walking disaster in coat of beauty can anything else.

‘Who is this someone, Princess? ‘Sanskar ask knowing the answer already inside him.

Swara smile – bloodthirsty smile – and whisper which echoes everywhere’ Who else your Fiance Sara Malik, Prince ‘

He nodded accepting it already and dare to ask something he desperate to know’ Who are you? ‘

Her eyes harden and she replied’ Your destruction. ‘She didn’t give anymore reply because next she clapped two times and twenty guards hurriedly came inside pointing gun on his head.

‘ Lead our guest out Dixit. I don’t want father to be upset over blood on his favourite rug. ‘She started moving towards upstairs but stopped hearing his deadly words.

‘ I would know who are you and then I will tell who am I for you, Princess. Because you are not so hidden from me. ‘Sanskar Maheshwari said with so much conviction and he meant what he said. He always needed wanted purpose in his not so perfect life and he gotten it. He would do anything to have the connection he have with this  Princess. He want her. He finally concluded.

Bodyguard Dixit saw the cold rage on Swara Ma’am face and immediately escorted out the would be son in law of Palace out of Princess Malik territory.

Sanskar took deep breaths after the heavy workout in night because he was never early riser in his family. Exception again. He needed this work out after being thrown out of Palace where he got the perfect glimpse of Malik Princess. Its really hard when you don’t know even the name of your growing possession name.

He doesn’t understand what is f**ked up part here. Him being infatuated by the Malik Princess one touch or Him being used as scapegoat to be marry another Princess of Malik,Sara Malik.

Only information he knew is their are two Princess with one face and different eyes, which is equal to Twins here. Sanskar don’t have details regarding this family deeply. He only sorted the information of upper surface like normal interrogation nothing else. And he is edgy. He heard knocking which stopped his thoughts. He walked to door and open it, seeing his father standing with smile which make him smile back.

‘Dad.. Come on in. ‘He invited his father and sat on recliner while his father took the rocking chair. His father holding old worn out file and handed towards him.

‘ I can only say we, Maheshwaris hate being in dark. This is whole history of Malik family I dig in. ‘His father said with attitude.

Sanskar blink his eyes not really expected this from his father.’ How you know what I was looking for? ‘

His father just shrugged saying’ Even I am silent one in our family doesn’t mean you forgot about me being lawyer. And I know my son too well. ‘saying he wink and stood up not before he said’ I know about crimes of Malik family. I have taken consideration to choose lesser evil in Malik for marrying you. Twins or not, Sara Malik is perfect for you because she is like you. Neglected.And you will Marry only her. ‘with that his father left him feeling so cold inside.

Sanskar their holding file for five minutes or more he don’t give damn because his sudden infatuation with Princess and his father pride is simply meant he have to choose. He doesn’t have backbone to choose his infatuation over his father pride. He know he sounded like coward but his father have given everything his mum lacked from his love to his undivided attention and he has only asked him to marry off with only he choose for him. He can’t let his father down. He love his father too much same as his brother to sacrifice anything for them. His two days old infatuation can go to he-aven. Yes Heaven. Can he?

He couldn’t stop himself opening the file and turning the pages until he stopped at last detail on one person.

He couldn’t stop the wistful sign out of his lips when his eyes laid on the beautiful and mesmerising Princess. His princess.

Swara Malik
Brunette hair, caramel eyes, fair face.
21years age
Date of birth – 4 October, 1997
Daughter of Omkar and Meera Malik.
Have twin sister – Sara Malik
Drop out of Oxford University
No experience for job qualifications
Have been not seen in society past three years.
Mental health illness – having problems to identify emotions. Psychopath.
Have been disowned from Malik properties years ago.
Bodyguards – Samrat Dixit.
No Affairs and relationships.

Sanskar Maheshwari was impressed and horrified at once over his parents. They wanted him to marry the Princess who have property, and also they want him to give no f**k over the one who is more deserving candidate for him to marry. Because Swara is as flawed as he is.

He wants to know her and talk to her. He wants to stare her eyes and smile when give him glare. He wants to spend his time with her. He wants to hear her Soft Voice and ask did he deserve her.

Did she see him and wants him to be deserving for her?

Swara Malik… Swara Sanskar Maheshwari this name have nice ring.

Then he move towards balcony and happen to witness his father standing with His Princess in guest house lounge. What the f**k?!
Swara was taking walk near lounge when she heard the footsteps coming towards her. She stopped when Mr Maheshwari came infront of her.

‘I did what you asked me to do. My son have the file and now time for your promise. Princess Malik. ‘Mr Maheshwari words have truth and hidden fear. She like it.

She spare the moment eyeing the man seeing his worth in Chocolaty Prince life. This man is the reason Prince born after all. She spoke with charming smile.’ Now, Mr Ram don’t panick we are going to be family soon. And your son is needed to know that you don’t start having obsession on me when  going to marry my dear Sara. My promise is same your wife will be out of jail if your son will out of my hair. ‘She paused then thoughtful mused aloud’ How can father is more likely love his wife then his son? Interesting isn’t Mr Ram. Good day. ‘She smile then left from their not before looking straight in the eyes of Chocolaty Prince who is frowning down at her standing in the balcony.

She wouldn’t have gone to give her own personal details to Chocolaty Prince if not for his daring over coming inside her territory. She hate him but also he entertain her enough to let him have his way by her. Swara know her privacy is jeopardise and she shouldn’t have given her personal information to Prince. Well when she have listen to her sane side of brain. She is bored and matter of fact she know Sanskar Maheshwari is having the memory of Karan Vyas when he touch her. So much interesting. Then she can play with Chocolaty Prince and soon throw him in her ugly sister arms when She would be bored by him again. His antics is bringing out rage inside her and Swara Malik wants to feel emotions. Even if the said emotions is hatred.


Omkar Malik was staring at Shona he know but from the moment his Shona got the truth regarding him being the reason of her mother unrequited love she is avoiding him and it’s hurting him.

He waited for his Shona to finally come out of kitchen and when she did with their everyday coffee. He is overwhelmed with relief.

Shona sat beside him on stool putting both the mugs on counter and told him in bored tone ‘I am not avoiding you nor I am going to be any judge over your crimes father. Even they are downright horrible. Because we both know I am different and my emotions works differently then you or even dearest.’ She started sipping her coffee.

Omkar Malik really is evil man because he thanked God to make his daughter emotionless girl. Really he is evil. But he love his daughter too much. ‘Shona thank you. Do you want anything in return over never talking this whole matter.’ he pleaded mostly because he know his daughter.

Swara stopped for a moment then casually stated ‘I don’t want anything but you are going to do something for mother. Go and find out remaining Vyas family and see they are living comfortably or not, also lie to them regarding me and dearest being Karan Vyas unborn baby.’

Omkar Malik jaw dropped in shocked.

Swara give her bloodthirsty smile at her father making him tremble. ‘Come now father, you did hurt mother by snatching her unborn baby. I wouldn’t understand her pain but I have idea mother would be not doing salsa with you for your crimes. Most of all you got mother in your bed because of Stockholm Syndrome.’ then she with relaxation sipped her coffee and put her head on her father shoulder calmly.

Omkar know his Shona giving him mercy so he shut up and started sipping his own coffee and put arms around his daughter. They both he is going to do what Shona have casually order him if he wants to live enough to see Sara Marriage. Not rotting I jail or being Shona new experiment to come out of boredom. Such kindness drip out of his daughter.

‘Are you still leaving me after Sara marriage? ‘he ask hesitantly.

He heard sign and realise his daughter don’t like him being all emotional but he can’t live without her. He waited for her words.and he gotten reply.

‘ Yes. And reason is simple I am bored here, father. You begged me to stay I did now I need to get out of here and travel around to find something interesting. ‘

Omkar unhappily said’You do know your childhood self claimed husband will hunt you down if he got hint of you leaving Luckhnow. He is waiting to marry you.’

Swara Malik chuckle darkly ‘Oh I know father. But he is my distant friend nothing else. Only because he can be found little useful when he meet.’

‘And you still didn’t find one for yourself? ‘Omkar ask smiling.

Swara Malik unknowingly got the image of mesmerising and beautiful Prince lying on the same hammock she did in her louge laughing and having spark of alive in his eyes to make her heart beat faster. Such Greek like beauty of Man can be dangerous for her when he is nothing if not innocent to try and claim her his. She smirk ‘No one father.’ because she is sand for him. She can never be in his hand always slip away easily.

Because she is forbidden One.

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