Malik Princess of Sheeshmahal and his bride – Part 3


Hidden princess 



Dammit! Swara Malik immediately hid herself behind the pillar seeing both Sara and Chocolate Prince inside room discussing what can be guess Sara and her another contract over marriage. Swara rolled her eyes at the childish things her twin sister gotten inside her unused brain.

‘I will not sleep with you nor will I give you any baby. ‘Sara started her demand.

Swara put her hands on her mouth not to laughed. s*x is equal to baby then I would have thirty more siblings by what my Father always got himself in one night stand. Really such crap!

Chocolate Prince have his jaw dropped slightly.

‘Next I would like to have divorce in six months. I will take this forever drama. ‘Sara continued by now sitting moving towards window having her back to both Swara and Chocolate Prince.’ And I want you to live here for next few months. I wouldn’t be going anywhere with you. That’s will get your money at end of divorce for being my husband. And yeah I forgot about this document you would like to read before agreeing to my every demand. ‘She threw the black file towards the glass table between her and Chocolaty Prince then turned to look outside like  birds are giving their rare view nicely.

Sanskar pick it up and read only to froze as he read it again and again then look resigned and nodded. He is furious.

Literally! Why six months marriage Drama? Swara Malik really confused she saw Chocolate Prince got very angry look which quickly vanished by calm mask as Sara turned again facing them.

‘ Sure Miss Malik I  also wanted to talk with you regarding same matter. Thank you for making our lives more easy. ‘Sanskar reply being as calm as possible. He never thought he will meet another woman who can alike his mother attitude regarding marriage. He saw the speechless look on Malik Princess and walk out deeply seething inside.

Swara blink her eyes in surprised because what she know Agent SK was here to break the marriage not accept it. So she did what she always does ignore the whole drama and move on to have some fine breakfast this morning humming her favourite song. Well she has surprised for Chocolaty Prince.



anskar curse under his breathe for even thinking about helping his brother and fooling Malik daughter at same line. He should have known better than to cross royalty. He kept walking out of Palace with only thought of smacking himself. He have been inside with Sara Malik for ten minutes and that’s enough for him to know he has to marry the Royalty if he wants to keep his mother away from jail. His luck is worse one because not only he got himself involved with cold blooded Sara Malik too smart for her own good who have contract which can have his mother business company in mud by seconds. He only have to marry Sara Malik for six months and that’s it.

Sanskar signed heavily reaching near his car and mused over all interaction. I can only hope my suicide trick will work otherwise I need to put up side down life’s of Malik Royalty. Well because no one f**ks with Sanskar Maheshwari awesome life not even some ice b*t*h. He sat inside the car putting the key inside the hole he started engine his eyes fall on blue file kept on passenger seat. He stopped the engine and pick up the file with confusion clearly shown on his face.

I can’t believe this! Sanskar mentally shouted reading down the documents. His suicidal hospital reports is on his hands with another handful of Sara Malik suicide attempts past few years. And their is note written neatly.

‘You have gotten perfect match in heaven Mr Agent try not to make competition with your would be wife on race to get dead first. ~your well wisher Princess ;>) ‘

Who the hell is this Princess? Sanskar groaned on his worst Fate. He stared out at Palace and felt his lips curl into smirk with challenging glint. So I have hidden Princess too. Interesting.


Swara hummed sad song lyrics lying on hammock in evening backyard of Palace with her Mac book in her hand. All in all having carefree evening for herself when her great Twin unfortunately sister Sara Malik grace her with presence. Oh how much I love my sister.

Sara cross her arms staring straight at her with narrowed eyes, as she bite out words forced fully ‘Did you met with my Fiance?’

Swara blink her eyes and cutely ask ‘Do you want me, dearest?’

Sara face turned into burning anger while Swara mused that this what her face would like in anger situation. Not bad. I kinda look more cute then mom.

‘I am here to warn you Swara Malik keep your hands and insane mind away from my Fiance. I don’t want any of your involvement otherwise.. You will be sorry deeply. ‘Sara threatened in high pitch tone.

Swara yawned and said amusedly’ Now my dearest, I would not do anything like what you said. But if you want me to have your Fiance in bed with me to let you know how he is. You just need to ask their is no need to put your desperate wished combine in sugar coated threats for me. ‘

Sara jaw snapped and her fist clenched,she shouted’ How dare you Swara Malik?! You would not go any near to my Fiance!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?? ‘

Swara shrugged as she said’ perhaps. ‘She watch the time on her Mac book screen and Continue’ This your time for psychologist time. Shoo. You get your brain crazy then I can think of not having my pretty hands on chocolaty Prince you in name of Fiance. ‘

Sara was beyond furious she didn’t twice when she took out sharp knife and throw on Swara face who grabbed it with ease inches away from her face . She commented softly ‘ Nice Chinese knife, dearest. ‘

Sara stomped her foot and walked out.

Swara chuckle dryly. Oh how much predictable Sara have become in years in hard work of killing that it’s getting bored. She eye the knife smirking I think it’s time to have some old fun. Her gaze fall on the news where the youngest entrepreneur ASR have come back to India after settling his business in all over England.




Farmhouse near the palace can be less comfortable when you have hidden Princess spying on you being yourself professional spy is altogether another matter insulting to be get spied.

Sanskar try not to feel more awkward sitting across his parents on dining chair having dinner quietly. On left side his father is like always busy in messaging to his clients or assistant then on right side his mother busy in healthy diet meal and newly painted nail smiling freely. He can call himself lucky by their ignorance because right now he is busy staring every corner of walls for any clue of video cameras.

He heard his father clear throat snapping his attention to him.

‘Champ did Mr Malik daughter is comfortable in marrying you? ‘His father hesitate asked. He could actually hear a clear cut questions hidden by his mother ears. Are you OK with your chosen wife or do I need to arrange another room in hospital  for your next suicide attempt tonight?

His mother interrupted sharply’ No need to ask him. From what can I see in pictures Sara Malik is perfect for our status and of course for Sanskar. ‘

Sanskar tried not to shout at his mother but he stopped when his eyes fall on photograph his mother put
with arrogant smile. He froze on the spot staring the picture of what he assume Sara Malik in bridal wear.

Sanskar snatched the pictures from the table and stared it long in those eyes which are definitely not the same. He remembered very clearly Sara Malik have irritating staring by those Brown eyes like accessing his status so much alike his mother way. While this girl have so beautiful eyes and she look so innocent unlike Sara b*t*h Malik he encounter. It can be lenses?

He asked to his mother ‘Mum did Miss Malik wore lenses?’

‘Yes, Sara have eye problems. ‘His mother reply indifferently.

Sanskar still can’t believe this is the same Sara Malik whom he met in afternoon.

Because the girl in picture look so much like his dream Princess. As much clinche it sounds by his standards.

And he is still staring that picture.

She is Aphrodite. How can this girl is the same one I met today? Sanskar snapped out of his dazed and concluded pictures can lie. Rule no. 52 of Agents.

‘Miss Malik look nice mum. ‘He told her his over polite reply which make his father wince in sympathy and his mother giving him evil eye.

Sanskar didn’t stayed their more knowing this is  silent before storm and he happily can let his father handle the storm he married. He stood up smiling politely ‘Good night Mum and Dad.’

His mother fumed silently. While His father signed helplessly and murmur’ Good night champ. ‘even Sanskar can see his father wanted to scream TRAITOR on him.He immediately was out of the dining room and move towards stairs hearing his mother yelling at his father.

‘ DID YOU LISTEN YOUR SON!? I HAVE FOUND HIM BEST BRIDE IN EVERY SENSE AND WHAT DID HE SAID NICE??? Its all your mistakes Ram for letting him have his ways… ‘Sanskar was by the time out of hearing range when his mother started the old lecture of being his father less strict towards him.

Reaching his room, he walk inside and stopped at writing desk. He pick up the note and still mused over hidden Princess. He can only have one conclusion this Princess is close to Sara Malik and also knew him more then his own brother. He can’t stop himself thinking about her more than anything.


‘My goodness who would believe ugly b*t*h can look quite nice in bridal dress. ‘Sara drawled eyeing the photographs on dining table then at her bane in existence.

Swara nodded’ Yes, How can I still look so beautiful having same face as yours. No body would ever believe, dearest. ‘

Sara growled while Swara smirk at her.

Omkar Malik wanted to palmed his whole face for ever agreeing with the last wish of his genius wife. Because for whatever reason his wife have asked all three of them to always have one meal of day together always. And no sane man deserve to sit in middle of two daughters who can kill each other by sitting across him. Where his Shona is all goading Sara to do an action for which Shona can give reaction.

‘I am sure you both have your fill for today, Sara and Shona. ‘the insistence on his favourite daughter was silent command which make his another daughter to glared him.

‘ Of course father. ‘Shona sweetly said, smiling towards her sister like nothing ever happened.

‘ Now I believe you both are not busy with your usual games. ‘He said in irritation when Sara look at him in disbelief of stating their threatening over each other life games on other side Shona look as indifferent as always towards her sister hatred. He continued in serious tone’ I have an announcement for you both life. Sara you are going to marry Sanskar in four days with as much privacy as possible and immediately go for your honeymoon next day to Canada. ‘Sara give smug look towards Shona who still disinterested. He turned to his Shona and told her calmly’ And you will be basically go to Delhi have some fun and do whatever you want with orphanages their. I want you away from here Shona till the marriage. Will you do this much favour for me? ‘

Shona shook her head and politely said’ No, I will not going anywhere Father. If you are so much paranoid over my dearest marriage then I will try to stay at farmhouse with burqa to cover my face till the wedding. ‘

‘ SHE NEEDS TO GO AWAY DAD!! ‘Sara shouted angrily.

Omkar Malik glare at Sara, snapped’ Don’t you dare try to use that tone on me Sara be respectful to me. ‘

Sara look away angrily before she whisper apologies.

Swara look amused at the daily entertainment. Such a childish sister I got. Poor me.

‘ Fine Shona. But you have to commit me you will do it. ‘Omkar Malik gravely insisted.

Swara eyes widen it’s very time Father ask her commitment over something. Now she can see Sara marriage is important to her father but why he is being so desperate? She shoved away the thought and nodded honestly said’ I promise you father I will not be here and cause any interruption in wedding. ‘

‘ Thank you Shona. ‘Omkar murmur tired lyrics.


Sanskar made himself wake up before his parents and immediately grabbed his trainers with leather jacket. He run out of Palace farmhouse section and moved towards the palace itself. He is damn curious to know regarding hidden Princess and this chance is too good to let it go.

Moving inside the large gates of Sheeshmahal Palace he appreciate the sheer beauty of this Palace totally dazing him from his senses.

Sanskar don’t know what it means to live somewhere this beautiful and magnificent but he can say life will be awesome, dull and full of pretending. He shrugged he doesn’t care regarding Malik family they can damn themselves all they want but still somewhere he can picture a princess waiting for him to take her away with him and they can live happily ever after. Something he dreamed once he heard regarding Princess from dad in childhood. But now only he can think he needed to save himself from Sara Malik type witches in pretence of Princess.

He started walking towards backyard of Palace where he can see the beautiful garden and can compliment those gardeners they did bring out their hard work and love in this garden making it so alive with red and white roses. He kept on going until he reached hammock hanging between two tress and lounge for sitting. He would have continued if not for the distant voice he heard. He couldn’t help but be curious as he started to walk in the direction where the voice is coming and he can say the voice is soft and soothing.

‘Try Pari once more.. Say Mumma.. ‘

He stopped at the window leading it to the servants rooms read on the door. He saw a lady kneeling in front of small girl around two – three years old age trying to make her talk. He can’t able to see the face of lady but her voice is more then enough to sooth his ears and bring his over loaded brain some peace.

‘You mum favourite. Please Pari try to say Mumma. I will give you large chocolate. Please Mumma. ‘the lady said in pleading tone making Sanskar amused then anything else. He stiffened when he heard the footsteps coming towards them.

Their stood Man in his late thirties shaking his head as he laughingly said’ Princess you can’t be less stubborn then Pari. Let her sleep she needed rest. You can always teach her to call you mother another time. ‘

Princess!? Sanskar stared the burqa lady now with narrowed eyes suspiciously.

‘ No way Jatin. I want my daughter to say Mumma soon. So I can teach her how to call you some Brat for spoiling our bonding moment. ‘The lady in burqa said with determined air.

Sanskar eyes widen when he saw the cover of burqa removed from her face by her hand.

Sara Malik?!! She have daughter!!!

Meanwhile Swara Malik was having too much entertainment in creating misunderstanding for her unfortunate sister Fiance.

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