Making memories of US by Lasya (Episode 4)

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I wanted to….. I’ll not say now! Naira go and bring that box where we kept money! Naksh ordered Naira!
Okay bhai!
Jiju! This is not a confidential matter!! You need not keep it that suspense….
Wait… my brother in law! You will die with happiness after I reveal my decision!
That means you decided to pay my bills till next year… I’m sure!
Koushik…. I find something Fishy! These sisters along with his brother will never accept defeat so easily! Doubted mishkat!
Mishu! No… bhai took correct decision and we accepted our defeat… what could we do other than this? Gayu replied.
By that time naira came with a box in her hand!
Such a big box Naira? keerthi peered it.
Yes keerthi di! Lot of money inside she replied!
Seeing the box all three brothers were smiling where as three sisters were giggling!
Suno! Sab log! This decision was primarily taken by MY SECOND SISTER NAIRA GOENKA.. Naksh announced!
I’m sure naira bhabi will not take any wrong decision! I sincerely respect all her decisions…stated koushik.
Thankyou koushik.. naira winked!
And now the time to reveal my decision…. Naksh increased the curiosity in everyone!
Naksh ! we are dying with curiosity… tell fast! Shouted akshara!
Yes ma! Naksh opened the box !
Everybody got amazed seeing that!
What’s your decision jiju? koushik again asked in confusion!
Koushik… by seeing these new pair of shoes! You might have understood that I’m not going to pay to any of you three… I’ll wear these are sit on toli!
Every body laugh out louder
Jiju/Naksh this is cheating!
Stop it! Nothing cheating!
Jiju! you can’t do this to us!
Mama can do this…. If you cheated kanya and took the shoes we can now do this!
Dheko bhai! Niral you are boy and you should on your papa’s side… you should support him!
No koushik chachu! I’m on the side of DHARMA! Naksh mama is doing dharm and I’m on his side! I WILL ONLY ALLOW DHARMA!
Everybody look at NIRAL with confusion and amazement!
Naira and Karthik Laugh out and say… “this is MAHABHARATH EFFECT! You all don’t worry! NIRAL IS THE BIGGEST FAN OF MAHABHARATH!”
Everybody get relieved! And laugh!

Now! Karthik, Koushik and Mishkat lift the toli and bid farewell tom keerthi again!
And singhania’s and maheshwari’s along with Gayu and Naira proceed their journey to singhania sadan!

Now! They reached singhania sadan!
Keerthi beta! Come on! Do the grih pravesh! Said akshara with a punch of affection in her voice!
Yes! Aunty! Keerthi replied!
Aha… no more aunty… I’m your Ma now!
Yes! Ma!
Keerthi does all the rituals and enter into SINGHANIA SADAN!

From today this your house as well keerthi! Don’t at all hesitate to share any problem with us! Assured Naithik!
Yes!papa she replied!

Keesh takes all the elder’s blessings and does all the post marriage rituals!
Where as in GOENKA VILLA!
Hm… she left! She left happily manishji, and I’m sure her happiness will be like this only throughout her life!
Yes suwarna! Singhania’s will adopt her as their daughter and we doesn’t need to take any tension about that!

No bhai! I kept many hopes! But jiju and bhabi’s smashed them by bringing new pair of shoes!
Koushik! Chill! It’s okay! All these will happen in marriages! (Karthik)
No bhai! It should not!
Accha koushik! Now don’t spoil your mood! You just wanted Naksh to pay all your bills till next year right? Instead of Naksh I will pay! Now cheer up! Shouted Mishkat!
Thanks bhai! This is all I wanted… you or jiju what’s the difference! My bills will be paid off! This is what I tried to!! Haha!
Koushik! You are!!! Huh! Now I got booked up!
All three of them laugh! They get a message from Naksh!
“ all my three brothers! You all have to get your gifts right? I know you are all angry on me! But I don’t what your anger towards me! So… go to your rooms and try to find out the gift!”
They look each other and run to their rooms!
All three of them find one each box! Where all the boxes contained keys!
OMG! JIJU! CAR! (koushik said to himself)
NAKSH… YOU WANTED TO GIVE US THIS? (Karthik said to himself)
WOW! NAKSH IMPRESSED MAN! (Mishkat said to him self)
Three of them go to their parking slots and see three cars!
Karthik koushik and mishkat unlocked their cars and looked inside!
As your favorite colour is BLACK! This is for you koushik! (koushik see a letter in the driver’s seat)
As your favorite colour is WHITE! This is for you Karthik! (this as the letter in karthik’s car)
As you favorite colour is BLUE! This is for you mishkat! (and that was in mishkat’s car)
Three of them turn happy and send thankyou messages to NAKSH!
Heylo guys! The next episode! Hope you all liked it!
Thank you!
This is lasya
Stay tuned!

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  1. Vedanshidwivedi

    Wow sooo amazing fab love it

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    Wow mind blowing chapter
    Eagerly waiting for next one

    1. Lasyashree.10

      thanks vinni!

  3. Nice lolzzz Mahabharata effect cute

  4. Hales

    Loved it to the core! ? cant wait for the next
    Best part of ur ff is kaira’s parenthood n thier connection with thier children love it☺

    1. Lasyashree.10

      thanks a lot di!!

  5. Sanyuktha

    fab!! the bond between naksh karthik kooushik n mishkat is superb
    and mahabarath effect too! ggod!

    tooo good’

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      thanks sanyuktha

  6. Soumya85

    Amazing chapter di

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