Major face-off between Zeeshan Khan and Azma Fallah in Lock Upp; Azma says, “Teri girlfriend loot rahi hogi sabko, sifarish kar rahi hogi isko role de do”

In the previous episode of Lock Upp witnessed an ugly spat between Zeeshan Khan and Azma Fallah. It began after Anjali Arora and Payal Rohatgi’s fight when Zeeshan teased Azma for supporting Payal and being her spokesperson. He said, “Chal button nikal. Uski button banke ghum rahi hai.”

Zeeshan further said, “I am a model and everybody know. Tu button hai aur button hi rahegi. Cheli. Usne training me li hai na.”

Azma gets back at him saying, “Aisa hi bahar karta hai. Teri girlfriend loot rahi hogi sabko. Sifarish kar rahi hogi isko role de do. Peechle show me toh laat maar ke nikal diya hoga.”

Zeeshan decided to respond to a personal remark with a personal remark and he said, “Your parents must be crying seeing all the scams you have done.”

Eventually, both got into a heated argument where names were called and families were involved.

Azma at one point said, “Tere parents toh sharm se marr gaye honge dekh ke. Koi isko saari, churiyaan de do.”

Later, Zeeshan was seen telling Mandana, “She is talking about my girlfriend. I know what all apps Azma uses. Jitne scam karke usne kamaya hai, usse mehengi cars meri girlfriend leke ghumti hai wo bhi imandaari ke paiso se.”

Azma saw him talking to Mandana and said, “Isko Rs 100 diya nahi hai, abhi tak chup nahi hua. My parents are crorepati. Fall on their feet, they will give you Rs. 10-15K.”

This infuriated Zeeshan and declared that he doesn’t care about the camera and the show, he will break her jaw and make a carpet out of it. He started throwing the kitchen utensils in anger while Azma told her that she will talk ill about his entire family.

There was a point where Zeeshan almost hit her but Ali came in between and stopped him.

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