MAJBOORIYAAN – Season 2 (episode-22)

2 months had passed everything was not perfect between arshi but their love was unaffected
In these 2 months they had fought more often.. Arnav was really irritated by kiran now

Kushi would sometimes end up banging into wall or any object talking on phone.. Or else we can say someone was portraying her so.. Yes it’s true she had banged herself sometimes but for that kushi don’t need to be on phone we all know how she is.. Some vases & articrafts were broken in kushi’s name.. Once kushi was speaking on phone near poolside & arnav had kept his file on a table near pool.. Kushi went out talking but when arnav returned his file had lost its life drowning in the pool

Arnav had blasted on kushi but she had no idea how that happened & as usual arnav was not ready to listen to her in anger.. But now kushi was really confused on what’s going on with her

In 2 months everyone especially arnav had got a impression that kushi don’t mind her surroundings when on phone.. But that wasn’t true


Anjali & kushi were sitting outside finishing their Pooja..

Anjali : kushi don’t you think you’re making chote very jealous you know his anger na.. I don’t want your friend to get into trouble

Kushi : di shall I tell you a secret.. When arnavji will meet kiran na instead of troubling kiran he will laugh at his foolishness

Anjali : matlab ( means?)

Kushi : di.. Kahi rules mein likha hai kya ki sirf ladko ka naam hi kiran hosakta hai.. ( di is it written anywhere that only boy’s can have the name kiran.. )

Kushi show kiran’s pic to Anjali & Anjali’s jaw drop..

Kushi : lagana jhatka ( surprised right)

Both start laughing…

Kushi ; she’s my childhood friend Kiran Raheja

Anjali : bechare Chote bekaar mein jal rahe hai par hum se gussa hai kushi ( poor arnav he’s getting jealous unnecessarily but I’m angry on you kushi )

Kushi : why di.. You didn’t like me pranking on arnav..

Anjali : I didn’t like you keeping me out of the prank.. How can I leave the chance to tease Chote.. ( she give naughty smile)

Kushi : don’t worry di from today we both will together prank on him..

Both give HiFi & laugh at their khurafati idea unaware of the storm it will bring in their life


Kushi : ( on call) you promised to take out Arnav

Arnav : this meeting is really important sorry & you know I’m leaving tonight right..

Kushi : and we can’t even spend some time together.. ( she frown)

Arnav : we can Skype.. What’s technology for right..

Kushi : but shopping.. I really needed to buy some necessary stuffs..

Arnav : sorry..

Kushi : ( teasing) don’t worry I’ll ask kiran.. Bye Arnav love you.. ( she cut the call)

Arnav : what the..


Aashi & Kushi are at mall to buy some necessary stuffs.. Little aashi was licking her favourite pink lollipop & Kushi was busy with shopping holding aashi’s hand.. ( she’s almost 2 year old now)

Kushi now wanted to go to jewellery shop on 3rd floor for sheetal’s work so left aashi in child care centre at mall

30 mins later

Arnav & sheetal were returning home that’s when sheetal notice little aashi crying on foot path..

Sheetal : driver stop the car..

Arnav : what happened Sheetal..

As soon as car stops she rush out & pick up crying aashi..

Sheetal : SShh.. Aashi don’t cry baby.. See you’re fine..

Arnav is shocked to see that.. He too rush to them as soon as aashi see Arnav she start hopping to go to him.. He immediately take her in his arms & she cling close to him crying more..

Arnav make her calm.. He wipe her tears she’s still hiccuping her eyes are all red seems like she cried since long.. He make her drink water..

Sheetal : how she ended up here ASR

Arnav : ( looking at the mall infront of him ) Kushi..! ( to aashi ) baby where’s mumma..

Aashi : there ( she point at the mall )

Arnav storm in followed by sheetal.. Giving aashi to driver.. He call kushi whose phone was busy its rages him more.. That’s when he see kushi descending from stairs.. Arnav move towards her

Kushi : Arnav finally you came itna miss kar rahe the mujhe.. ( were you missing me so much)

Arnav : where is aashi..

Kushi : Aashi.. Woh.. She.. ( interrupt)

Arnav (clutch her hand) : I found her near road crying dammit ( he scream)

Kushi : what.. !!? But I left her in child care..

Arnav : don’t you dare lie.. I very well know how careless you’ve become..

Sheetal : ASR calm down.. She might be right why would she lie.. Let’s verify once in child care centre ok..

They go there..

Kushi : where’s my daughter

Lady : excuse me mam can I see your card..

Kushi : you didn’t give any.. You just asked me to remember the code & code is 128A

Lady : no mam we give a card.. You show us Baby’s photo we will verify

This enrages arnav more

Kushi show the photo..

Lady : sorry mam we have not enrolled this toddler

Kushi : what..!!? You .. ( interrupt)

Arnav : shut up kushi.. Just shut up..

He storm out..

Sheetal : its ok kushi sometimes it happens.. But you should be careful na..

Kushi : do you think I’m lying.. ( she too follow arnav but before she could reach him he drive off)

Raizada mansion

Arnav has taken whole mansion on his head.. Though no one could believe Kushi did this but somewhere past incidents made them feel mistake might have happened.. That’s when Kushi entered & rushed to take aashi in her arms but Arnav stopped her..

Arnav : don’t you dare touch her..

Kushi’s eyes well up..

Anjali : Chote she didn’t do it purposely..

Arnav : I don’t want damn reasons di.. Do you know what aashi’s condition was..

Kushi : but arnav..

Arnav : enough I’m taking aashi with me to US.. I don’t trust anyone now..

Anjali : Chote.. Tum..

He rush upstairs taking aashi.. Kushi rush behind him..

Arshi room

Aashi was sitting on bed & Arnav was packing Aashi’s clothes that’s when kushi enter.. More tears pour seeing arnav doing packing..

Kushi take aashi in her lap.. & start caressing her kissing her.. Crying holding her..

Kushi : Arnav please listen to me.. I didn’t do it..

Arnav : Shut up Kushi..

Kushi : ( keep aashi on bed & hold arnav ) Arnavji please.. I..

Arnav pin her to wall..

Arnav : you what dammit.. Aashi was on road do you get it what might have happened ( he leave her..)

Show his bag ( packed by Kushi)

Arnav : this is the packing you do.. Who wear casuals for business meets.. & where is the coat if this damn pant.. And this stupid tie..

Kushi is shocked to see those.. Definitely she didn’t pack these stuff then how they ended up in his bag.. Now she was sure something was wrong..

Precap : Kushi find a bracelet near poolside.. Later Kushi aman & Lavanya connect all the dots of recent events & only one name come to their mind – “SHEETAL”

  1. Veronica

    Short epi….. But loved it very much. I am waiting for the next epi eagerly. Saddy Aashi scene ??.

  2. Kumud

    Really short but sad that they are separated because of SHEETAL

  3. Akshaya.123

    superb epi yaar. really loved it a lot

  4. Oh god! Y Arnav is not believing Khushi.

    It’s too short. Please update next part soon but a long one. I can’t wait more

  5. Anaya

    Tysm vero, kumud, akshaya & anamika

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