Maine Pyar Kiya… I Fell In Love…RuSha SS(Rudraksh Preesha) Part 9(Last chapter)

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Maine pyar kiya… I fell in love… Part 9
Preesha and Rudraksh went to the temple and prayed.

On the way back they were shocked to see Yuvraj and Mishka blocking them with their goons.

Rudraksh:What is this?

Yuvraj:Simple.We don’t want you both to unite as I desired Preesha..

Mishka:I desired you.Without any emotions you ignored my love and chose Preesha over me.For that you need to be punished Rudraksh.

Rudraksh-Preesha were shocked.

Rudraksh:You are saying that you loved me?You never loved me.If you had loved me you would not have come here with these goons.I never thought that you can stoop so low Mishka.You should learn what love is from Preesha.

Mishka:Stop it.

Yuvraj:Whatever it is it is my need to remove you from my path as you are an obstacle for me to reach Preesha.

Preesha:Do you think that I will ever accept you?Never Yuvraj.I live for Rudraksh and I will die for him.There will be only man in my life and that will be always Rudraksh.

Yuvraj could not tolerate anymore and ordered the goons:Just finish this guy.

The goons came to beat Rudraksh.Preesha came in front to save him and got beaten.

Rudraksh was shocked:Preeshaaaaaa

Mishka smirked.

Rudra:Why did you come in between Preesha?

Preesha:Like you told me that you will be my shield I will also be your shield.

Rudraksh got touched by her words.

He stared at the goons:How dare you all hurt my Preesha?I will not leave any of you.

He started punching them.

Gopal and Vasudha who came there were shocked.

Vasudha:Oh no…what is happening here?

She ran towards Preesha and they hugged each other tearfully.

Gopal told Vasudha and Preesha:I will protect my future son in law.You both don’t worry.

Mishka smirked:What is this old man up to?

Yuvraj:What can this old man do?Nothing.

They laughed.

Gopal took a wood piece and hit the goons who tried to beat Rudraksh.

Balraj,Niketan,Rajeev and Sharda reached there.They were shocked to see what was happening.

Sharda was shattered to see goons punching Rudraksh.


Rajeev and Balraj punched those goons.

Preesha rang up the police.The police came and arrested the goons,Yuvraj and Mishka.

Mishka pleaded Niketan:Dad..please save me.

Niketan to Mishka:Why did you do this blunder Mishka?I was solving problems ,but you spoiled everything.

The cops took away Mishka.Yuvraj and goons.

Mishka cried:Dad!

Niketan was helpless.

Niketan:Balraj!Please save my daughter.

Rajeev:Please leave our dad now.

Wthout minding that Niketan continued pleading Balraj.


Balraj to Niketan:Enough.Now don’t say anything.My mind has no place to fill it with your poison.I did a lot of mistakes.I did a blunder by trusting a fox like you and your daughter.Now my son’s life comes the first for me.So don’t expect me to release your daughter from the jail.She tried to harm my son.I can’t forgive her.

Niketan walked away with shame.

Rudraksh looked at tell me if you want Mishka who tried to kill me as your daughter in law or Preesha who willingly got beaten by the goons to save me?

Balraj felt guilty.

Rudraksh:You thought that Gopal uncle cares only about your wealth.But he is the one who came to protect me from the goons even in this age.

Balraj became more and more guilty.

Balraj went near Gopal:I know that I don’t deserve pardon from you.So at least punish me for what I did to you.

Balraj wept.

Gopal’s eyes got filled up with tears.

Gopal:My heart is to love my friend,not to punish you.Did’nt you understand me even now?

Balraj wept:Gopal!

Gopal hugged him.Balraj smiled tearfully.Everyone smiled.

Balraj caressed Preesha’s head:You are my daughter in law who is going to be my daughter soon.

Preesha and Rudraksh were very happy.

Preesha:Our love won Rudraksh.

Rudrakh:Yes Preesha.True love always wins.

They smiled emotionally.

Rudraksh-Preesha got married.

(The credit for the edit goes to the unknown editor).

Karan-Ruhi:Congrats guys.

Rudraksh-Preesha:Thank you very much.

Raman:See..finally your love won.

Preesha:It’s all because of the blessings from the elders like you all.

Ishita:Our blessings will be always there with you guys.

Rudraksh-Preesha smiled.

Rudraksh Preesha did grah pravesh to the Khurana Mansion.

All Khuranas welcomed them.

Preesha was surprised to see Rajeev holding 2 pigeons.

Saaransh:Preesha chachi,my Sweetu also got married when you and Rudraksh chachu were not here.This is Sweetu’s sweet wife.

Preesha smiled:Really?

Ahana:We bought another pigeon as Saaransh wanted his Sweetu to have a partner.

Preesha smiled.

Saaransh:Can you guess what’s Sweetu’s wife’s name?

Preesha:No.You say.


Preesha smiled:Sweetu and Sweety.Wow.Sweet names for the sweet couple.

Everyone smiled.

Rudraksh Preesha went to the terrace.It started raining.

Preesha smiled.

Rudraksh:Hello…did you forget that you are a future doctor?You are not telling that we should go inside and change our clothes.Are you not giving a lecture that if we get wet we will catch fever?

Preesha:Now I am forgetting that I am a medical student.Because this rain looks beautiful and it has the feel of romance for a newly wed couple like us.

Rudraksh smiled looking at her deeply:Then shall we celebrate our first night in rain for a change?

She blushed.

Suddenly she splashed rain water on him.He also splashed water on her.

They both ended up laughing.

Slowly he held her hand

and swayed sensually to the romantic music of rain.

Aate jaate

Hanste gaate

Socha tha maine mann mein kai baar

Vo pehli nazar

Halka sa asar

Karta hai kyon is dil ko bekaraar

Ruk ke chalna

Chalke rukna

Na jaane tumhein hai kiska intezaar

Tera vo yakeen

Kahin main to nahin

Lagta hai yahi kyon mujhko baar baar

Yehi sach hai

Shaayad maine pyar kiya

Haan haan..

Tumse maine pyar kiya

Tumse maine pyar kiya

Rudraksh pulled Preesha towards him from the back.

Preesha was stunned:Rudraksh,what is this?

He held her closer from behind romantically giving her goosebumps.


She was lost in him.

Aate jaate

Hanste gaate

Socha tha maine mann mein kai baar

Honthon ki kali

Kuchh aur khili

Ye dil pe hua hai kiska ikhtihaar

They embraced each other passionately.

Tum kaun ho

Batla toh do

He carried her to their bedroom and placed her on the decorated bed.

Both of them showered passionate love upon each other.

Kyon karne lagi main tumpe aitbaar

Khaamosh rahoon

Ya main keh doon

Ya kar loon main chupke se ye sweekaar

Yehi sach hai shaayad

Maine pyar kiya

Haan haan..

Tumse maine pyar kiya(MPK).

Rudraksh rocked as the top Pop singer of the country.Preesha was dedicated to her education.

The Years passed….

Preesha’s convocation ceremony was conducted.Preesha was felicitated with medal and certificate.

Rudraksh,Gopal,Vasudha and Khuranas were gathered there for her.

Preesha came down from the stage and Rudraksh held her closer happily.

All were smiling at hem while the photographers were clicking their pictures.

Rudraksh:I am proud of you my wife..Dr.Preesha.

She smiled:I love you my rockstar.

They smiled at each other cutely.

The sweet love story of the rock star Rudraksh and Dr.Preesha continued…

The End

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    thank u so much 4 the detailed comment.Have u read the previous parts too?
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    1. Yes i read the previous parts also.The favourite scene was when Balraj understood that he had been brainwashed and he repented and the way he accepted preesha not only as his daughter-in-law but as his daughter too,was my fav scene?

  2. Wooow the way it ended was really very nice!!?? Though this is the first time I commented i rlly loved this ss…. soo,my fav character(s) are the main couple ofc RuSha/preAksh. I loved the confidence and trust they had on their love and cmg to Rudraksh hw he went against his father, leaving all the lixuries and cmg to Preesha’s house to prove his true love for preesha was rlly touching bcoz nwadays ppl are reluctant to give up their luxuries evn for their loved oness…And Preesha always supporting Rudra no matter wht. The favourite scene was when Balraj understood that he had been brainwashed and he repented and the way he accepted preesha not only as his daughter-in-law but as his daughter too… And the way it all ended with preesha being a doctor and rudraksh been that proud “husband” was a realllyyyyy cuteee scene!!?? Once again thx for this lovely ss?

  3. Shesha485

    The episiode is great. Sad that you have ended this like yours Ronakshi and Mayra. Anyways, lovely fictional story with a great pair. It is great that Niketan didn’t help his daughter. Father-in-law fights for his son-in-law is never ever expected GPS is reformed in past episiode. I think that is the unexpected scene in your ff. First night romance is literally mesmerizing ?. Sweetu-Sweety story from Saaransh is nice. Finally Dr.Preesha is back.
    About the fictional story, my favourite character is GPS and then Rudraksh as GPS cared Rudraksh like his son and he reformed when he misunderstood Rudraksh. Coming to Rudraksh, he is romantic and down to earth. That may be impressed me more. (Though Preesha is my fav in Original version) The favourite scene is actually when Rudy leaves his house against his father, whole damily supporting him, music teacher job, reunion of Rudy-GPS. Best and my favourite dialogue is from Sharda saying, “Usually mothers get upset when their sons leave their home.But I am happy as my son chose the correct route and he is going to the right girl.” Again, Great fan-fiction

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