Main Tenu Khuda Banaya Si

Aarohi: Riddhima it’s been two months  and till now you have didn’t told Vansh about this!

Riddhima: Maa aap Kyun tension le rho main aaj hi vansh ko iss ke baare mein bata dungi hmm!!

Aarohi: Hmm, Aaj juhi kaa birthday hai Yeh yaad hai naa tujhe?

Riddhima: Haan Maa mujhe yaad hai mein jaa hi rhi thi usse wish karne. Chalo I’ll call you later.

Saying so she declined the call and went to juhi her little sister’s house. Reaching their she saw something which broked her heart in million of pieces.

Juhi was sitting on Vansh’s lap and they both were shearing a kiss tear rolled down from Riddhima’s eyes and she fell on her knees crying bitterly.

Teri Jihde Nal Lag Gayi Yari,
Ve Ohdo Kol Chhad Ke Awangi,
Main Hath Ohdeyan Hathan De Wich,
Aape Fadaake Awangi,
Par Jaan Ton Pehlan,

Udhaare Do Pal De-De Ve,
Main Rajj Vekh Tan Lawaan,
Ve Tainu Khudaa Banaya Si,
Te Matha Tek Tan Lawaan…

She got up and looked at them with emotionless eyes and ran from there to her house closing the door of her room she cried holding her tummy after crying for almost an hour she drifted into deep slumber because of crying continously.

Vansh entered inside their room and called out her name on not finding her he panicked but then he heard taping voice from bathroom and sighed. He sat on the bed and opened his phones gallery scrolling his and juhi’s pictures.

Riddhima came out from washroom and saw him engrossed in his phone she tip toe and peeked into his phone as tear made their way from her eyes.

Riddhima: Vansh.

She called out and he hurriedly kept his phone in his pocket. He went towards her and hugged her while she looked at him with expressionless face.

Udhare Do Pal De-De Ve,
Main Rajj Vekh Taan Lawaan,
Ve Tainu Khuda Banaya Si,
Te Matha Tek Taan Lawaan.

Just then her phone rang with MY LITTLE PANDA 🐼’ showing on the caller ID. She picked the phone.

Juhi: Hi di kese ho aap!

Riddhima: Hmm Theek hun!

Juhi: di aap mera birthday kese bhul gye aap mujhe wish karne bhi nhi aaye.

Riddhima: Aayi to thi juhi par tum hi kisi ke saath busy thi to Maine tumhe disturb karna Theek nhi samjha!

She Said glaring at Vansh while Vajuhi started coughing.

Riddhima: Vansh, juhi kyaa hua Theek ho tum dono.

Vajuhi: Haan di/ riddhima.

Methon Hi Saambh Hoya Na Tu,
Ki Rosa Ae Taqdeer Te,
Sab Marzi Ae Uss Allah Di,
Ki Ilzam Lawaan Satbir Te,
Methon Hi Saambh Hoya Na Tu,
Ki Rosa Ae Takdeer Te,
Sab Marzi Ae Uss Allah Di,
Ki Ilzaam Lawaan Satbir Te,

Ve Baalan Baldae Hizran Da,
Ghadi Ku Sek Tan Lavaan,
Ve Tainu Khuda Banaya Si,
Te Matha Tek Tan Lavaan.

She went towards her bed and layed down covering herself with a duvet. Vansh looked at her and sighed and layed beside her.

Just then her phone pinged with a notification. He opened it and saw juhi was waiting for him in garden. He looked at riddhima who was sleeping and went to the garden unknown to the fact that riddhima was awaken and she followed him only too see her husband with her sister. She ran towards her room’s washroom and sat beneath the shower crying bitterly.

Ajj Khara Paani Dullan De,
Je Tainu Ehdi Kadar Nahi,
Main Mukdi-Mukdi Muk Gayi Aa,
Ve Tainu Chandreya Khabar Nahi…

Next night Vansh came home from his work and mixed sleeping pills in Riddhima’s milk unknown to that she had seen him mixing it. Riddhima looked at him while he offered him milk and she drank it looking into his eyes. After she was asleep vansh went juhi’s house.

Ajj Khara Paani Dullan De,
Je Tainu Ehdi Kadar Nahi,
Main Mukdi-Mukdi Muk Gayi Aa,
Ve Tainu Chandreya Khabar Nahi,…

Vansh was got ready for his office and went downstairs and saw Riddhima was lost in her own world he went towards her and shaked her.

Vansh: What happened riddhima!

Riddhima looked at him nodded in no and suddenly she got unconscious in his arms. He patted her face worriedly when she didn’t opened her eyes he took her in his arms and went to hospital.

After reaching their he admitted her in the OTP waiting for doctor to come out!

Ve Tera Karza Launa Ae,
Main Khushiyan Vech Tan Davaan,
Ve Tainu Khduaa Banaya Si,
Te Matha Tek Tan Lavaan….

After sometime doctor called him inside.

Vansh: doctor what happened to her?

He asked looking at riddhima who was already looking at him with tears in her eyes.

Doctor: Mr. Vansh aap itne careless kese ho sakte. Aap iss halat Mein inhe sleeping pill kese De sakte hai aap ko nhi pata ki iss time main sleep pills lena dono ke liye kitna harmful ho sakta.

Vansh: Kis halat mein doctor?

Doctor: Don’t tell me ki aapke yeh bhi nhi pata tha ki aapki wife pregnant hai how careless. I’m sorry but she have suffered a miscarriage and now she can’t be pregnant again.

Vansh looked at the doctor and Riddhima with tears in his eyes. Vansh holded Riddhima’s hand but she jerked him and looked at him with utmost hatred and disgust with tears.

Riddhima: Tum bhi soch naa vansh ki tumne kyaa paa liyaa aur Maine kyaa kho diyaa.
Tere Dharti Lagde Pabb Na,
Geetkar Aein Koi Rabb Nayi,
Jedi Agg Tu Baal Gaya Si,
Oh’ch Sikan Lag Payi Aan,
Tainu Dasungi Aukaat Teri,
Main Vi Likhan Lag Payi Aan,
Main Vi Likhan Lag Payi Aan.

(Your feet are not on earth.
You are lyricist not a God.
Which fire you created,
I’m burning in that fire,
I will tell you your ability,
I have also started writing,
I have also started writing…)

The End!

Song Khuda by Satbir Aujla and storyline of OS from song fark by Virasat sandhu.

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