Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga (A SwaSan OS)

Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga (A SwaSan OS)

A man is shown in his mid 20s standing in balcony… His eyes were filled with tears while he’s holding a photo in his hands… he whisper
Man: I Love You Swara and I’ll always do but why all of a sudden this marriage I left for a week because of meeting and everything changed even u
The man came inside the room and put the photo in drawer… He came out of room and saw the house which is decorated beautifully like a bride and it’s seems like it’s a wedding house… Soon the man’s chain of thoughts are broken​ by a pat on his shoulder… The man immediately ​fake a smile and turn… A girl almost ready like a bride is standing there keeping her hands on her hips while staring the man angrily… The man smile seeing the girl and said
Man: Swara what r u doing ​here
Swara: what do u mean what I’m doing Sanskar today is my wedding and u r nowhere near me is this how best friend r
Sanskar admire Swara and said
Sanskar: Shona I was just busy
Swara: not ​fair Sanskar
Sanskar: leave it go get ready sahil might be coming
Swara: oops I forget about him I’ll go but stay with me OK
Sanskar: OK

Swara left to get ready while Sanskar get busy in wedding work…. Soon barat came and swahil’s wedding started… Sanskar run outside unable to control his emotions… he was standing in garden crying his heart when suddenly Swara’s crying sound was heard… Sanskar came inside and saw Swara sitting in mandap crying while sahil and his parents r arguing with Swara’s parents… Sanskar came forward and hear Swara’s parents (shekar and sumi) saying….
Shekar: there nothing like that between​ them they r best friend that’s it
Sahil: I told u not to involve him in wedding
Sahil’s​ dad: Mr Gadodia we told u if that Sanskar will be here we won’t make ur daughter our bahu
sumi: how can u do like this
Sanskar who was hell confuse get shocked hearing Swara statement
Swara: please don’t do anything to Sanskar I did whatever u said please maa baba please​ uncle aunty
Sanskar unable to understand came forward and said
Sanskar: what’s happening here
Swara look up and get shocked seeing Sanskar… Sanskar looked at Swara and Immediately​ run to her… Sanskar kneel down and hold Swara… He said
Sanskar: Shona what happened bacha why r u crying
Shekar: Sanskar u go we’ll handle here go
Sanskar: no Shona tell me what’s wrong
Swara: Sanskar please go
Sanskar nod in no and said
Sanskar: bacha I’m here na don’t get scared come-on tell me
Sahil: didn’t u hear just get the hell out and leave me and Swara alone
Swara: Sanskar please
Sahil: Swara u want to get married or not just tell him to go otherwise u know what I can do
Swara: sahil please no he’s going please
Sanskar get shocked and said

Sanskar: Shona
Swara: Sanskar please
Sanskar get up and start to leave just when he was about to leave he turn and saw sahil was scolding her… sahil was about to slap her when Sanskar immediately came and hold his​ hand… Sumi get shocked while Swara get teary eyes…. Sanskar looked at shekar and sumi who where standing shocked… Sanskar​ turn to Swara and saw her pale face.. he turn and slap sahil so hard that he fall on floor… Sanskar turn to Swara and cup her face… He said
Sanskar: bacha
Swara looked at Sanskar and whisper slowly only audible to him…
Swara: please take me away with u I can’t bear it anymore please save me Sanskar your Shona need ur help please
Sanskar widen his eyes in shock and stare Swara.. she stare at Sanskar being afraid and Sanskar hug her protectively… Everyone was shocked… Sanskar said
Sanskar: I’m here bacha don’t worry
Swara whisper slowly
Swara: please no one should know that I said I want to go please
Sanskar: don’t worry saying this Sanskar broke the hug and said
Sanskar: Swara won’t get married to sahil
Shekhar: Sanskar​ u go it’s our personal matter
Sanskar: Mr Gadodia don’t forget u r an employee in my company
Shekhar get shocked and sahil looked at Sanskar in fear… Sanskar looked at Swara and then whisper to Swara
Sanskar: show as if u don’t want to go saying this Sanskar hold Swara’s hand and drag her out… Everyone looked at SwaSan shocked while Swara act as Sanskar said…. Soon Sanskar made Swara sit in car and drive away leaving everyone shocked…. After coming to safe distance Sanskar ​stop the​ car and immediately​ call his parents… Sanskar said
Sanskar: dad yeah no no listen to me I’m coming home with Shona no dad we didn’t elope no we aren’t married too ok I’m coming bye
Sanskar looked at Swara who was staring him in shock… Sanskar smile and said
Sanskar: don’t mind u know Dad na I mean not really​ but I told u right how cool he’s and mama too so chill right now we r going home and no one will harm u there
Swara: but what if uncle aunty didn’t like it
Sanskar​: bacha I’m here na u r my best friend and for them u r like their daughter so no worries
Swara nod and both SwaSan left to Sanskar’s home… Swara close her eyes and tears roll down her cheeks….

Swara POV
How happy I was in my life since childhood​ I was my parent’s princess… Then in school I met Sanskar and we become best friends…. I know him for almost 10 years and just like all the girls I fell for Sanskar in all these years but life had other plans for me… a week before when Sanskar left for a meeting I came to drop him on airport… I thought when he’ll come I’ll tell me what I feel for him but that day itself i was ruined..

Flashback Start
Swara was coming from airport when suddenly her car broke down… She came out and saw tire puncher… Swara look around but didn’t saw anyone… She took her bag and purse… She call shekhar and told him everything… Shekhar ask her to come by herself and cut the call… Swara sign and start walking… After 10 minutes walk she stop to have water… After drinking water she start to walk just then some goons saw Swara and start to follow her… Swara felt someone following her and turn to see… The goons stare her lustfully and Swara get scared… Swara start running fast and dash with a car… a man in his mid 20s came out and help Swara… The goons run away seeing the man and Swara said
Swara: thank you
Man: it’s ok hey I’m sahil and u
Swara: umm sw… Swara thanks
Swara start to go but he said
Sahil: may I drop u somewhere mam
Swara: no thank you
Sahil: please I insist what if the goons come again
Swara thought a lil and nod… She sit in sahil’s car and he drove away… Swara told him the address and he said
Sahil: would u like to have coffee
Swara: no thanks
Sahil: ok
After a while Swara felt thirsty so she look for her water bottle​ but didn’t find it… Sahil saw it and give her a water bottle… He aid
Sahil: maybe u drop ur water bottle somewhere have it
Swara: thank you
Swara took the bottle and drink it…. After a min Swara start feeling dizzy… Soon she went unconscious…

Next Morning
Swara woke up and saw herself​ in unknown place… She look around and saw her clothes on floor… When she look on her right side she get shocked… Sahil was sitting reading news paper… Swara said
Swara: where am I
Sahil look up and saw Swara… He smirk and said
Sahil: so u woke up good I was waiting for u to woke up
Swara: what happened here
Sahil: ooh so sad u don’t remember anything but last night was fun saying this he showed her the recording of last night and Swara realize she lost her everything… Swara cried and said
Swara: why did u did like this why
Sahil: ooh baby I was so horny and u r too s*xy what to do my little friend down here wanted u so badly
Swara cried hard and sahil said
Sahil: get ready I’m dropping u at home and then I’ll come to ask ur hand in marriage
Swara get shocked and said
Swara: what
Sahil: u know u r too hot and rich so go otherwise I’ll viral ur video u want me to do
Swara: no please no

Sahil: good then go
Swara got ready and left from there… Sahil drop her and said
Sahil: I’ll come in evening
Sahil left and Swara came inside… Sumi saw Swara and said
Sumi: Swara where were u we were so worried
Swara looked at sumi and burst in tears… Sumi and shekhar ask her what happened and she told them everything… Swara said
Swara: I don’t want to marry him papa
Shekhar slap Swara and said
Shekhar: what do u mean u don’t want to marry him after spoiling ur life u want to ruin us and our reputation too u will marry him only
Swara get shocked and said
Swara: papa what r u saying mama please
Sumi: he’s right go to ur room now saying this both left leaving Swara alone…. Swara cried hard but no one listen to her… Sahil came in evening with his parents and they fix their wedding…

In night
Swara was crying holding Sanskar’s photo… Just then someone knock on door… Swara get up and put Sanskar’s photo on bed… She wipe her tears and open the door… She get shocked seeing sahil… He came in pushing Swara in and close the door… Swara said
Swara: what r u doing go from here or else I’ll shout
Sahil: chill babe ur parents know I’m here
Swara get shocked and a tear roll down her cheek… Sahil look around and saw Sanskar’s pic… He came and took Sanskar’s​ pic… Swara tried to take it but he pull it back and said
Sahil: wow boyfriend han
Swara: give it back
Sahil: where is he now left knowing u slept with me
Swara slap him hard and he get shocked… Swara said
Swara: he’s not like u got it if he got it know he’ll kill u
Sahil hold Swara’s hair making her winch in pain… Sahil said
Sahil: then keep it secret otherwise I’ll kill him
Swara: leave me
Sahil: come on babe I haven’t even start and u want me to leave u
Sahil push her on bed and came on top of her… Swara was about to shout but he put his hand on her mouth and hold her both hand in his other hand… Swara cried in pain but he again satisfy himself and left…. soon time passed and sahil make Swara ready for marriage by threatening her for Sanskar’s life… When Sanskar came back and met Swara she told him that it’s an arrange marriage and she’s happy… Sanskar thinking about Swara’s happiness didn’t told her about his feelings….

Flashback End

Swara’s chain of thoughts come to end by the door opening sound… She look up and saw Sanskar standing​ there with open door… Swara came out and saw Sanskar house… It was a big mansion… Everyone greeted them and Sanskar greet them back… As soon as Sanskar ring the door bell the door was opened… A man in his mid 50s and a lady in his mid 40s were standing there… Sanskar said
Sanskar: dad mom​ this is Swara my
Before Sanskar could complete Sujatha hug Swara tightly and said
Sujatha: beta u ok what u look so pale and weak
Sanskar: mom actually
Ram: uff let her come in first
Sujatha nod and both SwaSan came in… Sujatha took Swara in room and Swara​ get fresh… Sujatha give Swara a pink saree and she get changed… Everyone sat on dinning table and Sujatha​ said that they’ll talk after dinner… servants serve dinner and left… Swara was looking here and there… Sanskar said
Sanskar: Shona have dinner mom made taste food saying this he serve her and said
Sanskar: bacha don’t worry u r save here ok
Swara nod and start eating… Sujatha smile and whisper to ram
Sujatha: such a cute couple isn’t my Sanskar’s choice is best
Ram: yeah true
Sanskar was busy to take care of Swara… soon everyone had dinner and sat in hall… Servants left and Sujatha said
Sujatha: beta Swara
Swara look up and saw Sujatha… She sat beside Swara and said
Sujatha: beta u ok
Swara nod and Sanskar said
Sanskar: Shona no need to be scared my parents and ur parents too
Swara look at Sanskar and suddenly she couldn’t handle it… Swara hug Sanskar tightly and burst in tears… Sanskar look at Sujatha and ram and Sujatha ask him to be calm through eyes… Sanskar rub Swara’s back and calm her down… Once Swara was calm Sanskar made her look at him and said
Sanskar: Shona now tell me everything and don’t hide anything OK
Swara nod and tell Sanskar everything… When Swara finish telling everything Sanskar get up and throw the glass table angrily… Swara get scared and Sujatha hug Swara protectively… Sujatha said
Sujatha: Sanskar beta calm down she’s scared already don’t scare her more
Sanskar look at Swara and saw her hiding in Sujatha arms like a scared kitten… Sanskar’s eyes soften and he came to Swara… He took her in his embrace and said
Sanskar: I’m sorry Shona I got angry
Swara: Sanskar I…I’m sorry

Sanskar: ssshh it’s ok
Ram: beta Sanskar take Swara in room she need rest now
Sujatha: correct go Sanskar from now on Swara ​will stay with​us
Sanskar nod and lift Swara in his arms who fall asleep in his arms… Sanskar made Swara lie down in bed and cover her with duvet… He kiss her forehead and left from there… Sujatha and ran saw Sanskar ​and said
Sujatha: beta where r u going u should stay with Swara
Sanskar: mom I’ll be back in half hour I need to punish that sahil
Ram: but how beta
Sanskar smirk and tell them something… Sujatha and ram nod and Sanskar said
Sanskar: mom dad please be with Shona till I came
Sujatha: ok
Sanskar left and Sujatha left to be with Swara while ram to came behind Sujatha… Sanskar came to sahil’s home and call someone… Sanskar ring the doorbell and sahil open the door… He saw Sanskar and get shocked… Sanskar came in and said
Sanskar: u have guts to hurt my Shona now you’ll pay saying this he beat sahil and stop after a while… Sahil get up and said
Sahil: hahaha got tired or what u know Swara had more power than u but when she used to push me na uff what a sensation it used to be
Sanskar got more angry and beat sahil just then 3 mans came inside and Sanskar stop…. Sanskar smirk and said
Sanskar: there he’s waiting for u
Mans look at sahil and 1 man said
Man: u sure
Sanskar: more than before now please he’s all urs now and make sure he satisfy ur little friend down there saying this Sanskar left and stand near his car… Once he heard sahil’s screams of pain he smile and left from there…

After an hour
Sanskar reach home and heard Swara’s scream… Sanskar immediately​ run up and came in Swara’s room… The scene in front of him broke him… Swara was sleeping but seems like she’s having nightmares… Sujatha and ram were trying to calm her but couldn’t… Sanskar came in and Sujatha made way for him… Sanskar hug Swara tightly and Tears flow down his cheeks… Sujatha and ram left to let Sanskar handle her… Swara struggle and shout… Sanskar tighten his grip and said
Sanskar: Shona it’s me Sanskar ur Sanskar Shona
Swara calm down immediately and hug him tightly…. Song Start in background
(This Song Is From Movie “Half Girlfriend”)

Tum mere ho iss pal mere ho
Kal shayad yeh aalam na rahe
Kuch aisa ho tum tum na raho
Kuch aisa ho hum, hum na rahein…

Yeh raaste alag ho jaaye
Chalte chalte hum kho jaayein…

Main phir bhi tumko chahunga… (x4)

Sanskar stare Swara while tears roll down his cheeks…

Iss chahat mein marr jaaunga
Main phir bhi tumko chahunga
Meri jaan mein har khamoshi le
Tere pyaar ke naghme gaaunga

Main phir bhi tumko chahunga
Main phir bhi tumko chahunga
Iss chahat mein marr jaaunga
Main phir bhi tumko chahunga

He remembers their moments and Swara’s bubble nature…

Aise zaroori ho mujhko tum
Jaise hawayein saanson ko
Aise talashun main tumko
Jaise ki per zameeno ko

Hansna ya rona ho mujhe
Paagal sa dhoondu main tumhe
Kal mujhse mohabbat ho na ho
Kal mujhko ijazat ho na ho
Toote dil ke tukde lekar
Tere darr pe hi reh jaaunga

Main phir bhi tumko chahunga
Main phir bhi tumko chahunga
Iss chahat mein marr jaaunga
Main phir bhi tumko chahunga

He cried hard seeing her condition…

Tum yun mile ho jabse mujhe
Aur sunehari main lagti hoon
Sirf labon se nahi ab toh
Poore badan se hansti hoon

Mere din raat salone se
Sab hai tere hi hone se
Yeh saath hamesha hoga nahin
Tum aur kahin main aur kahin

Sanskar remember Swara asking sahil not to her him…

Lekin jab yaad karoge tum
Main banke hawaa aa jaaunga

Main phir bhi tumko chahunga
Main phir bhi tumko chahunga
Iss chahat mein marr jaunga
Main phir bhi tumko chahunga

Main phir bhi tumko chahunga (x4)

SwaSan stayed in the same hugging position and slept off…. Days passes and Swara start to move on forgetting the past…. Sanskar complain against Swara’s parents and made them arrest for forcing Swara to marry the criminal instead of helping her…

After 2 months
Swara was getting ready in bridal dress yet again but this time happily and why she won’t be happy after all she’s getting married to her love… Sujatha made Swara ready completely and said
Sujatha: u r so beautiful Sanskar will faint seeing u
Swara blush and Sujatha left saying she’ll see if Sanskar came or not… Swara looked at herself and smile…. Past 2 months changed everything for Swara… One way she was dam sure of not getting married to Sanskar because she didn’t wanted to spoil his like while one way Sanskar had vowed to marry her… When Swara ask Sujatha’s help she refused saying she’s with Sanskar as she want her to be Sanskar’s wife and so was ram… Where Swara had made a strong bond with Sujatha and ram Sanskar’s ​love has also increase for her… She never confessed her love but Sanskar knew she do and he always say that she doesn’t need confess as he know she love him as much as he do… At last he succeed and made Swara agree for marriage… Soon Swara’s chain of thoughts come to end as Sujatha came to take Swara​ in mandap… Swara came down and sat beside​Sanskar as the marriage rituals proceed Sanskar hold Swara’s hand…. She smile and he smile back… Soon wedding was completed and everyone left…

In SwaSan Room
Swara was sitting in the middle of the bed like a normal bride waiting for her husband… Soon Sanskar came and lock the door… He sat beside Swara and said
Sanskar: Shona get changed u must be uncomfortable
Swara smile and nod… She get up and Sanskar helped her… Soon Swara changed and Sanskar also left to change… Swara was standing in balcony gazing moon when Sanskar came and hug her from behind…. Swara​ smile and turn to him… Swara hug him and said
Swara: why u love me so much
Sanskar: because I just do
Swara: you’ll love me like this always
Sanskar: always
Swara: even if i fight with u
Sanskar: even then
Swara: even if I make u sleep on sofa
Sanskar: even then
Swara: and even if i never confess my love for u
Sanskar: Shona no matter what u do I’ll always love u even if u kill me Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga
Sanskar kiss Swara’s forehead and she close her eyes


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