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PRECAP : Kunj and Twinkle’s faceoff. Twinkle’s disgusting comment’s about Aditi and Kunj. Aditi slapping twinkle out of anger.


AdVi went outside toward’s the sitting area where Aditi left Kunj. They looked at Kunj who was sitting on a corner table numb. His eyes held no emotions but they knew well what impact twinkle’s word might have left on him. His insides were once again pierced with thousand needles at a time.

AdVi glanced at eachother and than sighed. When they thought and was determined to bring back their old Kunj to life twinkle had to return back. They walked toward’s him. Aditi kept her hand on his shoulder to which Kunj spoke without even looking at her.

” I am sorry Adu. I am sorry due to me you had to listen those word’s from her. I am sorry I could not protect you from her wrath that’s why I never wanted to come along you. I know I can never be a good omen for you. See I destroyed the happy moment of your Life. “ Kunj ended with tears finally falling down his eyes.

Aditi fisted her hand’s in anger. Due to that woman once again Kunj was thinking low about himself. She wanted to bury twinkle alive that moment but kept a control over her emotions.

” What rubbish are you speaking Kunj. Do you even realize these word’s ? Her words didn’t hurted me at all cause she meant nothing to me and I expect nothing from her but your words are sure hurting me cause you know I just have you , Bebe , Leela Maa and Yuvi in my family and no one else and you saying these word’s are making me feel you considered me nothing in your life. I meant nothing to you. Not even a friend right ? ” Aditi said remorsefuly wiping Kunj’s tear while sitting beside him.

” Areh…No Adu ! I didn’t meant to hurt you. You are one of the best thing’s that happen to me. You are not just my bestfriend but my sister. Don’t ever think like that and in morning you only said right that I should focus on everyone who is by my side rather than anyone else. Then I promise today. I won’t ever let her become a part of my life AGAIN..” Kunj replied with some different glint of emotions.

AdVi were stunned for a while when said that he was finally ready to move on from past. They knew it wasn’t easy for him at all but if he was willing to move on they would leave no stone unturned to help him overcome his pain.

Aditi smiled and hugged him while yuvi whined in Jealousy ” I am also here in case you both forgot “. Aditi chuckled while Kunj pulled him in the hug to. Twinkle just saw Aditi hugging Kunj from far and fisted her hand’s in anger. She didn’t heard anything nor saw yuvi hugging them.

She left assuming everything not realising what damage she caused by her word’s a while ago. The day she might realise them would be already to Late to repent and realise. The day she might have no chance of holding onto him.

Bebe and Leela came that time finding AdVi and Kunj. They were suprised and confused seeing the trio hugging eachother.

” Areh…Tum teeno yahan ho aur hum tum logon ko dhund rahe the ” Bebe said walking towards them.

Trio broke the hug and looked the Bebe and Leela. Kunj looked away and wiped his tears in attempt to hide them from them but who was he trying to hide his pain ?!

His Bebe……..Who had known him since the moment he was born and brought him up.

Or Leela……..Who had bonded so close to him that one would refuse to believe that they were not mother and son but mother-in-law and son-in-law.

Bebe and Leela were worried as they saw his red eyes but before they could say anything Aditi gestured them to not ask anything as of now.

” Uff…..I am tired. Let’s continue shopping some day else. ” Aditi said as she knew it was impossible for Kunj to continue shopping with them.

” Yeah….Even I have my meeting to attend. ” Yuvi replied covering up Aditi.

” Adu you don’t have to stop your shopping because of me. Let’s continue and I had already promised something to you so let’s continue. ” Kunj said as he clearly understood what his friends were trying to do but he wasn’t gonna let them ruin their happiness for his pain.

Aditi and Yuvi were about to deny him but Kunj glared at them and they went quite. They stood up and continued with their shopping. During the whole shopping period Kunj was exceptionally quite which made everyone worried but he just faked a smile everytime Aditi or Yuvi asked ‘ If he was Okay ?! ‘

As yuvi saw Kunj lost and hurt. He knew he had to meet Twinkle. Hasn’t he suffered enough even when he wasn’t wrong. What more was left in him (Kunj) that she wanted..?!

Alas ! She didn’t knew he was just a dark hollowed soul with no hope to get a chance at happiness.

Kunj was lost in his own thoughts. A delima that had put him between either or never.

His love was overpowering his pain but he knew it was never ending !

She wasn’t ready to give him a chance to explain himself.

He was a culprit in her eyes without a trial !

Irony was………..He was innocent yet he was a culprit !

Irony was when he wanted his family ~ mother , father and his brother to believe him they once again left his side and blamed him instead.

Irony was when he thought love of his life , the reason of his existence would believe him ~ She gave him the death sentence !

She gave their relationship a death sentence.

Now this life was nothing but just a mechanical schedule for him.

He wakes up every day wishing that just for once she would believe him.

Comeback one day and say ‘ I am ready to give you a chance. ‘ but he knew now it was getting out of hands.

Heck…………He didn’t even knew if that day would arrive before he take his last breath.

All he could see afar in his future was just pain and loneliness………..nothing else !

He decided !

He decided to move on but when he did he didn’t knew he had lost that right long back.

Their was something that would forever hold him back !

According to hin reason was different but reality was other way around!

Every moment of his life came with a realisation for him that he might once again face something like past if he would even think to proceed with his life normally. He had left everything to fate.

He didn’t knew how far will he be able to go but he just knew that he will go as far as his life takes him. He have no desire to live or wish for anything but was living just for those who loved him selflessly and stood by his side in those dark moment’s of life where his family and love left his hand.

Amidst this all ‘ FATE ‘ had binded him with a responsibility long back that he was yet unawared of but soon he had to face that responsibility too willingly or either unwillingly. Their was no way he could turn away his face from it.

But that path was going to be much more painful and shattering then what he was facing now. He was to undergo another life shattering moment’s that might break him , hurt him but might eventually heal his wound’s. If not heal those untreated wound it would atleast become the solace for him.

A little light of hope who had taken birth the day his inner self died completely will now embrace his life to revive him.

Thus he decided to move on but when he decided he didn’t knew he had lost that right long back.

Their was something that would forever hold him back !

” Love and Life has always been unpredictable. They are meant to have happy moments but before that some has to walk on the path of thrones. Some walk to bear the punishments of their doings and some people have to accept that as a part of their life………….!! “

Unfortunately Kunj’s only crime was he loved her more than himself and expected those people to believe him who never stayed by his side.

Whatever life brought to him he has has to face and continue walking on the whatever path his destiny mends for him.

On other hand twinkle reached home. Her insides burned with anger as she remembered Kunj hugging that unknown girl (Aditi).

Sometimes misunderstandings leads to broken relationships……………..but sometimes along misunderstanding ignorance leads to a distorted destiny and a forever scar.

Betrayal shatters any individual but giving a chance to know truth depends upon a person.

TRUST : It takes years to build , seconds to break and forever to repair..

Morning turned into Afternoon as AdVi , Bebe and Leela searched through perfect dresses for every wedding ritual. Kunj walked along them and suprisingly participated even though a little bit but helped suggesting them.

AdVi smiled as they saw Kunj involving himself in little thing’s. They wished to see the old Kunj back. Even though his broken pieces can never be mend but he can start over again.

As they were about to end their first round of shopping Kunj received a message of an important meeting rescheduled.

” What happened Kunj ? ” Yuvi asked as he saw Kunj staring at a message on his phone.

” Uh…It’s a message of rescheduled meeting with Mehra Industries. It’s tommorow by 10:00 am. ” Kunj replied as he went through details.

Yuvi hummed in response and they went ahead with shopping. They had their lunch in a nearby restaurant and then continued. It was almost 7 at night when they decided to continue shopping some other day.

They reached home. Yuvi and Kunj went in study room to discuss about the meeting’s while Bebe, Leela and Aditi prepared dinner.

Soon they had their dinner while Kunj barely had anything and left with the excuse of being tired but he was actually tired………..tired of this painful life.

As Kunj’s body fell against the mattress of his bed he felt his body ache. It ached from the sternness he wore everyday , the exertion of keep going on. He was tired , his eyes were heavy yet sleep was far away from those beautiful longing orbs.

Whenever he closed his eyes he could only see her face in his memories. Her beautiful eyes that always made his heart raced whenever he looked into them. Her laughter still echoes in his ears which once used to be his happy solace. Her smile that always made his heart jump in joy.

Everything about her was still afresh and unscathed in his memories just like her harsh accusations that ripped his soul apart. That shattered his inner self.

His inner turmoil killed him everyday. A realisation that she hates him made him feel dead. He died everyday. Every single day……!

But what about her ?

She suffered each day because of her anger , hurt , ego and misunderstanding. She was the sole reason of her own and his miseries.

Kunj didn’t knew when sleep took over him but a different feeling engulfed his broken form. It was as if something was calling out from him in near future.


As Twinkle was here for a bit longer stay she rented out an apartment. She knew it was no longer easy for her to adjust in a single hotel bedroom. She had HIM along her.

The reason of her existence in last five years. The only one for whom she gathered herself after Kunj’s betrayal.

The one who was to bring alot of happiness to their lives but one truth shattered their reason of happiness. It broke them apart.

Everyday when she tried to forget his betrayal , forget him. There was a truth that hit her hard on her weakest point every single day.

Every single glance of HIM made her realise that she can never forget him.

Every time she remembered that day ~ The day that brought out his betrayal. She felt her inside bleeding.

She loved him so much yet what she was rewarded in return was his betrayal.

Even if she wanted to give him a chance there was prove infront of her site. Those pictures……..that video !

How was she to deny them ?!

Can’t she deny them ?!

But can’t she give him a chance to provide his side of story ?!

But No! Her ego , her hurt , her anger made it impossible for her to give him a chance.

She could not get those pictures and video out if her memories.

So how could she give him a chance ?!

She would never forgive him.


(PS : Coming scenes are going to be simultaneous. I have used two different colours to make it easy for you guys.)

Kunj woke up as his usual routine with a headache but just like any other day gulped two pain killers and get himself working.

There was nothing new to his schedule but today something seemed different to him. A different kind of aura in his surroundings that were attracting him.


Under the blanket on the sports bed layed a small petite figure covering himself with a blanket.

To other it may seem that he was being lazy but how can he be when everything about him resembled his father!

His every habit just like his!

He was just teasing his mother and no sooner she was here to wake up her son.

” Sparsh get up. It’s already to late. Mama needs to go office. ” Twinkle said pulling the duvet revealing a petite yet good built figure under the blanket.


Kunj was getting ready for a meeting. He was dressed in a black tuxedo that hugged his tall built frame at the perfect places as he got ready for his meeting.

His tousled dark brown hair, which was thick and lustrous fell on his forehead making him look more charming and appealing.

His eyes were a mesmerising deep brown orbs, flecks of golden light performed ballets throughout. His face was strong and defined, his features molded from granite. He had dark eye brows, which sloped downwards in a serious expression.


Sparsh raised from the bed smiling sheepishly. His little eyes were same mesmerising deep brown orbs with flecks of golden light as if performing ballets. They held a naughty shine that once use to exists in those beautiful brown orbs of Kunj.

His small tousled dark brown hair, which was thick and lustrous fell on his forehead making him look more cute and adorable.

A playful smile adorning his chubby red cheeks yet the innocence same as his father apparent on his face.

His features had striking resemblance to Kunj. One that no one can deny.He was a miniature version of Kunj. Be his features , be his strong and bold appearance , be his habits everything resembled his father.

As he was dressed in his casuals. He looked more cute and adorable.

Everything about him was so like Kunj that no one would be able to recognise the real Kunj if not the difference in their age and heights but one was sure that in future their would be another Kunj.

Screen split on Kunj and Sparsh Faces.


So Mr Little Kunj Sarna has already made an appearance ?

Did you people liked Sparsh Entry ?!

It took alot of time for me to compile perfect words to show Kunj ~ Sparsh striking resemblance ?

Are you people excited for what’s coming next ?!

Do you think sparsh is gonna mend the paths between Twinj ?!

OR Story will take another turn ?!

PRECAP : Behind his smile is a hurting heart ,
Behind his laugh he is falling apart.

Let’s meet KS ?

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Trust me you guys are gonna lovereprised versions more. Basic plots are mostly same but there are alot of new interesting elements ?


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