Main Naa Bhoolungi 9th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Main Naa Bhoolungi 9th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mahi informs Sudha that Shikha will not be in the future, someone who knows about her past will accept her soon. Sudha says hope it is true.

Madhu wakes seeing the lights flickering. She gets frightened and asks to stop flicking lights. She sees Shikha in TV who asks her to give back her son Manav and to leave him at old temple, else she will kill her. Madhu starts shouting. Her whole family comes to her room hearing to her voice. Aditya asks her what happened. Madhu says she saw Shikha’s ghost in TV. Aditya switches on the TV and sees a song playing. Madhu asks Mohanto and Aditya to save her from Shikha. Sunaina says she will stay with Madhu. Aditya says it is ok he will stay. Sunaina insists she will stay. Mohanto asks Aditya to let Sunaina stay with Madhu.

Aditya gets angry on Sunaina that his and Samaira’s plan is failing because of her. Samaira says she will and send Sunaina back to her room.

Jai asks Mohanto till when, he will let Madhu be schizophrenic and says they should send her into mental assylum soon. Mohanto asks how can he talk about his sister like that. Jai says he is concerned about his sister and cannot see her suffering. Mohanto says he knows his daughter well and she is not mad.

Sunaina tries to console Madhu. Madhu frighteningly says Shikha will kill her. Sunaina asks her to sleep and nothing will happen to her. Madhu sleeps and dreams about Shikha asking her to give back he son. She wakes up shouting and hugs Sunaina worriedly. Sunaina asks her not to worry as she is there with her.

Aditya goes to Mohanto’s room and asks him to go and rest. He asks if he checked his BP. Mohanto says he did not. Aditya asks him not to worry about Madhu and checks his BP. He sees it is normal, but lies that Mohanto’s BP is very high. Mohanto says he will take BP medicine and it will come down. He asks Aditya give his BP medicine, Aditya hides medicine and says his BP medicine is finished and he will order it. Mohanto says he will be alright. Aditya says he will call Sunaina and goes from there.

Aditya goes to Madhu’s room and informs Sunaina that Mohanto’s BP is very high and he needs her. He asks her to go and take care of Mohanto. Sunaina says she cannot leave Madhu and go. Aditya says he will stay with Madhu and to go and take care of Mohanto as his BP is rising very high. Sunaina agrees and goes. Once Sunaina goes, Samaira comes dressed as Shikha to frighten Madhu.

Aditya sets up lights flickering again to frighten Madhu. Snaina who goes down comes back. Aditya sees him and gets tensed. Sunaina says she forgot her phone and came back to take it. She picks her phone, checks Madhu and goes back. Shikha/Samaira comes back once she goes.

Sunaina reaches her room, checks Mohanto’s BP and says it is normal now. She asks Mohanto to have food now. Mohanto agrees.

Madhu wakes up seeing lights flickering and gets frightened. She sees Shikha who asks her to give back her Manav. Madhu pleads to leave her. Shikha goes from there and meets Aditya. They both smirk. Madbhu gets schizophrenic and cries.

Sunaina says she will arrange dinner and asks her family to come dinner table. Everybody start having dinner. Aditya comes and says Madhu is in her room and says she must have taken Arnav with him, what if anything happens to Arnav.

Madhu gets angry seeing Arnav crying and takes her gun out to kill him. She shouts Shikha. Her family hears that and runs towards her.

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