Main Naa Bhoolungi 9th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Main Naa Bhoolungi 9th January 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 9th January 2014 Written Update

Shikha is waiting for Sameer in a park. Sameer comes. He shows her some house pics. He says these are our house pics. He says we will stay in this house after marriage. Shikha gets happy. He asks how is the house. She says it is really nice. He says he wants to fulfill all her dreams so that she can smile always. They start romancing each other. Sameer says Shikha is very lucky for her. He informs that a big American company has appointed him as MD for their Indian branch. He says he was trying for this job for the past 1 year, but he got the offer after she came into his life. He says they have to shift to Mumbai as the company’s office is in Mumbai.

She asks what about this house. He says the house is in Mumbai itself. He says he knows that it is

difficult for Shikha to stay without her family. Shikha asks about the company here. He says he has to close this company and he has already given a notice to his employees. Shikha informs her parents about her shifting to mumbai after marriage. Sudha gets tensed hearing this. Avinash says Shikha that she would have to leave her streechaya job. She says she will ask her boss to allow her to work from Mumbai. Sudha resists to send Shikha to mumbai, but Avinash convinces her.

Inspector interrogates the stalker about why he is behind Shikha. Stalker doesn’t utter anything. Gappu is walking around tensely. Pooja comes and gives Shikha’s engagement sweets to Gappu. Gappu says he feels something fishy about the incidents happening. Everything looks like preplanned as in films.

Sudha is serving food to his children. Vineet asks why she has prepared so many different cuisines today. Shikha says she will prepare it for Shikha for 3 months until she gets married. Shikha thanks her and hugs. Mahi says Sudha that she is preparing so many cuisines as if Shikha won’t come back to their home. Avinash comes and even he praises Sudha for preparing so many cuisines. Mahi says Avinash that mom is preparing different cuisines till marriage, but what will you do till didi’s marriage. She asks Avinash to give his ATM card. Shikha interrupts Mahi and asks Avinash not to give his ATM, but Avinash insists and gives his ATM card. Mahi asks Shikha to shop for the wedding. Shikha says she will buy clothes from Goldie aunty’s boutique.

Shikha and Mahi shop marriage clothes at Goldie aunty’s boutique. Shikha asks about the bridal dress which she wore the other day. Goldie goes and checks but finds the dress is sold. Shiha gets sad hearing this. She goes and picks a simple saree.

Constable gives a file to inspector. He scolds constable for not finding information about the stalker. Constable says they tried to get information but could not. They even could not find the black car. Mahi and Shikha shows their shopping clothes to Sudha. Sudha likes the dresses very much. Door bell rings. Sudha asks Mahi to open the door. Inspector and constable come. Sudha asks why they came today. Inspector shows Shikha stalker’s pic and asks if they really didn’t see the stalker any time. Shikha says she saw him only on the party night.

Inspector says he thought he would get some clue, but could not. He tries to go, but Sudha asks Mahi to bring sweets for inspector. Sudha informs Sudha got engaged to Sameer. Inspector thanks Sudha for the sweets and goes. Avinash gets a call from Sameer’s papa. He asks Avinash to meet him in the evening with Sudha and Shikha. Avinash goes home. Sudha asks why is he tensed. Avinash informs that Verma ji called him and he asked us to come to his house. He asks Sudha and Shikha to get ready.

Inspector asks if it is court hearing today of the stalker. Constable says yes. Inspector gets a call from commissioner who informs to leave the stalker. Inspector gets tensed and thinks why is the stalker getting references from the commissioner.

Precap: Inspector released stalker and asks him to go now. He asks constable if the jeep is ready to follow the stalker. Constable says yes.

Update Credit to: MA

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