Main Naa Bhoolungi 8th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 8th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avinash comes to Shikha’s room and sees her sad. He asks her to come with him as he cannot see her like this, for him his daughter’s dignity is more important. He says we will take Manav from there and settle in another city. Shikha says she cannot do that and says she cannot be in fear all the time that they will catch her, what will she answer Manav when he grows up. Avinash says she cannot leave her in hell. Shikha says until she gets justice, she will not go from here and will not kidnap her own child. She wants her son to live fearlessly and a day will come when her Manav will be with him, she will reach her destiny soon.

Madhu is walking around her room angrily. Avinash comes there. She asks him how dare he to slap her for Samaira. Aditya says he tolerated her till now, but cannot tolerate her nuisance now and will slap her again if she does mistake again. Madhu says he is staying in her house and has her surname, she will throw him away from her house. Aditya says her dad would have thrown him out when he slapped her, but he knows she made a mistake, so he kept quiet. He asks Madhu to mend her ways.

Samaira starts dancing near the pool angrily. Aditya asks her why is she angry till now. She says she cannot forget what Madhu did to her. Aditya asks her again to forget and says he is there for her. Samaira thanks her. Aditya says she should fulfill the promise of kissing hiim when he slaps his wife in front of everyone. He says he proved that he is not a coward and has total right on her and asks him to give his right. He kisses her forcefully.

Samaira then goes to her room, stands under the bathroom remembering Aditya’s kiss. She rubs her lips repeatedly. Neeraj calls her repeatedly, but her phone is on the bed. Shikha comes out of the shower and remembers how Aditya tried to kill her by pushing her from the cliff. Neeraj calls her again and asks her why did not she pick her call. Shikha starts crying. Neeraj gets worried for her and thinks he will go and check personally.

Avinash comes to Shikha’s room and sees her crying in a corner. He worriedly asks her why is she crying. Shikha starts crying vigorously and says she is feeling very bad and does not know how to control herself. She says she is unable to look herself. She started her journey of justice, but does not want to continue now. Aditya is an animal and she does not want to see his face.

Aditya happily drinks alcohol and thinks he should go on a long drive instead of looking at Madhu’s face.

Shikha says Avinash that she wants to go from here. Avinash says she should be courageous and get Aditya punished. She should think that her step is for the whole society and it is her responsibility so that anyone like Aditya should not take advantage of another Shikha. He says at the end truth wins. Shikha says he is right, she will fight and win.

Aditya goes on a lond drive in his car and is surprised sees Neeraj in another car. He thinks how can it happen and starts following Neeraj. He overtakes his car. Neeraj gets out of his car and starts running with Aditya following him. Neeraj escapes, but Aditya gets his jacket while catching him . Samaira’s pics fall from Neeraj’s jacket. He is shocked to see the pics. He comes back home and calls as detective.

Aditya calls Shikha to the lobby and asks her what is she hiding form her. He asks her why will she hide anything from her. Aditya shows him her pic and says he got it from a man.

Precap: Aditya meets detective and helps him make Neeraj’s sketch.

Update Credit to: MA.

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